Projected Newcastle XI

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Newcastle have been the quiet achievers this pre-season. They’ve filled some major holes in their roster, and with the signing and attacking creativity of Riviere, SDJ and Cabella, this team could find themselves boner killing FPL defenders throughout the year.

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The major battleground in the defence is between Williamson and Yanga-Mbiwa at CB really. What does that mean for us FPL managers? Avoid both like the ebola virus.

Coloccini is a serviceable defender, but a lot depends here on Newcastle and their ability to defend. Janmaat is a name I’ve only ever seen in my scrabble rack prior to the World Cup, but is actually a handy defender. As a RB at £5.0, a lot will depend on his attacking threat. I prefer a few other options at the price.

At LB Haidara had an injury plagued year after being absolutely BELTED by Callum McManaman in what was dubbed the worst tackle of the year… and it was seriously bad. Think, worse than the tackle you see on the fat plumber who wears too tight shorts. That bad. I’d avoid Haidara for the start.

Krul is Krul. You know what you’ll get. Solid, yet unspectacular.


Here is where things get interesting. Colback and Tiote will be anchoring the midfield, giving pricks like Sissoko, SDJ and Cabella freedom to roam. At some stage later in the year I’d imagine a certain forward will replace him (whom I will mention later), but for the start of the year- he should gain a spot because off a solid pre-season and no world cup interferences. Sorry Jack, but you’re shit.

Sissoko burst onto the scene like the Kool-Aid guy in Family Guy upon his arrival to Newcastle, but you’d be silly to start with him this year over SDJ and Cabella. As mid pricers- these two offer huge potential as they’ll be pulling all the strings for the Magpies this year- it just remains to be seen which one scores more heavily!


Remember Papiss Cisse? I barely do. In short- He’s shit, don’t start him. That leaves two players to take the place up top. Emmanuele Riviere is a highly rated youngster from Monaco, who’s had a large chunk of the preseason as Newcastle’s main striker and been scoring pretty well. The bloke who will also challenge for a play up front is Facundo Ferreyra, but seeing as he’s not even in the FPL system yet I’m willing to bet he’ll be eased into the side.

But seriously, Riviere looks a bargain at £7.0. With SDJ and Cabella feeding him he’s sure to go BANG at some stage.


Locks: Nada.
Consider: Riviere
Wait and See: SDJ, Cabella, Janmaat, Ferreyra.
AVOID: Colback, Tiote, Williamson.

Cheers guys


14 comments on “Projected Newcastle XI

  1. Toon Army

    colback won’t start anita will and sissko will play on the right wing, pardew generally sets up a 4-2-3-1

  2. Go You Gunners

    Nice article! What option would you prefer out of Cabella/Pelle and Tadic/Riviere?

    Would rather Tadic/Pelle but not sure if it’s wise to double up?

    • Ryan

      Yeah, tough one. All 4 are good options, isn’t the 1st option 0.5 more expensive though? I like De Jong at .5 cheaper than Cabella, maybe De Jong and Pelle

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I’ve gone for Rivière and have had him for a couple weeks now (feels like a year at this stage!) and saving the 1.5m from a Bony/Dzeko is comforting and worth it.
      To the mids, I can’t say much cos I have both Tadic and De Jong, and my preferences really fluctuate but Tadic seems the most lively and about recently in pre season

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