In Round Discussion – GW1


So that’s it, pre-season is finally over! Whilst it’s been great, it comes as a relief. Now we just sit back, relax and enjoy some footy! Let’s just hope our selections don’t let us down. Feel free to discuss the gameweeks events right here, through until the Chelsea game next Monday! Finally I should mention those who have emailed us with interest for the cash league, that will be going ahead! Ill send out an email sometime in the next couple of days with more details, the plan is to kick it off in GW2! So many exclamation marks, too much excitement. Must breathe… Bring on United v Swansea!!!


90 comments on “In Round Discussion – GW1

  1. Liam says:

    Hearing rumours that Bojan is no certainty to play, certainly wouldnt be the most ideal start to the season if that ends up being the case!

  2. fleX says:

    Best of luck this year lads!

  3. tigermania78 says:

    rooney as captain first up, will set me up for the weekend or make me hit the bottle

  4. Ryan says:

    I’ve got Siggy on the bench and I find out he gets an assist, after suffering a heart attack from the Tiges game

  5. Louie.K says:

    An uninspiring first 45 minutes from Man Utd. Rooney unsighted…

  6. Louie K says:

    Jones assist for Rooney goal! Onya Wayne!

  7. Very good. LVG giving Nani a chance, give Nani some confidence and he should be a great buy for a United winger.

  8. Siggy on the bench 😦

  9. Liam says:

    Siggurdsson on my bench fml

  10. Louie K says:

    Siggy goal plus an assist = 3 bonus points.

  11. theultimateandy says:

    Poor shitty Utd (especially poor shitty Young)… But at least Roondog and Jones pulled it off!

  12. thokash says:

    Everything came up Milhouse, Rooney captain at least scored and 2 bonus, Siggy on field a big 13, Jones the pick in ManU defs. Surely the rest of the weekend is downhill from here!

  13. Louie K says:

    Bojan is a splitting image of a young Ryan Griffen. Looks lively so far.

  14. george021 says:

    Of course Naismith starts and scores. Bojan you better do something πŸ˜›

  15. george021 says:

    Anyone know why Bruce was subbed for Hull after half-time?

  16. george021 says:

    Glad I watched the Spurs game. Two red cards, a missed penalty and then an Eric Dier winner in the final moments. Clean sheet from Lloris and okayish performances from both Lamela and Eriksen

  17. gazza says:

    Giroud on the bench? Wenger you absolute bell end…! Dzeko in.

  18. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

    3 opening day red cards, 2 missed penalties and 2 injury time winners… Ummm what?

  19. Philip says:

    Question for anyone: who do you guys like going forward better? Begovic or McGregor? Based on my budget and defense, those two make the most sense for my team. Any thoughts? Obviously McGregor was much better in GW1.

  20. Steed says:

    Chester as my 3rd sub… Perfect.. That’s just what I was hoping for.

  21. Dan says:

    Score check?

    I’m on 57 with Costa and Sturridge (c) to come…Chester with a handy 15 points πŸ™‚

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Massive. I’m 48 with Coutinho, Costa and Terry to come. Not trusting Naismith my only regret, might drop Diouf to him and bank the 1.5.

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      54 with Filipe and RiviΓ¨re to come. Rosenior missing out meant I got Siggys score, dissapointed. I didn’t go with Chester though 😦

    • Steed says:

      52 With Costa, Hazard and Felipe Luis to come..

    • gazza says:

      55 with costa & hazard to play. Siggy, Ramsey and captain roondawg were big. Underestimated Wengers ability to be an idiot (i hate him) by leaving Giroud on the bench.

    • nzgsw says:

      54 with Costa and Terry to come. Will get an additional 6 from Vlaar because Cameron didn’t play.

      Guess Geoff is looking for a transfer?

  22. greenninja15 says:

    Left Siggy out at the last minute after talking myself into Pelle and playing 3-4-3. Figured I had the fairly easy option to correct it if need and go to a cheap 3rd striker (not Bojan, thinking Kane or Murray).
    Or just flutter, flutter the WC after promising myself i would hold until later on and not play early like previous years

  23. ozgunners says:

    52 with Clyde, Sterling and Costa to come. Chester on the bench 😦

  24. Marty White says:

    Love having Siggy on the pine and playing Mutch.

    Love taking out Koscielny 4 minutes before deadline.

    Love taking Davies as the safe option over Chester.

  25. Go You Gunners says:

    40 with Filipe Luis, Coutinho and Costa to come. Hopefully at least 50, maybe more. Played Mutch over Siggy 😦 How did Jelavic look for anyone watching?

  26. Rakshit says:

    38 with Terry, Costa and Jovetic to play. Hope to cross the 50 barrier. Siggurdsson as my first sub. Cant believe I played Andre Wisdom over him! Man Utd really let me down!

  27. PuraVida says:

    40 (55 w/Chester coming off the bench) Sterling(c), Costa, and Terry to go..

    Switched Rosenior for Chester Friday evening and decided to stick with Davies instead of finding a GW1 nailed-on alternative πŸ™‚

  28. gazza says:

    This is my newbie year to fpl, love the site, could any experienced players suggest what weekly average a good player usually gets? 70-80?

  29. MattyZach says:

    42 with Luis, Hazard and Costa to come. Hoping for a huge game from Chelsea.

    Troubled by two of my bench players not getting on. Hopefully things change! Davis the most troubling.

  30. Louie.K says:

    49 with Hazard and Costa to come. Benched Vlaar last minute to play Wisdom. Poor call!

    What’s everyone doing with Bojan? One more chance? His fixtures look ok apart from Man City in the coming weeks.

  31. theultimateandy says:

    Jones out, Dier in?

  32. mattcraigdt says:

    Sterling looks like he’s come a long way… god dammit

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5 says:

      Just shit defending really.
      Same with Clyne’s goal, the under 12s coaches would be fuming if that space was left wide open. Tbf though, cheeky pass by Tadic its hard to defend that.

    • Dan says:

      Looks the goods to me, at 8.5 effectively playing up front. Had him most PS but thought he and Sturridge was overkill with their somewhat tough fixtures.

      Sturridge virtually anonymous till the goal, still gets 2 BPs lol…I’ll take the captain points though πŸ™‚

    • Ryan says:

      I may be a biased Pool supporter, but Sterling is exactly as good as I said

  33. joelharrison82 says:

    So which bandwagon do I jump on to make a quick Β£0.3m this week? Really keen to take advantage of all the noob trading this week.
    1. Caulker to Chester
    2. Henderson to Siggy
    I must say, I am leaning towards option 1 as I think Henderson is a solid performer and he is my only Liverpool player. Although, don’t want to miss the Siggy boat into the sunset…

  34. theultimateandy says:

    Of the following, should I swap any out for Siggy?

    Silva / Ramsey / Eriksen / Hazard / Mata

    I’m thinking Eriksen but Mata didn’t do too well at all against Swansea.

  35. Hero says:

    The first game week is always depressing. After having nearly 100 players go through my squad there’s always the few that score well that aren’t in my team. Sterling, Chester and clyne my big misses. On 40 with my 3 Chelsea players. Felipe, Costa and Hazard.

  36. Bio Eden Hazard says:

    Pretty happy with my 61 so far…but gutted I spent so much time trying to figure out which Chelsea defender would ne more nailed on…when I have Chester 1st on bench!!!

    By the way, any of you giving Jovetic another week?

  37. rostie says:

    54 with Hazard and costa to come. Fairly happy with that. Hoping Chelsea give Burnley a big introduction to the premier league.
    Notwithstanding injury I think N.Taylor becomes Chester next week. Fairly tempted to replace mata with sterling also but I think he gets another chance.

  38. Rakshit says:

    Is it worth hanging on to Jovetic for another week? And when is it safe to jump onto the Aguero bandwagon?

  39. baysietoff says:

    Strong rumour Sherwood to take over Palace. There goes any sort of defensive relevance they had left!!!

  40. thokash says:

    Hope it’s not another season of Silva coming out of the gates, everyone jumping on again, then the injuries hit! I know I’m already tempted and it’s only been 1 game.

    Speaking of City, I didn’t see the game but watched highlights so hopefully someone who watched the game can answer – I assume Dzeko had more of an influence than Jovetic? The Silva goal I saw should have been Jovetic’s but he looked lazy and barely ran into the box. Aguero getting a run also doesn’t bode well.

    Gonna sit tight I think, will see what Sterling can do against City (and Spurs) before I consider. Already on the Siggy train, Mata and Eriksen get another week with nice fixtures.

    • mattcraigdt says:

      Dzeko was definitely more effectual than Jovetic, they will be unbalanced without his size and strength. Need that target man, he should stay.

    • theultimateandy says:

      I started Silva as a bit of a POD as not many were talking about Silva or City in the pre season. Worked out well with the goal but like you said, it should have been Jovetic’s. But at the same time, you know he’s gonna rack up the points. I’d recommend jumping on the train before his price shoots up, Siggy has already gone up to 6.1… I reckon Jovetic will go down too after Aguero’s goal.

  41. Go You Gunners says:

    The bloody hell is wrong with Mourinho? Buys a 28 year old LB for 20 Mill then plays Azpilicueta, a traditional Right Back, over him?

  42. Louie.K says:

    I knew I should have followed my gut and gone Fabregas ahead of Hazard. Too late now…

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