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Every day for the next 20 days, Seags will be bringing us his projections for each teams starting XI’s. They are subject to change with transfers/injuries, so we’ll update them prior to deadline. You will be able to go back and see each projection in the tab on the menus. Enjoy!

projected arsenal XI

With a few handy inclusions into the Arsenal XI, Gooners all around the world will be expecting another bit of silverware in 2014.

Unfortunately for us FPL addicts, there looks like there will be a fair bit of rotation through Arsenal’s midfield early on, so their defence and forward line is where I’d look to snag a consistent starter.


Sczcesny will be given first crack at it again this year, after surprising many of his knockers last year with a pretty handy year with the gloves. Ospina is a nice pickup, and will probably be a cup keeper.

The main bloke you’d be wanting to select down here is Mathieu Debuchy. The 28 year old Frenchman from Newcastle enters this Arsenal side at a tasty £5.5, with no Bacary Sagna to contend with. Right back is all his!

The central pairing of Mertesacker/Koscielny will be solid FPL wise, if unspectacular. Gibbs is likely to fall over and injure himself if a teammate sneezed in his general vicinity, so steer clear.


OOP Alert! Yep, Sanchez has fallen into the Walcott  mould of being named as a midfielder but in essence being a forward. He’ll start up top with Giroud, but at £10.5 you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny for his services. There’s no doubting this dudes talent, but with his heavy involvement in the World Cup I’m slightly wary of a slow start to the year.

Ramsey will kick off where his injury left him last year, and should be a jet. I still can’t believe I’m typing that myself, but his improvement certainly warrants it. Walcott will miss the start of the year with injury, leaving Cazorla and Chamberlain to fight it out for the right flank starting berth. I wouldn’t touch either.

Down the left, Ozil is likely to play the David Silva ‘floating’ role, and drift inside to feed the two forwards. At £9.0 he represents value given what he produced at the start of last year.


Well, there’s only one worth considering, and I’m barely worrying about him. Giroud is £8.5, which on face value seems cheap given he played over 3000 minutes last year. While he’s not the worst selection, I have doubts over how he combines with Alexis. It could be brilliant, or it could be dire. We’ll have to wait and find out.

In Summary….

Locks: Debuchy

Stars: Ozil, Ramsey, Sanchez

Wait: Giroud

Pass: Cazorla, Walcott

12 comments on “Projected Arsenal XI

  1. Shaun Curnow

    Nice one mate, good to have you back with the Addicts!! I’ve had Ozil locked into my side from as soon as prices were out… But beginning to think Sanchez could be worthwhile getting aswell but doesnt fit my structure.. If you had choose one out of Ozil/Sanchez who would you go for?

    Also damn you for questioning my selection of Giroud…… 😛

    • Alexis Sobchez

      I chose Giroud too, right form the off, as I did last sesaon and he did not dissapoint starting every match strongly and scoring in almost every match at the start.

      Also I chose Ramsey and Kos, then changed him for Debuchy, but really want Ozil too. So now have OG, Rambo and Mesut.

  2. mattcraigdt

    Great stuff Seags, only position I think will change is Wilshere out and a newly transferred defensive mid in. This will allow Ramsey to push forward like he did last year. I’m backing Giroud to shine this season.

    Whether Wenger will be brave enough to switch to a 2 striker formation is a different question, he may rotate between fixtures. Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud and Ramsey are the only players locked on IMO

  3. baysietoff

    Awesome Seags, looking forward to the 20 in 20!

    Have to agree with Matt, a more defensive midfielder has to come in for Wilshere. Whether that’s a new signing or the underrated Flamini, it feels a little unbalanced.

    Torn right now between Ozil or Ramsey for a gig in my team, probably leaning towards Ramsey after the break.

  4. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Great to have you back Seags, and a great article to make your comeback! Looking forward to the T-20 of FPL articles 🙂

    Matt and Baysie are probably right though, Wilshere doesn’t track back enough after runs into the attacking half, Flamini covers perfectly, or even a return to the PL for Xabi Alonso would be a good fit for the Gunners I think, or maybe someone similar to him.

    I wouldn’t mind having all three of Ozil, Ramsey and Samchez in my team, but right now I can’t justify having even two of them. Giroud fighting it out with Bony right now though.

  5. Mitch

    not sold on cazorla starting. That team looks too attactive for arsenal. the 4 mid’s are forward pushing mids. thinking out loud here but poliski(bad spelling) in for cazorla would be better going the other way

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