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Stoke City. Hmmm. A once consistent source of Clean Sheets last year became a leakier defence, in the aim to create more at the attacking end of the pitch. With a few new signings up top, they should be an interesting proposition.

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There shouldn’t be too much trouble picking it here, with Huth and Shawcross the obvious candidates to lock down the CB position. Pieters is pretty much a lock at LB too, while Bardsley seems to have the first chance at the RB slot given Cameron‘s slow start to the season.

Muniesa is one that’s been featuring heavily in the pre-season, but to get a start he’d need to dismantle the CB pairing of Huthcross. New boy Teixeira hasn’t featured too much in the pre-season either and I’m expecting kid gloves to be used with him. Marc Wilson is still around but… he’s….well…. a joke of a footballer.



Investing in Stoke’s attacking options is a lot like walking in on your sister in the shower. It really shouldn’t ever happen, but unfortunately from time to time you find yourself covered in soapy shame.

Firstly, don’t fucking touch Whelan or N’Zonzi. They will play too deep, and, well, they’re Stoke midfielders. Ireland will be the link between the pivot and the forward three, but still isn’t worth touching.

Arnautovic hasn’t featured as often as I’d like to see this pre-season, but with Odemwingie his only competition out wide I’d expect him to suit up first match.

Adam hasn’t been doing a lot in the pre-season, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start for Whelan. 50/50 call, ignore both.



Diouf ticks a lot of boxes when you’re looking for a striker. He should be the main man at Stoke, and at £6.5 represents pretty good value. Pretty good value you say? Yeah, just pretty good. Because this next bloke is EXCELLENT value.

Bojan Krkic was a previous Barcelona wunderkind in the mould of Gerard Deloufeu. Remember him last year for Everton? Yes, his last name needs to buy a fucking vowel, but at £5.5 he represents tremendous value for anyone looking to fluctuate between a 3-5-2 and a 3-4-3 formation depending on fixtures.

Crouch no. Jerome lol.



Locks: None
Consider: Bojan, Diouf, Pieters
Wait & See: Arnautovic, Huthcross.
Avoid: Anybody else wearing a stoke ‘costume’.


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18 comments on “Projected Stoke XI

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Jerome 🙁
    Very… Ahh… How do i put it? Fucking convincing Matt!
    Hehe 😉 Enjoyed the read, with a laugh in there 🙂
    Recon its worth it to fork out another 0.5m for Huth/Cross? Or avoid Stoke altogether?

  2. theultimateandy

    ‘Investing in Stoke’s attacking options is a lot like walking in on your sister in the shower. It really shouldn’t ever happen, but unfortunately from time to time you find yourself covered in soapy shame.’

    Haha! Class! 😀

    • mattcraigdt

      I like him and Yoshida, but neither rotate well with my defence. Tossing up between Ferdinand for fixtures or Rosenoir for potential of playing 4 at the back and benching Bojan occasionally.

  3. Marty White

    Hey Matt, do you think this backline would be too weak?

    Krul- Mannone- Debuchy- Huth- Ward- Collins- Upson/Wisdom

    Is it worth getting in someone like Vertonghen or could you get away with a budget backline? First year doing FPL.

    • kingcolesy

      I think you could get away with it. I think I read some where vert might not play gw1 cos of wc hangover, Collins I’m pretty sure is not in the first XI, upson too. Could flick a few like for like players around. Light at back is a good strat no matter what anyone says 😉

        • kingcolesy

          Yoshida, Van Aanholt, Vlaar, Chester, Colocini, NTaylor seem to be the safest 4.5s from their respective teams. Their are others that are good but might have a slight issue in some regard. OShea might be better than Van in regards to bonus points, but gets cards regularly. Rosineor might be better in attacking than Chester but formation is always switching. Bartley might be better than NTaylor for value but cant guarantee he’s a starter til its started. Ferdinand might be good but cant be confident he will play every game. 4’s… tricky business that, rather say when GW1’s started 😀 Wisdom, Duff if you must. To a lesser extent, Hutton, Bartley, Moore, then next lesser Bruce, Upson, and Baird. Hope thats of use. Its all IMO tho, but I’m confident its good advice. We will see GW1.

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