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One of the hardest jobs to do when running a site is trying to make all of your articles as relevant and fresh as possible. How better to do that than answer all your pressing questions in a cumulative article between our writers! Here’s what you guys have been asking on twitter this week. (If you’re not on twitter, why not! It will make following fpl a hell of a lot easier, follow us @fpladdicts to get started!)

I do apologise for the collapsing of the Q&A series last season, it all became too much work preparing three articles per week! I’ve dropped transfer talk (Sorry guys) to free up the time to get straight to the main issues! If you have any transfer queries, don’t forget to post them in the comments. We will still be on hand to answer them early there! Without further ado let’s get into answering some questions…

berahino qanda

Nick – I’m certainly considering him after the fact he’s on penalties and for a possible Bojan replacement. However there has only been one game this season….Definitely one to watch though, add Naismith to that as well.

Baysie – If your structure requires a cheap striker then he’s probably the most appealing, but that’s just after one game…

Matt – This may end up coming back to haunt me, but I’ve brought him in. I needed a striker in that price range, and he looks to be the pick of the bunch. He has the potential to score 14 or 15 goals this season, especially with penalty duties in his locker. Big upside, just don’t expect him to go a goal a game…

price rises qanda

Nick – Certainly Sigurdsson if you haven’t already. He showed against United how class he is and how vitally important he will be for Swansea this campaign. Dier just made a stunning debut but not sure about his job security once Vertonghen returns. Don’t really like Hull and Chester’s chance of regular clean sheets so don’t think he is one to chase. Raheem Sterling is an interesting one, I’ll be seeing how he performs against City and Spurs but he is definitely one high on my watch list – looked simply sublime against Southampton. To think people have jumped on Cattermole after his rarity of a goal against Sunderland…Some people are just hilarious.

Baysie – Siggy should have already been jumped all over, Dier is to risky a proposition due to Spurs’ depth in central defence. Fab and Sterling should have already gone up by the time this goes to print. Basically you’re probably too late for most of the good picks!

Seags – I’d say Sigurdsson would be a bad one to miss. Has always scored when given the minutes. Blokes like Sterling are looking good too- especially for the short term with no doubling up of fixtures for a while. He’s much better than Coutinho anyway and I’m stuck with him. It’s no coincidence you can get the letters “c-u-n-t’ from his name.

Matt The obvious one is Sigurdsson, I think he’s a must at his price. He should have a massive season. Fabregas and Sterling are well on their way to rising once again before deadline, but I’m not convinced there’s any great rush this week. Be patient.

mata or fabregas qanda


mata fabregas qanda

Nick – Yeah I don’t mind this one. Fabregas looked awesome against Burnley and his assist for Schurrle was just amazing. Despite playing the holding midfield role he still impressed and was able to get forward, with Oscar seemingly dropping back to allow Fabregas to roam wherever he pleased. On the other hand, Mata lacked creativity against Swansea and United look like they’re struggling once again… I’d be happy with this transfer.

Baysie – Yeah… Fabregas is one of a few 9.0m mids you could trade to that all have the same appeal level this early in the season. Rotation worries me with Fab.

Seags – I wouldn’t be chasing Fabregas just yet. You picked these guys for a reason (Mata) and you shouldn’t be knee jerking after one game. Besides, is Fabregas going to play a pass like he did to Schurrle every game? No.

Matt – I must say I loved the look of Fabregas. Matic sits deep allowing him to push forward at his pleasing. He controlled the game from the first whistle to the last. His prospects seemed to be dented by the deeper role, but Oscar’s unique ability to disappear off a pitch left Fab with room to do what he pleased. His set pieces are also deadly with Chelsea’s aerial threat as shown by his assist for Ivanovic. I think he’s underpriced and with a game against Leicester, swapping him for Eriksen seems good business. I’m keen to give Mata another week or two to prove himself.

lovren v coloccini qanda

Nick – Short and sweet this one. Newcastle are definitely a chance to keep a clean sheet against Villa whereas Liverpool, the already unsteady defence, travel to the Etihad to take on Manchester City who simply tore teams to shreds last campaign. I’d be going Collocini.

 Baysie – Collocini. It’s going to take a lot for me to put trust in Liverpool’s defence.

Seags – Flip a coin, and hope it explodes and kills you. You will never get this decision right- it’s the way of the FPL world.

Matt – I’m feeling Seags’ vibe. I’m not sure it will matter, but Liverpool have a 0% chance of keeping a clean sheet, so gamble on Colo.

best striker 6m qanda

Nick – Hmm… Naismith is worth a shout now that Barkley is injured. Bojan has potential but his inconsistency will be frustrating. Berhaino looked very good against Sunderland but we have to remember that it’s only GW1. With Shane Long off to Southampton, Jelavic has the striker role to himself at Hull and is also a decent shout.

Baysie – Jelavic, or Fletcher. Both are proven goalscorers who just need a bit of confidence.

Seags – I like Charlie Austin. Yes he missed a penalty, but he’s always scored wherever he’s been. Arry loves him too.

Matt – Jelavic must be a shout with Long out the door, unfortunately he couldn’t hit that door from 3 feet at the moment. Bojan will be a nightmare to own, I couldn’t put myself through it. Berahino is still my pick, Naismith is a shout if you need the cash. Austin and Wickham are wildcards if you want a POD.

sterling qanda hold.


sterling qanda 2

Nick – After watching him against Southampton I would say Sterling looks the goods. However before I bring him in I’m going to watch him perform against Manchester City and Tottenham, particularly against City this weekend. If he performs against these two teams, get him in within an instant. He looks pivotal in Liverpool going forward and his pace is just blistering. Gun.

Baysie – Yes. I just did Mata to Sterling to free up some cash, and their fixtures aren’t that bad. Man City this week then a 50/50 against Spurs, but then it opens up very well for a couple of months. Liverpool have proven to be fixture resistant.

Seags – Yeah I’d say Sterling over Eriksen yes- maybe not Mata. Sterling is only .5 more than Eriksen and looks like scoring a heap more than him. He and Sturridge combine like alcohol and great sex. You can’t have one without the other.

Matt – Ah sterling. My glaring mistake of pre-season. He has come on in leaps and bounds and looks set to tear defences apart this campaign. How the hell is he only 19, he has way too much Messi about him for my liking. He has way more potential than Eriksen so to that conundrum I say trade, as long as there’s no hit. Once again, hold Mata for at least this week. If Sterling fires against City, all aboard…

luiz qanda

Nick – Now this is an interesting one, especially because I have Luis and was extremely frustrated that he didn’t feature against Burnley on Monday night. As a Chelsea fan I am pretty confused as to why Jose paid 20m for Luis to just sit on the bench… Jose loves Azpiliceuta but considering he is a traditional RB I don’t know if he will be shifted over sometime soon to allow for Luis. Due to this uncertainty I’d either be upgrading to a certainty in the Chelsea defence like Terry or downgrading to someone from another team. Not sure that should be Clyne though… You sure this isn’t a bandwagon transfer because of the goal he scored??

Baysie – If I was a betting man I would suggest Jose wouldn’t want to make too many changes in defence and he’s already trying to bed in Courtois. Azpi has looked solid at left back so why would he want to change? And anyway, is Clyne your best trade option?

Seags – Hard to say- but I’d say he’d definitely be starting in the near future. Whether that’s for Iva or Azpi I have no idea. I’d trade him to Clyne regardless- he’ll at least make you cash.

Matt – God only knows. Or in this case, Mourinho only knows. Ask Jose and he may ask why I’ve repeated the same quote. I’d trade Luis if you have no cover, you can’t trust Jose. If you do have bench cover, see if he starts this week. Clyne and Southampton did look ok. His kind fixtures makes him a solid option.

Finally, when are we planning on using our wildcards?

Nick -Hopefully not for a while, yet I seem to say that every year and always use it early. Considering I took a chance on Bojan I may be forced to Wildcard if he spuds it up. Hopefully I don’t have to use it until I absolutely need/want to.

Baysie – Much will depend on the remaining time in the transfer window… I don’t plan on using it early as I don’t see any major areas of concern in my team just yet. Apart from the fact it’s not scoring enough points! I’m happy to wait and see what happens

Seags – When I have too many codine tablets and feel invincible. I don’t think I’m going to plan to use it- just one day I’ll wake up and realise my team is full of inept mongoloids and that’s when I’ll pull the trigger.

Matt – I’m going to see how I’m travelling by the international break. As long as there’s no huge transfer business I will be waiting patiently until later in the season. The transfer window could change everything.

So there you have it, I hope the range of opinions has perhaps offered up some options that may not have been considered, even though it may mean an extra few headaches! I’ll be back with the captains before Nick brings us his ever reliable news wrap. We recieved a great response to the cash league, big thanks to everyone that has emailed so far!


The Addicts Crew

45 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 1

  1. Louie K

    Great insight guys! Will look forward to it every week.

    I agree that one week isn’t long enough to make a call on a player, with Mata the prime example. He’s a gun and is on set pieces so I’m expecting some attacking returns for sure.

    At this stage I’ll be going Chambers out for Colloccini. With Merts back I think Chambers will make way.

  2. boges11

    Great article lads. Are there going to be any DGWs this year, or will the EPL gods just spring them on us like last year? Might be a deciding factor in when to use the wildcard.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    “Inept mongoloids” :’) Great!
    Quality article and glad to have it back!

    I guess it kinda does compensate for Transfer Talk when you think of it.

  4. Marty White

    Wow I thought the AFL DTers were knee-jerking score-chasers but FPL is crazy.

    Are people seriously jumping off Mata (a proven player with the creative role to himself) after ONE game to get on Fabregas who played well against BURNLEY and is playing a CDM role in a team with approximately 394 world class midfielders?

    And Chester getting a price rise already? What???

  5. Hero

    I like Chester for rotation. Hull were very good defensively at home last year plus he’s cheap. I don’t expect many goals but happy to have him for their home games

  6. MattyZach

    I had Luis, Davies and El Ahmadi not play last week, and yet I’m thinking about trading someone else out of my team.
    Is that too crazy? Haha

    • kingcolesy

      I’d trade luis mate, he’s most likely to go down before deadline than the others at the moment. Losing $$ is they worst. I assume you’ve already took the loss on Davies. Luis $$ is likely essential to be put on the ground on your field. El A’s is not, and may even get away this week with not losing money. He is surely a dudd spot where he is not needed on the field anyway. Could stay there all year 😉

        • MattyZach

          Yeah, I’ve already copped the hit on Davies. Super disappointing. Just have to hope he comes good and strings a few games together so I don’t lose out more cash!

          Luis definitely is. At that much money I need someone nailed on, and if he isn’t going to be playing every week I can’t have that! I was thinking I’d hold him for this week, and trade straight away if he doesn’t get a gig. Debuchy seems like the most obvious replacement, I guess?

          Thanks mate!

  7. Marty White

    Thinking of taking Dave The Gay out of my team for Krul, then switching to Guzan after GW7 when he has great fixtures. I have Given as backup so he covers Guzan nicely. Good move?

    • kingcolesy

      Hard to say. Considering it’s 4 points for a trade id probably say no. Man U did look shocking!!!! That’s the only thing that’s urging it on. Fixtures are not a problem for ddg tho. Probably better to spend trades on bandwagons, price droppers and no shows. Otherwise good idea 😀 plausible.

      • kingcolesy

        I regret having wisdom over Hutton :/ for the exact reason matt stated. Hutton would be the only one I would want in my team. It’ll be some time before WBA earn our respect for clean sheets.

      • garywiddrington

        I was just after your best guess Matt. But you’re right so I think I’m going to downgrade Clyne for two 4.5’s. Chester and O’Brien (gametime?) looks best to me. Horrible fixtures ahead of Vlaar.

  8. theultimateandy

    Vlaar at 24.1% ownership… risen by 2.6%. 2 home games coming up with 2 possible clean sheets. After that though Villa have horrible fixtures.

    Is it worth jumping on this bandwagon for the next 2 games? Would be trading out Yoshida or Ward to bring him in.

  9. tigermania78

    if i owned Luis i would probably sack him for Dier. i know you have to look further ahead than 1 week for fixtures, but a home clash against QPR screams of a cleansheet. plus if you are using a wildcard possibly after the international break, you can always rotate him out along with half of your other under-perfoming players.

  10. Bio Eden Hazard

    Great article. Love your wits Seags (flip a coin and hope it explodes and kills you ahah).
    I have Mata and Jovetic whom I may want to get rid of but I think I’m gonna save my transfer actually. Already missed the Fabregas bandwagon anyway and he was the only one I really wanted to bring in

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