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After a well earned few weeks break, we have a slight matter to attend. That being the 2014 world cup! As eager as we are to get straight into the football action, us fantasy addicts will need something to reprieve our off-season cravings. What better way to keep an eye on how things are going than through world cup fantasy! There are a few alternatives that you can choose, however we’re going to be focusing on the foxsports version which is not only Australian, but the closest format to fpl.

You can go over and make a team HERE and join our league (6255-1377).

We understand it will be a challenge picking from a bunch of players most of you may never have heard, that’s why we’re here! I’ll be doing a team reveal later tonight, followed by Baysie and Nick’s initial squads tomorrow. We’ll not only give you the lowdown on each player we’ve chosen and why, we’ll also pick a few differentials that we couldn’t quite fit in as ‘Players to watch’. Hopefully this will help you all with selecting your final squads!

You can also try out the official fantasy game of the World cup HERE. You can take us on with the league code FPLaddicts!

We won’t be focusing our team reveals on that version, however I’ll make a note of my team at the end of my article and perhaps some basic tactics.

Don’t forget those of you who are new can simply enter your email address on the right side of our home page and get an alert each time a new post goes up. That way you can get the jump on the rest and never miss out on a thing! It’s also simple to register and log in so you can join in the discussion. We look forward to taking you on in our classic leagues and let’s hope for a brilliant month of football! Good luck.

10 comments on “World Cup Fantasy

  1. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Cheers guys, been waiting for these articles to come out! I’m pretty excited!

    My big dilemma straight off the bat is when to use the wildcard. I’ve thought either:

    a) between the first and second round
    POSITIVES: I can pick purely on easy first round fixtures because I’ll have unlimited trades before and after.
    NEGATIVES: A lot of people will be doing this to fix their munted squads, so what advantage am I getting? Also, you may not know what players will be in form yet.

    b) between the second and third round
    POSITIVES: I can pick purely on fixtures for that round because I’ll have unlimited trades before and after. I will also have a better idea of who is fit and firing to trade in.
    NEGATIVES: It’s so close to the second unlimited swap, is it really worth it?

    c) between the round of sixteen and quarter finals
    POSITIVES: I’ll have a very good idea of who the quality teams and players are and I can possibly make up a lot of ground on the people who can’t trade out the losing teams.
    NEGATIVES: All the best teams are in the quarter finals, will there be any one-sided fixtures to take advantage of?

    d) between the quarter finals and semi-finals
    Positives and negatives are the same as (c)

    So there we go. I’m personally leaning towards using it on option (c) or (d) purely because it’ll give me an advantage in trading out the players from the teams that are eliminated. At the same time, is that what your squad depth is for?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      It’s exciting stuff! I’m picking my team for the group stages with no need for a wildcard, I’d be using it later in the tournament when teams are getting knocked out

          • kingcolesy

            Yeah re that wildcard. Once we get unlimited trades in ro16, I think my plan might be to buy 3 players from each team that I think are going to win, then we get another 2 to fix up some fillers. After that round, the team might need adjusting(in Semi’s), so will probably use it then. I think it will all work out OK..

          • kingcolesy

            oh we get 6 players per team ro16 so might not even need a wildcard after all!

  2. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Also, I’ve seen a couple of draft-style fantasy games for the world cup where you have to create a league of (not sure how many). Would anybody be interested in that? Matt or Baysie, would you be able to set that up if you get enough numbers? I can also set the league up if you wanted, just chuck me an email at [email protected] or message me on twitter – click on my user ID on this comment and you’ll be directed to my twitter page.


    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’ve seen a draft style game and it’s a great idea for the group stages, but then gets complicated. I’m doing one with my mates but won’t be using a website for it, just good old excel! Might be easier to do a draft style for the next season of fpl 🙂 If anyone else is keen I’m sure you guys can organise it around here!

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