Studs Up – GW1

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Welcome back everyone! This season’s gameweek review is going to take a different shape to last year. The “Dream Team” is no more. Enjoy…



 * First ever shot on target in Cons, in an EPL game *


1. EPL’s back. And it’s as exciting as ever! 2 injury time winners! 3 red cards!! 2 missed penalties!!! Best league in the world…

2. Siggy. Gun. Tottenham may have erred in not playing this bloke more last season, and then letting him go. Will be the most traded in player this week for the ~93% of teams that somehow missed the 6.0m boat after his goal, assist and full BPs. If you want him, get him now because his price has already gone up once and may well go up again at least once more. Stat I read somewhere on twitter… 7 of his 8 goals for Swansea have been away from home. Put the mid – forward rotation away guys.

3. Ramsey. Wow. I can’t find my thesaurus so I’ll just have to go with “awesome”. He just keeps getting the job done and at 9m could prove to be a bargain by the end of the season.

4. Cheap strikers. Much was discussed preseason about the virtues of picking cheap strikers in our teams and they came through GW1 with Berahino, Weimann, Naismith and Ulloa all getting amongst the goals and points. Going forward, Naismith could be very handy with news filtering through that Barkley could be out for anywhere between 7 weeks and 5 months! Berahino could be anything he wants. Whether any of these guys can do it regularly is the question…

5. The Captains – GW1. Big shout to Matt for some great advice. Top pick Rooney with a handy 8 points from a goal and a couple of BPs. Second pick, Ramsey had another big game with 10 points from a goal and full BPs. And finally third pick, Sturridge, popped up with a goal for 6 points. If your captain is bringing you attacking returns, then you’re gonna have a good time!

6. Goal scoring centre backs. It’s a great sight seeing the big fellas score! Chester, Dier, Koscielny, Vlaar and Hangeland all got amongst it on the way to scoring some big points. I wouldn’t rely on it happening too often however. Don’t chase points…

7. Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool. The first game of the season is always a mixed bag, but these teams gave about as clinical a performance as you can hope for early doors, and most of the key players from last season put in FPL shifts. More so Man City and Chelsea than Liverpool, Mignolet did pull out one of the best saves you’ll ever see to keep Liverpool in front late on. There’s a lot to like about Silva, Aguero (!), Dzeko, Sterling and Sturridge, plus newbies Fabregas and Costa showed plenty on debut.  Don’t ask me about Jovetic, I haven’t figured what I’m going to do myself yet! He did look ok and Aguero may not be ready to start a game just yet…

8. Southampton. True they got beat but they aren’t as bad as some people were predicting they were going to be after losing so many key personnel. It’s going to be a tough season yes, but in Tadic they will have a cracker once he settles, Wanyama is crucial to any success they may have, Fonte is underrated and Ward-Prowse on setpieces is a gem. The team’s 6 shots on target was an equal high across the gameweek, but does that say more about Southampton, or Liverpool?

Honourable mentions; #MoyesIn trending is just old fashion good fun and him giving his side of the story is the start of the journey back, McGregor saving the ref’s ass, Joey Bar-thug’s GW high 6 key passes, Richardson playing behind the strikers for Villa, West Ham evolving into a footballing team.


* Nightmares over here *


1. Transparency. I love the EPL don’t get me wrong, but it would be super if the clubs were required to name their starting XI say 4-5 hours before kickoff, instead of 1? I’m not even asking for Thursday night teams like certain other sports we know of and the Sunday/Monday games might be too much of a reach but come on! Also, surely QPR would have known that Isla wouldn’t be available to play?!? Just let the punters know. We’re a pretty big part of the success of this sport you know…

2. Man Utd. Not interested in excuses. They were horrid. How can a world class team have such poor depth that they needed to field two teenage rookies in the showcase first game of the season in front of millions of viewers worldwide, is beyond me. Then having to play Ashley Young at left back for the entire second half. I don’t care about so called “easy fixtures”, we need to seriously rethink having Man Utd defenders in our teams. They looked slow and bereft of ideas. Mata lacked forward invention, and there were far too many crosses into a height challenged strike force of Rooney and, apparently, Hernandez. Dumb footy.

3. Crystal Palace. Have to worry about their immediate future from an FPL perspective. Losing your gaffer hours before the first game of the season is the worst preparation imaginable. And for a trip to Arsenal… They put up a very good fight but it’s always going to be hard when you only have 24% of the ball (123 completed passes v 637 = hahaha), and only having 2 shots on target from 4 attempts. Note, during Pulis’ tenure they only conceded one goal from a set piece. They’ve now conceded 2 without him… Rumours of Sherwood taking them on scupper any remaining defensive relevance they may have. And, Chamakh’s 11 fouls was nearly as ordinary as his haircut.

4. …Everton. Defensively inept. Coleman is vital to our success because although Stones will make a very, very good centre back in the future, he ain’t no wing back now. I would avoid Everton defenders until further notice. Lukaku looked tired and was barely sighted after a long summer where he failed to set any pulses raising in the World Cup. Baines, McGeady and Naismith helped hide problems that need addressing sooner rather than later. Atsu interests…

5. Home cleanies. Not one single home clean sheet in a entire gameweek! That didn’t happen all of last season, and to be honest I don’t even know when this last happened as I stopped looking there. It may never have happened!

6. QPR. A gameweek high 19 shots on goal! But no goals… Austin and Remy combined for over half of those attempts. ‘Arry may be happy with the performance, but if QPR are to stay up these are the games they need to be picking up points from.

7. Ashley Young. Catching bird poo in his mouth. Yep. Hilarious. But it made me vomit a little bit in my mouth when I saw it, and every time I’ve thought about it since. There it goes again…

Honourable mentions; Trying to be relatively calm this early in the season…


Ryan Bennett Award* – James Chester. He’s already got a quarter of his total points from last season… His price will rise this week, but I don’t see Hull as regular clean sheeters.

Jonjo Shelvey Award* – Lee Catermole. I doubt that will happen again for a while! Good goal lad. It beats getting sent off doesn’t it?


That’s it for the first ever “Studs Up”! It may be a long season but stick around FPLAddicts, get involved, and we’ll help you as much as we can.


* For those new here, these are historical awards provided for outstanding, albeit extremely rare performances.

72 comments on “Studs Up – GW1

  1. mattcraigdt

    Great stuff Baysie. Cesc and Sterling have me second guessing myself, I think everything else went pretty much as expected. If only Ivanovic was a lock!

  2. Marty White

    Any suggestions on my backline, have 0.5 in the bank:

    Debuchy-Davies (Hull)- Terry- Colo- Wisdom

    Not happy with DDG as Utd looked pathetic, thinking down to Krul to free up cash (Newcastle looked promising) or up to Courtouis for a solid set and forget.

    Or could get Clyne into the defence for Colo or Davies?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Problem with Courtois is that he’s not 100% certain to start all games yet. It’s pretty rare for a team to have 2 world class keepers and I don’t particularly trust Jose… If Cech is sold then go for it! I like Spurs and Arsenal defensively if that helps so maybe Szczesny or Lloris? Don’t like Newcastle right now for a set and forget option… Need to show a little more first.

      Hull have a few good fixtures coming up so you could probably hold in defence?

      • Marty White

        Is it a wise move to keep a certain starter like Colo in as D4 all season or downgrade to Moore to free up cash?

        Overall I’m thinking the BAPS make it worthwhile to go attack heavy and cheaper on the defence.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Have to keep a D4 that plays and is part of a half decent defence. Due to not knowing the final teams b4 lock out real life rotation will kill you. And there may be some games that Newcastle look better than Hull so you can swap him with Davies… For the record, Colo is my D3/4. 😀

      • bill2k

        It was only Burnley i suppose, I was tossing up pre season and this week didn’t help. How did you go points wise?

      • Louie K

        Agree. I think Cesc is more likely to get rested from the EPL once the Champions League starts compared to Hazard. I’m sticking with Hazard.

        Concerned with Mata though. Is his value likely to drop before the next GW?

        • mattcraigdt

          You talk as if Cesc is an old man! He is crucial for them, more importantly he’s only 27!!! Mata is a sure thing to drop before deadline, but that’s just thanks to the plebs of fpl. Back yourself in.

  3. Steed

    Ripping article as always.. Loving the info.

    Got 0 in the bank and looking for advice.

    DDG, Myhill
    Caulker, Felipe Luis, Debuchy, Chester, Wisdom
    Siggy, Mata, Hazard, Ramsey, Marney
    Wickham, Costa, Rooney.

    Not sure who to punt and who to get in.. thinking of ditching Luis for someone more certain of playing, but also not so keen on Mata..


    • baysietoff Post Author

      DDG………………. Hating on Man Utd right now. But yeah it would be good to have Luis playing coz that’s a lot of money doing nothing. Not sure if he’s back this week but Vertonghen is good value. I’m struggling with Mata myself right now, it seems easy to sideways to anyone else at that price!

      • Steed

        Completely agree. Will look to Vertonghen now I think.. Mata gets one more week before he becomes Silva or Fabregas. Thanks heaps mate.

        • kingcolesy

          Hey if you trade luis to Clyne, you got a handy 1m for when you need to trade mata to say, a 9.2m mid.

  4. theultimateandy

    Cracking write up Baysie! And the very next morning after the final match of the weekend, you guys work fast!

    Already swapped Eriksen for Siggy. I have Bojan but wanna dump him too, I’ll have £7.4 in the bank if I trade him out. Pretty poor weekend with 50 points overall, Filipe Luis and Hazard let me down…

    Is it worth taking the hit for Bojan? Any striker recommendations for £7.4??

      • theultimateandy

        Yeah ur probably right man, I’ll hold out for another week or two. The lads from Barcelona at the end of the day! But if he doesn’t start whipping in the hat tricks, you have to transfer points from your team to mine, it’s only fair! 😀

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Interesting new format Baysie, didn’t mind it at all, quite like it actually. Bennett & Shelvey back <3, I see we sticking with Bennett?

    Also very tempted to get rid of Mata, I hate GW1. All the players you put into your team pre season performed, but weren't actually in there for GW1! And now you start second guessing yourself for the whole week! Silva & Sterling for me, hurts to see his 13 atop the midfield.

    On the plus side (maybe minus?) most of the popular shave interesting fixtures, Ive got a full 11 of players facing relegation battlers but that means benching Ramsey & Debuchy against could-be-leaky-Everton… The stress…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! Change is good. Yep, Mr Bennett is here to stay. Sly tip of the hat to the regulars from last season. 🙂

      The only thing keeping me going is that GW1 is just that, 1 out 38! We’ve spent weeks going through our teams, we shouldn’t throw all that out after 1 game.

      Go on, bench Ramsey and Debuchy, I dare you 😛

      • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

        That is all true though! Talk about regulars, grats to you Gunners! Nice 80 to start the year strong.

        I probably worded that wrong, was just implying that Ramsey && Debuchy had the hardest fixtures out of my possible 13 outfield players. Never in life would I bench Ramsey (still can’t believe I’m saying that).

  6. toasted1961

    Good article Baysie. I really like your perspectives which balance out the stuff on Football Scout.
    I have Mata. Really I think he will come good. But the prices are increasing with Fab and Sterling, so if I wait I will pay more than the current price. A conundrum. Any advice?

    Also thinking of Henderson to Ward-Prowse to free up 1m.
    What do you think?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate. I’ve just gone Mata to Sterling if it helps! It should help me with my Jovetic to Dzeko trade in the short term.

      Not sold on either Hendo or W-P yet, but if that 1m is used well elsewhere then it’s a good trade.

      • rostie

        Yep I traded Mata to Fab this morning. By end of gameweek I expect mata to drop 0.1 and Fab to rise 0.2. At this point raising money is important and they both have an easy game next up on paper. Fab’s role seems locked in and he is taking corners. Fingers crossed he doesn’t revert to deep and this come back to bite me!

  7. browens08

    New to commenting but just letting you guys know that your pre-season stuff is always pretty helpful!

  8. Bio Eden Hazard

    Love the new format Baysie!! My big question this week (which may be yours as well) is do I trade Jovetic to Dzeko or Mata to Fabregas…oh shit Fabregas already increased in price, if I trade him in for Mata I won’t have enough for Jovetic to Dzeko 🙁

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I guess I have to resist the temptation of getting Fabregas so I can find a proper replacement to Jovetic…what do you think mates?

      • gazza

        Seeing that shocking 3-5-2 formation should worry all Mata owners and seeing Aguero come on and pop one in the net should worry all Jovo owners imo.

        Consider Mata for Silva (don’t see too much competition for the left wing despite City’s depth) or Sterling (who’s effectively playing as a forward)?

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Thanks! My question was answered when I did Mata to Sterling just before the price changes so I can do Jovetic to Dzeko next week 😀

        I guess Mata has better long term security over Jovetic?

  9. gazza

    Done it. Used my wildcard in week one (after a 63 point week). Mata, Giroud, Hazard and Hoilett all out. Silva, Dzeko, Fabregas and King in. Gave me 1.4mil (put it off last night and subsequently lost the 0.1 on Fab) to refresh a very weak defence, which is now Debuchy, Jones and Vlaar.

    I’m a newb, but my gut instinct (and investing background!) tells me that using the wildcard early, before the player values correct themselves, allows you to gain maximum value from it.

      • gazza

        I think Rooney is the only value in the entire Man Utd team. I have no faith whatsoever in Van Gaal’s 3-5-2 system, they just don’t have the right players (full backs) for it.

        I’ll likely switch Jones out for a cut price Lovren after Liverpool have played City and Spurs in weeks 2 and 3. Or if I can somehow claw back the 0.1 lost on Fabregas search for a 6.0 defender at City, Arsenal or Chelsea.

        Also, fantastic website, cheers.

    • Hplate

      That is honesty F’ing insane.
      Mata -> Silva, Giroud -> Dzeko and Hazard -> Cesc are prime examples of sideways trades and chasing last weeks points. Even if you wanted to chase the points using your wildcard and not just taking a -8 pt hit is crazy.

      Mata & United have 2 very promising games coming up and if he does nothing after those then it’s probably time to move on. That’s 2 weeks in which to wait, watch and then possibly transfer on a free.

      GIroud was rested for a kid that only Wenger would play in the first Premier League match of the season. Next week Sanogo is back to keeping the bench warm and Giroud is almost a lock to play 60+ minutes, with the added benefit of having Ozil back and Sanchez and Santi feeding him crosses all day. Getting rid of him for a same priced striker who is playing Liverpool (still finding their feet defensively but are well equipped to deal with big strikers with Skrtel & Lovren) doesn’t scream value at all.

      The only value you’re ‘gaining’ is potentially a -0.1 on Mata this week, which may or may not happen because most people realise their favourable schedule and will give him 1-2 more GWs, and the 1m price differential from Hazard to Cesc, which you should’ve taken into consideration before the season started.

      Ask yourself this: If Hazard had gotten an assist or a goal, which he was capable of even if he was having a relatively quiet game by his standards, would you have pulled the trigger?

      • gazza

        Honestly fking insane! I’m OK with this 🙂

        Generally sideways trades indeed, but don’t forget to factor in the cash raised to spend on my previously awful defence. To be fair, Giroud may go back in at the end of the week, I’m still undecided between the two. Now that Hazard is sharing duties with Cesc, I don’t think the extra mil is justified so I’d have pulled the trigger anyway. ‘Easy fixtures’ is the only thing going for Mata, he’s overrated, in an unsettled team, that’s attempting to put square pegs in round holes.

        I’ve actually filled the squad with players who I think will +0.1 this week. I’ll reajust it to my actual team at the end of the week. Just an idea for you guys when you play your wildcard.

    • rostie

      There are quite a few around the chat sites that agree with you. Some are virtually swapping in a full team of players about to price rise in order to get the cash….. And in some instances with the intent to trade them back out later this week to cash in. Personally I’m not sure!

  10. Hodgey

    lovely stuff baysie!

    What do you guys reckon with this team (this is my first year at fpl)
    doing a 3-4-3 formation

    0.4 in the bank
    howard, krul
    debuchy, vlaar, baines, o’brien, chester
    sigurdsson, silva, sterling, fabregas, marney
    bojan, rooney, costa


    • baysietoff Post Author


      Apart from Howard and Baines that’s a good one! Everton aren’t real flash right now with some tough games to play in the short term. Midfield and attack rocks, except Bojan who hasn’t convinced me yet.

    • Hplate

      Too invested in Everton defensively, especially with Baines.

      Your mids are good to go, as are your strikers. Sit tight and save the transfer for next week.

      • Hodgey

        to replace baines (already used my wildcard lol) i was thinking Koscielny, Ivanovic, Clichy or Dier

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Koscielny is the only one to consider (out of those), the rest are at varying risks of rotation. I would monitor Vertonghen’s injury or add a Chelsea defender in Cahill or Terry maybe?

          • Hplate

            Bang on. If Poch gets Spurs to be a side as reasonable defensively as the Saints were last season Vertonghen is a good punt.

  11. Rakshit

    Great to have your weekly column back!! And please dont let go of the Ryan Bennett award. It is priceless!

    I scored a shocking 48 points last week! Mainly due to Siggurdsson on my bench as my first sub! I have factored in all the comments made above and decided to pull the trigger as went Mata –> Fabregas last night. Heres hoping for better luck this week.

  12. tigermania78

    Any thoughts on who to downgrade Baines to? tough fixture next 2 weeks for everton. go real cheap to vlaar or chester and use the cash elsewhere, or go the more expensive options

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Chelsea (Cahill, Terry), maybe Koscielny, or Vertonghen if he gets up for this week. Avoid cheapies unless they’ve shown solid defensive trends.

      In my opinion.

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