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My turn! Like Matt, I’ve tried to go for a few differentials from the cookie cutter teams, as well as a completely different tactic in defence than most teams I’ve seen. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t go left field somewhere!

I’ve tried to go for an even spread of cash across the team until some trends crop up after a few games. It will make it easier to jump on board this seasons Aaron Ramsey, or last season’s early defensive bonus point flood.

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Although the common opinion is that Arsenal have a tough start to the season, I don’t think that is going to be a huge problem and I’m happy to go with Szczesny. Although he will become Howard for GW8. It’s a risk but I was quite impressed with their Charity Shield performance so I feel it’s one worth taking and might be a good POD! For Arsenal’s tougher games I’ve gone for Mannone as back-up, he has some decent games that correspond with those. In defence I’ve gone for a 2 and 3 set-up with 2 in Debuchy and Evans to play most games, and then 3 that will rotate through the 3rd onfield spot. Debuchy has been talked about so much this preseason I won’t go into my reasons, but they follow along the same lines as Szczesny. I’m happy that people are starting to doubt his spot in their teams! Evans? Both of my FPLAddict colleague’s went Jones but I’ve bucked that trend. Firstly I’m hoping he shrugs his injury, but the reason is fairly simple. It was between him and Jones, and basically Evans’ minutes played per BP is better over the last 3 seasons (196 v 367). There are circumstances that effected that with Jones playing out of position a bit but with only 1.2% ownership in Evans at the moment it could be good business. For the sake of transparency, if he doesn’t get up for tomorrow then he turns into Jones… Ok, so now is when I go rogue. The third onfield spot I’ve gone for rotation from three teams in Crystal Palace (Pulis leaving might stuff that up), QPR and Newcastle who all have an easy (or easy-ish) game at home each GW right up until Christmas. Seriously, check it out. They may not be the best defensively but I’m backing enough cleanies and BPs for that one position to make it at least low risk. From those teams I’ve gone for Ward, Simpson and Coloccini. Those choices are based on a combination of defensive / attacking potential and confidence in minutes…


I’ve gone for a range of priced midfielders on purpose here. It makes jumping on the trending midfielder easier without taking dreaded hits. First up is Hazard. Why? Gun. Second up is Mata. Gun. But to be serious, those two are some of the best in the biz and are always in the centre of their respective teams attacking play. Mata in particular is great value. Then I’ve thrown in Lamela as a smoky. As Matt has said on numerous occasions, 8.0m is pretty poor from the FPL makers based on last season, but the way he is fitting into Pochettino’s team preseason is exciting. Sigurdsson then finishes off my starting midfield. Everyone knows why… The ever important bench midfielder is one that I highlighted in my QPR piece a few weeks ago, Hoilett. I thought I better put my a$$ on the line! He’s been one of QPR’s better (if not best) attacking threats preseason and could be good value. Breakout?


My attack has changed dozens of times since FPL opened but Rooney has remained the constant. I have little doubt that most teams will have him and makes an easy captain choice! After the crap he received during the World Cup and the fact he’s just been named Man Utd captain, he could explode in LVG’s new look formation early doors. I’ve then gone for the flavour of the month in Jovetic. Reason, apart from form, is I’m hoping that Man City go the careful careful approach with Aguero over the next month or two. He’s had a shocking 12 months with injury and they may feel he’s more value later in the season than early, and maybe even more in the Champions League, so may ease him back in if they’re doing well. The last spot is for Giroud, and one I’m not 100% comfortable with, I originally had Lukaku in there but he’s missing the start of the season. Arsenal have some crazy creative players in their team, and if Giroud can hold his spot though he could go huge! Or not. I played around with the idea of Jelavic with Shane Long long gone (or even Long himself) but went with the potentially free scoring Arsenal.

I’m not sure how I’ll deal with the Wildcard yet… I’ll see how the first GW goes. If there are some huge performances I might ride the wave of price rises and try and make a quick $ or 3. Wait and see…

Come at me bro!

26 comments on “Baysie’s Team Reveal

  1. Marty White

    Shhh! Hoillett is my little secret, don’t tell the world about him…

    I’m also tempted by Lamela but a bit concerned about Spurs Europa League schedule and that him and Eriksen might get rotated a bit. You think they both start every league game?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Sorry mate 🙂

      I guess it depends on the opposition. They play are pretty average team in the qualifiers at the end of August so they may not need as many, if any, big guns to make it through… Then the first group game isn’t until mid September giving a solid 4 GWs to see how he goes. I was only going to give him a few games anyway before making a call on him.

  2. joelharrison82

    Nice to see a quite different side. I’m sure I’ll be in the market for a premium goal keeper very soon after going for the cheaper rotations.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Interesting team with a couple of POD’s. Good thing about Giroud/Jovetic is that you would have to think that surely one of Giroud, Jovetic, Dzeko, Bony, Adebayor or Lukaku would fire early on so it just becomes a straight swap.

    And apparently Pulis already walked on Palace? Because of a stingy CEO? Interesting seeing as Pulis was their saviour…

    Also, we getting a look at Seags team as well?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! That’s the plan. Someone will pop early and I don’t wanna be losing points to make trades.

      Yeah Pulis wasn’t happy that the board weren’t putting their hands in their pockets. Problem is they’ve done that in the past and got in big trouble. Pulis probably saw that as a lack of trust.

      Dunno about Seags!

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        Hopefully Ade takes the lead early, nice fixtures and hopefully picks up from where he left off last season.

        Yeah, big shame though, Palace could have advanced very far with Pulis, but then again it was an issue between the two back in November when he signed.

        Would love to Seags though, after all the team predictions he’s done 🙂

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Yes! Seriously hope Adebayor gets it together again under Poch, he’s great to watch when he wants to play. One of the best when on song.

          It’s a tough choice to make between ambition, and actually putting your balls on the line to hope it happens. #prayforpalace

  4. Ryan

    Liked all three teams, lads. Couldn’t pick a favourite tbh. I’ve noticed a lot of talk about Palace getting less clean sheets without Pulis, would it actually make a difference?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Ta mate! Maybe not early, but depends who comes in to replace him. We saw last season massive swings in defensive vulnerability, both ways, when a new gaffer comes in. Re Spurs opening up, Sunderland and Palace going super tight are perfect examples.

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Interesting team mate. I like how you’ve gone for a range of priced midfileders. I wanted to do the same but can’t see myself without Mata AND Ramsey…plus I have the feeling that Hazard (lazy as he is) may have a slow start
    Also like how you’ve taken a punt on Lamela and Jovetic!

    My team so far goes like this if you can spare a minute to give me your opinion:

    Speroni (Myhill)

    Azpilicueta-Jones-Chester (or Yoshida?) (Duff, Wisdom)
    Fabregas-Ramsey-Mata-Siggy (or Henderson?)

    0.5 in the bank to switch Jovetic to Dzeko if he gets dropped once Aguero returns..

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate!!! I had Ramsey at many, many times this preseason. I’m just hoping Hazard starts this season like he has all of his EPL starts, on fire!

      Ok here goes… Worried about Speroni, especially with Arsenal first up away and no gaffer. Hull could be an improver, so Chester could be ok as a trade off for having Roo and Costa in your team but is a weak point, Yoshi not much better. Dunno what to expect from Fabregas! Hendo COULD be ok, but prefer Siggy. All in all it’s ok, but I haven’t seen a team with Roo and Costa in it that I’ve gotten overly excited about.

  6. postman

    Noice team,

    Any opinions on mine-

    Howard (Mannone)

    Debuchy, Jones, Vlaar (O’Shea, Coloccini)

    Hazard, Ramsey, Siggurdson, Mata (Al Ahmadi)

    Rooney, Giroud, Jovetic

    Do I need Costa?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks! No-one NEEDS Costa yet.:) Give him a bit of time and see how he goes. Howard has a tough start to the season so maybe hold off on him? GW8 our fixtures get a lot easier. Apart from that looks pretty good!

      • postman

        do you think my defence is a little under-manned, would it be better going Mata to Eriksen and Jones to Terry?

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Nah Jones is ok for now, not sure about Vlaar though. Villa can be very sieve-ish in defence. Just don’t trade out Mata to fix it though… You could downgrade O’Shea or Coloccini unless you were planning on rotation? You could then afford a 5.0m defender.

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