In Round Discussion – GW3

Continue the discussion throughout the gameweek right here! Let’s hope for a high scoring one…


Seags’ Scrawlings- GW2


Yo dudes- welcome to Seags’ scrawlings for 2014.

This article is purely about what I’ve noticed about the Premier League over the weekends games, through the eyes of my FPL tinted glasses. It will be slightly informative, but more about making jokes about celebrities that are fuckheads. Rolf Harris, for example, will cop a pasting all year.

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Q&A – Gameweek 2

Welcome back to another edition of Q&A. To have your questions answered just send us a tweet with #FPLqanda and we will make sure it gets answered! If you’re not on twitter, you should give it a go! It’s by far the easiest way to keep up with all the football news and get some great FPL advice. Here’s our answers to the popular questions this week: Continue reading