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People often ask me, “What does the fox say?”. Fuck the fox, I tell them, it’s all about the Swans.

They’ve acquired a pretty handy group of individuals this summer, with Montero coming over and Sigurdsson returning. They also got the dude with the coolest hair in Europe, Bafetetetebtebtemfbefeifashdfefembi Gomis, to take the load off Bony up top.

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Taylor becomes relevant again, after that pesky Davies has pissed off to Tottenham. He’s virtually unchallenged at LB, but at £4.5 you’d want to see some clean sheets coming his way- because he isn’t known for his attacking threat.

In CB, Williams will keep doing what he does (which isn’t a great deal), but it’s his partner who will arise the most suspicion. Bartley has been featuring prominently throughout the pre-season, and with Chico Flores buggering off to the middle-east to follow Michel Laudrup (he definitely has Daddy issues), it’s down to Jordi Amat and Kyle Bartley to partner their captain down back. Wait and see on either before the season starts though.

Angel Rangel got our knickers in a tangle when he started banging in the goals two seasons ago, and definitely has attacking upside to his game. At £5.0 he’s value!



The CM partnership of Ki and Shelvey looks pretty set in stone, and it’s on the wings that may change. If Monk sticks with this 4-4-2 formation, it only leaves 2 spots for attacking midfielders. Sigurdsson started on the wing in their last hit out v Villareal, but was largely ineffective. Montero is a gun. That’s undisputed. His immediate impact in the PL must be questioned though, as must his manager’s desire to play him right from the get go.

Swansea’s midfield depth is only rivalled by Lindsay Lohan’s bank account, with Routledge, Dyer and Hernandez waiting in the wings (pun intended), they will be immediately under the pump.


Bony will do what Bony does best- be a BIG target and on the end of some balls. Ok I’ll stop now. Willy. Ok I’m done.

Gomis is the interesting one- but only for formations sake. If he doesn’t play the Swans will likely adapt to a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, but if he fires early a 4-4-2 looks likely. Proceed with caution. Extreme caution. At his price, he’s too expensive for me.


In Summary:

Locks: None.
Consider: Rangel, Bony, Sigurdsson
Wait & See: Amat/Bartley, Montero
Avoid: Ki, Gomis.


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6 comments on “Projected Swansea XI

  1. Steed

    Would you bother with Sigurdson for the start of the season? Seeing as they have MUN away then BUR and WBA at home..?

  2. boges11

    Great work
    (I put this in the Sunderland write up, but I’ll put it here too.)
    Who would you pick out of Van Aanholt and Taylor from Swansea? Both at 4.5M and both in similar roles.

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