Players to Watch – Knockout Stages

The knockout stages are finally here! It’s do or die now, every game will be a must watch. It’s also the fork in the road as far as our fantasy games are concerned, here are some tips on a few of the popular players, as well as who I think can go deep into the tournament.  Continue reading


In Round Discussion – GW1

Just one game down and there’s already plenty of goals, celebrations and controversy! Fred did himself no favours in winning that penalty but I’m sure Neymar owners will take it! Feel free to post your thoughts during the round, personally I’m very happy having kicked off with Oscar and Neymar. NOTE: Fox sports are having some troubles with the points allocation. Bonuses have not yet been awarded (I expect Neymar to get 3 and Oscar 2), while it seems every player has kept a clean sheet when they shouldn’t have. Hopefully these glitches are patched up quickly, plenty to look forward to tonight. Come on you Aussies!

Nick’s Team Reveal – World Cup


A bit like Baysie I’m a bit in the dark when it comes to World Football. Yes I follow the main leagues but international football is a whole new ball game – pardon the pun. A few will question the big name selections I’ve gone with up forward, especially considering their previous tournaments, but after fantastic domestic seasons I’m counting on them to bring that form onto the world stage. Lastly, I have filled my starting XI with out and out guns as much as possible and haven’t left much cash for the bench. This means that my four substitutions are a real bunch of nobodies, regardless onto my team…

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