World Cup Discussion – GW3

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What a start it has been! There hasn’t been a better world cup as far as entertainment goes that I’ve seen, and it goes further back than that. With a clear break in gameweeks today it’s time to assess what to do with our 2 trades for the upcoming gameweek. Remember, we get to completely re-do our teams for the knock-out stages!

Personally I’ve been pretty average in the foxsports game, of course it was my late transfers that set me back. The team I posted in my reveal scored far better, but what can you do. I’ve had a draft between a few mates that has been very fun to play and I highly recommend everyone to try it out for the next premier league season, or even the knockout stages! It will certainly be something we pump up and consider moving into pre-season, but enough on that.

With 1 round to go in the group stages, focus your next 2 trades on improving your team for the next round of fixtures only. Make sure you take into account who is automatically through and who has everything to play for, the results may show. I’d make sure you have guys like Muller, Oscar and Neymar who all have crucial clashes coming up. RVP is out with suspension for the next game, so he needs to go. The other player of note if Yaya Toure, who’s brother tragically passed away last week. He is staying at the world cup, but who knows how he will be affected. In defence I like Switzerland as a differential, I also reckon Shaqiri may be in for a big one. Feel free to post any trade queries in the comments!

We’ll be back for a wrap-up of the group stages after their completion on Friday, with the knock-out stage of the competition due to begin on Saturday night. Good luck to everyone and more importantly, come on you Aussies!

19 comments on “World Cup Discussion – GW3

  1. Steed

    What’s your thinking on Colombians? Looking at 3 in my starting squad at the moment just not sure if it’s the right move.

    • Dan

      I’d be careful with Colombians, already through so could rest a few. I have Rodriguez and Armero and I’m thinking both could miss out…

      Benches will come into play big-time this round imo

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        Maybe, but remember finishing first in the group is a big prize. World cup only comes around a few years and they don’t seem the type of team who will take liberties like that

        • Dan

          Haha I was so close to trading him out too, thank god. What a jet he is.

          What’s everyone’s tactics from here? Seems the sensible thing is to build a team for the next two rounds, then WC before the semis. The Costa Rican and Greek goalie combo is a nice cheap option and guarantees a keeper for both games

          • baysietoff

            Probably depends on how many active players we have left? We get 4 transfers by the looks of it and if all goes to plan (haha) only two on my field will need replacing. Might hold that WC a bit longer like you say.

          • baysietoff

            Ahhhh we do to! Saw 4 on the main screen… Bugger haha….

            Thought I better check the rules for the future and we get just the 2 for the subsequent rounds so holding the WC sounds like a pretty good idea 🙂

  2. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Cheers Matt,
    I’m about 570th overall, which isn’t too bad. 98 was a pretty good score to start off (most people got 80+), but this round I only got 57, which was probably about par, but dropped me back a bit.

    I brought in Suarez for Aguero because Suarez has a tendency to get two or three when he gets one.

    I also brought in Dani Alves for Lahm, because Brazil play Cameroon, and if Croatia can smash them four-zip, Brazil should be able to at least keep a clean sheet. Hopefully.

    On a more positive note, I am ranked third in the Sportal World Cup Comp, so I’m sweating on a few trades! (Who said being at the top was easy?!)



  3. mattcraigdt Post Author

    OM NOM NOM Suarez will be out of the world cup, who knows what will happen from there but you’d have to think he’s in trouble for the start of the prem as well

    • kingcolesy

      yeah big time, I was actually looking at a midfielder to bring in before deadline but didnt have faith to bring him in with his favourable fixture, did anyone?

  4. Alvi

    Guys I’m a great follower of your blog, I have taken some of your player picks here and play it of Mcdonald fantassy FIfa World CUp..currently sitting on top of my mini league.
    Love to see another player pick for round of 16!!will really appreciate it!

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