In Round Discussion – GW2

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Post your thoughts on the ongoing gameweek right here. I’m sure there will be plenty of possible transfers to discuss!

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  1. Kevin

    Some one PLEASE TELL ME….. Whats up with Giroud not starting…… he is basically the ONLY healthy foward!!

  2. george021

    Costa, Fab, Hazard all at it again for Chelsea! Good that they kept a Clean sheet, some great saves from Courtois as he follows in the footsteps of the great Cech. Disappointed that Luis didn’t debut, but Azpil is just too good at LB. 😀

  3. gazza

    35 with Debuchy, Jones, Silva, Ramsey, Rooney and Dzeko to go. 12 points on the bench with Hutton and Dummet. Happy days.

    Wenger’s wild team selections because the Champions League is on the line. Ouch.

  4. danielvanderaa

    If Sanchez gets no attacking points, then I might be trading him to Ramsay so I can upgrade Giroud to Costa. I think Giroud will be good once he gets some decent bloody game time though!

    • baysietoff

      At the end of the day, the “criticism” is just advice. And the advice I’ve been giving all preseason is that I liked Naismith and hated Bojan. I can’t recall if I commented on your team or not, if not I apologise! 😀

  5. MattyZach

    Luis has to go. Too much money doing 0 for me. Who should I be going to? Would prefer to not lose more money on him.

  6. Louie K

    Attacking returns all round. Bojan to Bony didn’t pay off, but can’t complain with the rest. Wisdom’s 8 points on the bench also but you can’t fit everyone in.

  7. thokash

    Naismith and Wisdom first 2 emergencies, hoping ManU’s match gets postponed or something…

    Was worried when I saw Sanchez named as lone striker, but he blanked and Ramsey still scored!

    Mata & Eriksen still on the watch list, hope they perform this week.

  8. mattcraigdt Post Author

    Went Berhino over my first thought in Naismith. Minor disaster, but easily reversable. Wait for tonight’s games at least before trading, I prefer to wait for the gameweek to end

  9. Marty White

    Anyone else thinking Costa might be worth dumping?

    -His link up play is appalling (3 assists in La Liga last year?) and I can’t see him getting a great deal of BAPs.

    -He has injury history so fitness can’t be assured.

    -He will get subbed off a lot when Chelsea are winning (which is often), Mourinho said this last week.

    -He will be rotated more than people think. Mourinho wants to keep Torres and he brought in Drogba and I’m thinking he wants these guys playing for certain games as they offer something different.

    -He can be upgraded to Aguero….

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      2 goals in 2 games…why would you dump him mate? I don’t think Torres and Drogba will get a lot of game time

    • rostie

      Yeah I would get rid of him. Only 1,250,350 people have him in their side. The other half must like strikers who can’t score.

    • gazza

      No. I sort of understand where you’re coming from though. He looks like a goal points or no points sort of player whereas Sturridge, Rooney and Aguero have a bit more to their games.

      That said, I’m comfortably sticking. 1.5m damage to the rest of the team isn’t worth the upgrade(?) to Aguero.

  10. tigermania78

    how come naismith has already gone up in price, i thought it was based on net transfers in, not on performance

  11. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Going quite terribly… Again.
    28/5 with Rooney (C) and a few others still to come, only positive is that only one of my players hasn’t done anything… The rest contributed.
    Luis looks likely to go to Clyne who’s fixtures are very juicy, rotating anyway.

    Also, Naismith and Lukaku playing very well together… I’m tempted.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      If I remember right, Mourinho said last year that he would be happy if he could play with 11 Azpilicueta(s). With Ivanovic playing so well though he’s under threat for the LB position.
      I origninally had him in my team but peer pressure got me choosing Terry instead for more security of starts 🙁

  12. Bio Eden Hazard

    So mates I imagine there’s gonna be a lot of talk around Naismith this week. I must admit I don’t know him very well. Is he absolutely nailed on and/or really good?

    • gazza

      I watched the game and thought he looked good against Arsenal. If I needed a cheapo striker he’d be it. Top 7 team striker for for 5.1m. Bargain.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Well I don’t need one, as Jovetic is the one I need to trade. But it’s always nice to save money 🙂

  13. tigermania78

    A third of my team sucks. Bojan, chester, lovren, maybe mata (if he does nothing tonight), bruce injured. is it too early too use a wildcard before GW3 starts and before the international break

  14. theultimateandy

    Bah!! Was so close to going Luis -> Dier… So many missed points!! He’s gone down to £5.9 now too…

    Could anyone suggest any other defenders? I’ll have £7.8 to spend.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I didn’t Mattie. Common Juan Mata deserves 2 games 🙂 Is he really a keeper now that RVP is back though? I’m very tempted by Lamela now. Always had a feeling he would more successful under Pochettino

    • gazza

      I took out Mata and Giroud for Silva and Dzeko. I’m still OK with it, Utd still look garbage while City will steam roll teams going forward this year. My new defence made up some points lost. But tomorrow is judgement day! 😀

  15. Kirsten

    Need to dump Caulker asap before he loses money. Any suggestions on who to bring in? Have 5.4. Dier is an obvious choice but moves into some tougher fixtures. Dummett? Vlaar? Who has the best fixtures and likelihood of clean sheets?

  16. Philip

    Do you think Dier is locked on? Obviously in great form and would be tough to sit now, but when Kyle Walker returns, seems that he could possible take his spot. Any thought?

  17. joelharrison82

    I’ve already pulled the trigger on my trade.

    Here is my team this week sitting pretty on 67 points with Dzeko still to play:
    Krul (Guzan)
    Debuchy Jones van Aanholt (Wisdom Caulker)
    Mata Ramsey Hazard © Siggy (Marney)
    Rooney VC Adebayor Dezko

    I’m happy with my GK, Mids and Fwds as they’ve either produced results this week, last week or both.

    Defense is my bugaboo…So this was my thought process which I thought might help others.
    Debuchy – leicester next week so he can stay on the pitch until he can become a chelsea defender
    Jones – Burnley, QPR, Leicester and West Ham in the next 4 has too much potential for me if United can get their act together
    Van aanholt – £4.5m, so as long as he’s playing consistently I’m happy
    Wisdom – unfortunately I left him on the bench but his position is pretty comfortable in my side
    Caulker – the odd man out with average upcoming fixtures so he had to go…

    Replacements for Caulker were favoured towards who I thought was going to rise in price this week.
    Dier – job security and fixtures turned me off despite an incredible start
    Vlaar & hutton – horrendous fixtures so Guzan becomes mannone soon as it seems he’s seen of pantimillon threat
    Dummet – job security seems poor to me

    So I settled on Clyne. Good job security and great fixtures until week 13.

    I hope the above helps anyone in a similar situation.

  18. Hero

    Scored 54 with my 4 man defence scoring a massive 1 point. Have bojan getting subbed on for Luis to cancel out his 0 with another 0. Instead of wisdoms 8 points sitting at 2nd reserve

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Youll get Wisdoms 8 points, as long as your first reservw didnt play youll get your second reserves points. Same woth the thord reserve, if the first two dont play (youre probably in trouble there haha) then you get thirds score.

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Chester, no. Youll probably have him for rotational reasons so no point wasting a -4 hit on someone you can bench for a week and is only 4.5m.
      Caulker may be worth the -4 though, if you think you can make up the -4 or better it with your trade… Then go for it!

  19. thokash

    Already used trade for the week, Bego had to go with Stoke’s awful form and City next week. Brought in Krul as Newcastle have a good run, and will probably pair him with Mannone down the track.

    I like my team, especially for the upcoming fixtures. Current team:
    Krul (Gilks)
    Debuchy Jones Clyne (Wisdom Bruce)
    Fabregas Mata Ramsey Eriksen Sigurdsson
    Costa Rooney (Naismith)

    Question is, is it worth a -4 hit to trade Eriksen to Lamela? Early indication is Eriksen is going to drop, and if the Lamela train gets going I can see him possibly going up too.

    • Rakshit

      Same conundrum for me. I have Eriksen. Wanna swap him for Lamela. But with Liverpool coming up next is it worth the trade? If you have extra money u can upgrade Eriksen to Silva as well. They play Stoke at the Etihad.

    • joelharrison82

      I’d hold on DDG. They have some favourable fixtures coming up if they can get their act together. I’ve got Jones who I’m holding for at least the next four.

  20. rostie

    Picked this up trawling fantasy football scout. It’s worth noting
    See below:

    The person behind the FISO price change tool said that FPL has now hidden the data needed to predict price changes.

    When asked when it is likely to go back to normal he said he doesn’t expect it to.

    He also said that the current TFPL data is not accurate.

  21. Bio Eden Hazard

    How many of you guy are going with a 3-5-2? It’s not really my thing but I can’t find a decent-priced striker that I like (I have Costa and Rooney already)

  22. Ray

    I’m still (after years of casual coaching) getting my head around the best time to trade but I’ve gone early this week. My def were averaging 1.3 so Caulker to Dier makes sense to me.

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