FPLaddicts Cash League

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Hey fellas, the seasons first Q&A will be out later today! I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware that we’re running a cash league this season, which we’re hoping to build into something a lot bigger. Here are some of the details:

We already have a group of 18 ready to go, today will be the final call for players as we’ll gather payments tomorrow and Friday, before hopefully kicking things off at the start of GW2 (Depending on how quickly we can collect payments). I’ve made some straw polls, and it’s pretty evident we will go for a $20 entry fee, with the league lasting the entirety of the season. We will have details on the prize pool once we have an idea on the amount of entries! Whilst for this season we will just run a classic league with as many players as we can gather, the long term plan is to run this league as a trial for a bigger idea beginning next season.

We hope to turn this into a yearly competition. The primitive idea is to have as many leagues of 20 as possible, separating managers into different divisions i.e Premier League, Championship etc. Basically, how you fair this season will decide what competition you enter next year (If you come back, of course). So what’s the premise?

We are planning a head-to-head type system next season where we have as many leagues of twenty as necessary. They will work like the actual English football system does i.e. If you come in the bottom three of the ‘Premier League’ league, you get relegated to ‘The Championship’ league. Similarly, if you come in the top three of ‘The Championship’ League, you get promoted to ‘The Premier League’ league for the next year. So on and so forth. Obviously there will be a cash entry and prize pools determined for each league. Hopefully we can get a trophy organised!

The rankings that you achieve within this seasons league will determine your ranking for next season’s start.

Who knows, it may just kick off! Just some food for thought, here’s the straw poll on whether or not we should expand this season’s competition.

There’s obviously no pressure in entering a cash league, it is completely up to you guys!  If you are interested however, send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll forward our discussions to you. Look forward to competing against you guys! We will have the Q&A out today, before the captains and the news wrap drop closer to the GW2 deadline.



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