Projected Hull City XI

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Alright, let’s just get these guys out the way as fantasy wise, there ain’t much that makes my penis dance.

A lot depends on their formation, which changes from a 3-5-2, to a 4-4-2, to a 3-4-1-2 depending on which side of the bed Steve Bruce gets out of.

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A lot depends on which formation is played. If a 3-5-2 formation is used, expect Elmohamody to be used as a RWB, with potentially one of the wide attackers probably dropping out.

Davies had a solid season last year, and as club captain I’d expect that to continue. He also sometimes wears a headband even though he’s got short hair, which is badass.

Figueroa has been solid since signing from Wigan, and will run all day. Bruce is a young star, and should he get the game time we all want to see him get, he will be very tasty at a bargain price. Unfortunately he will fight for a place with 2013 bargain buy Jamie Chester, and I can’t say with any conviction that he’s a certainty to start.



Huddlestone had a bumper few months last year, but tends to score miraculous goals rather than easy goals. The problem with this? It means they’re far less likely to happen. I’ll be steering clear. Livermore should play following his permanent transfer from Tottenham, with Snodgrass and Ince likely to serve from the wide flanks. Again- not much here is getting my pants firm.

Aluko has been playing relatively well this pre-season, and could conceivably nab a wing position after his solid performances so far. Again though, unfortunately it’s a wait and see.



At last, we have some sure things. Old mate Sagbo is suspended for the first two weeks of the year, leaving Long and Jelavic to shoulder the burden up top. At £6.0 each, you’d want them to be scoring while Sagbo is out, and thanks to two opening fixtures against QPR and Stoke, the probability is that they will. A very sneaky P.O.D choice for the start of the year.


In Summary

Consider: Davies, Long
Wait & See: Bruce, Ince
Avoid: Elmohamody


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8 comments on “Projected Hull City XI

  1. ozgunners

    Nice write up. Nothing about Robbie Brady? I don’t think he has left Hull. I think he would be a value pick if he could stay on the park. Watching his pre-season form.

  2. Geo

    Enjoyable reading these projected XI! However, as already being pointed out, Brady is surely a strong candidate despite the arrival of Snodgrass.

    I also think it should be mentioned that Steve Bruce may be tempted to rotate more than usual, IF Hull qualify for the EL

  3. Ryan

    Which defender would you suggest for the last spot out of: Figueroa, Chester, Rosenior or Bruce?

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