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One thing’s for sure, Suarez is gone. Rogers has replaced him with half of the Southampton lineup though, which is a nightmare for FPL managers. Why? Rotation, rotation, rotation!

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I should preface this by saying that Liverpool can’t defend, so you shouldn’t be looking here anyway. At right back, Glen Johnson, is just about the most nailed on of all the players. Lovren is probably a good chance at a shout, but managers tend to ease new singings in to the season, and there’s an element of risk in picking him. Skrtel is probably the most likely to partner him, while Sakho and Agger are also able replacements. The uncertainty of picking one of them because of rotation applies to all, so you should rule all of them out. At LB, LFC don’t really have a recognised left back that’s accomplished, as Flanagan is right sided, Sakho is a centre-back and Enrique, well, sucks.



Gerrard should start the year, but I expect his influence to be minor as the season draws on. Lucas Leiva is his backup (lol), and young Leverkusen signing Emre Can will also rotate through this position throughout the season. I’d ignore all to start with. Coutinho played more centrally last season as Rogers seemed to prefer him as a deeper playmaker. Joe Allen will probably start on the bench with Henderson a more accomplished CM. On the wings, Markovic and Sterling will probably start the year. With Coutinho central and Lallana injured, Markovic will probably get starts, and having no World Cup in the summer- he’ll be completely rested. At £7.5…. I’m tempted!



Well, there’ Sturridge, and then there’s… Lambert. After flopping on Remy, and signing Origi (who won’t join them until 2015), and transferring Borini to Sunderland, there’s really only two blokes to choose from. Sturridge is the obvious candidate for the #1 role, and will start there unopposed. Lambert will be saved for sub appearances and for rotation with CL fixtures.



LOCK: None
CONSIDER: Markovic, Sturridge.
WAIT & SEE: Coutinho, Lovren
AVOID: Gerrard.


Big call on the Gerrard avoid- but with his international retirement and his own admission he’d play a lesser role I’m staying so far away. Especially with Silva, Mata and Ramsey similarly priced.




13 comments on “Projected Liverpool XI

  1. rostie

    Hi addicts. Getting off to a late start this year and have few articles to catch up on!
    Looking forward to another great year of EPL action and some great banter on this site.
    Cheers Rod
    Aka ROSTIE

    • baysietoff

      Welcome back Rod! And congrats on RDT last round. I can’t believe I can score 2432 and get beat haha… And be ranked 380 overall and be effing 12th in our league!!! 😀

  2. rostie

    Thats fantasy (or RDT) for you 😜. I’m finishing well in RDT, now about 1600 odd. Fantasy, well that’s another story. Too many trades can be downfall.

    Have you guys set up head to head leagues yet?

  3. Ryan

    Not many people know about him, but I’m a huge fan of Emre Can and I think he will become one of the better CDM’s in the world. I would almost go as far as to say that he’s the most exciting transfer for us this month. He is already above Lucas Leiva in the pecking order and if there was another injury to one of the mids, he’d be in. The club have already said that they’re surprised at how good he is just off the back of a couple of games

  4. boges11

    Massive call on Gerrard. The guy scored over 200 points last season and was vital to the team. Unless the understudies go massive I can’t see him taking a back seat or cutting back at all.

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