Swansea: Time to Stabilise

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Swansea splashed onto the premier league scene in swashbuckling style. Instigated by Brendon Rodgers and his possession based style of play they changed the way promoted teams approached the game. The budget priced defense picked up a solid 14 clean sheets whilst Scott Sinclair, Danny Graham and Gylfi Sigurdsson provided excellent budget options moving forward.

Swansea’s second season saw a Michael Laudrup take charge mixing Rodgers excellent English base with some Spanish players. This combination proved successful with the club picking up a European spot on the back of Michu’s exploits which saw him become a fpl star. Last season was where things started to get interesting, Europe appeared a step too far and Laudrup’s habit of failing in the second season again reared its ugly head. The introduction of more Spanish league players ultimately saw the team balance further reduced. The team struggled for an identity throughout the season and club captain Gary Monk took over management during the second half of the season. Although widely inexperienced Monk’s transfer business has so far been extremely promising in stabilizing the squad and adding some much needed English league experience.

Looking ahead we should expect Swansea to find a comfortable place in mid table although the inexperience of the management could shine through and see the club dip towards the lower regions of the league. That said, hopefully the recruitment of a club player as manager will see them return to the kind of football outlined by Martinez and Rodgers as the Swansea ‘DNA’ rather than the distantly patchy play during the 2nd half of Laudrup’s reign.

Key Recruits

Fabianski (5.0) has made his way across from Arsenal. It will be extremely interesting to see how he fairs with week in week out football. After strong performances in the Champions League and FA Cup last season it looks like a strong buy. For those that watched the FA Cup Final though they might remember Fabianski getting lost of his line. Hopefully he brings some consistency to the side which Michael Vorm had lost in recent times.

Sigurdsson (6.0) his back and hopefully with a bang. The Icelandic midfielder made a splash during his last stay at the Liberty Stadium with an impressive 7 goals and 5 assists at 6 points per game. We have to wait to see his role in the team but at only 24 years of age I am extremely excited by his prospects if given the right role in the team.

Gomis (7.0) is perhaps awkwardly priced having scored 14 league goals per season in his last 3 seasons with Lyon in the French league. The PL is certainly a step up and we could see that tally reduced but the 28 year old has plenty of experience and could hit the ground running. Rumors are that Bony might be on his way out of the club, if this is the case we will see Gomis as the number one option with the impressive yet understated talents of Emnes off the bench. Emnes scored 1 goal and had 3 assists in his limited cameo appearances last season.

Looking at the Lineup

There is plenty of options in midfield for the Swans. Personally I am hoping Sigurdsson nails down the spot behind the striker rather than the inconsistent Shelvey to provide real fantasy value at a measly 6.0. We will have to wait and see on that one as well as Bony.

The defense finally looks stable, the departure of Davies (5.0) at left back to Tottenham give us the extremely reliable option of Neil Taylor (4.5). He was heavily involved in Swansea’s first season, notching an impressive 14 clean sheets before breaking his leg giving Davies the opportunity to play. Davies has looked extremely raw and I felt they missed Taylor’s consistency over the last few games so to be able to snag him for 4.5 is an absolute steal. He rotates extremely well with Geoff Cameron who seemingly has the right back spot nailed down at Stoke.

Midfield Statistics

Given the number of mid price midfield options in the ranks at Swansea I thought I would do a quick table of data for those that are interested in such information in making decisions. Hernandez has constant injuries which has made him a difficult fantasy asset to own even with the delicious assist numbers. Sigurdsson is much more of a goal threat but had extremely limited opportunities at Tottenham. Keep a close eye on his role as mentioned earlier he has put in excellent performances at Swansea before.

The other options are a little too inconsistent to be fpl assets and don’t really provide any value on the starting price. I hope Shelvey doesn’t reduce the opportunities to Sigurdsson as there is a stark difference in consistent performance between the two. That is the crux of fantasy football, we really want players that are not in direct competition for the same spot in the side to provide maximum points. Last time Sigurdsson was at Swansea there was no other central attacking midfielder which allowed him to flourish so perhaps it is best to chuck him on the watch list for the time being and monitor the pre season and even early season matches.

Name Minutes Played Points Per Game Goals Assists Bonus Total Points
Hernandez (6.0) 1427 4.8 2 7 5 77
Sigurdsson (6.0) (Tottenham) 1276 4.8 5 0 5 72
Dyer (5.5) 1747 4.65 6 2 9 93
Shelvey (5.5) 2471 4.3 6 7 11 122
Ki (5.0) (Sunderland) 2195 3.5 3 2 6 84
Routledge (5.5) 2700 3.1 2 4 3 95

10 comments on “Swansea: Time to Stabilise

    • Liam Post Author

      Wow the 5.0 keeper rotation thats epic. I will take the extra million to spend elsewhere but I see where you are coming from

      I can’t quite ‘nail’ him down at the moment but shall leave cash floating around for him I really enjoying watching him perform so won’t be too tough a decision to draft him into my team.

    • Liam Post Author

      Taylor without a doubt. Taylor should play the whole season injury dependent. O’Shea is getting quite old is injury prone additionally Sunderland are not the best defence going around. Mannone is good for plenty of save points in goal if you want to invest in the team.

        • Liam Post Author

          haha I wish those taylors were an option great bargains in the past yet so injury prone. Mr Neil Taylor on this occasion of the left back variety.

  1. Louie.K

    Sigurdsson could be last year’s Ramsey IMO. He also started at 6.0 and was dominant from day one. In his first spell at Swansea he was 2nd in the EPL behind Bale for attempts of goal from GW 21 onwards. Definitely worth a look at his price.

    • Liam Post Author

      2nd spells are always an interesting conundrum. I love that statistic because he was phenomenal 7 goals and 5 assists from january onwards. The away goal king from memory.

      I slightly question Sig’s perceived personality. He could have moved to Liverpool over Tottenham to work with Rodgers a man he has had great success with and chose to go to Tottenham a team in which many people have transferred to and underachieved.

      Of course the decision may not have just been his with club fees and the like but I get the feeling he had a choice.

      That said there is a different manager and different players at Swansea and even a different style of play (or no style of play) so whether or not he can have the same impact is largely debatable.

      I am not confident enough to start him in my side but a flash of the talent (a goal at old trafford) from last time and he will be straight in. Perhaps it is the indecisive nature of my pre season thoughts but I feel as though we will see a ‘Michu’ like explosion in the opening game week from a non Swansea source, someone new.

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