Studs Up – GW2

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The second date is always the hardest…


 * Owners will be hoping for more of this @ 10.6m *


1. Cabella. Call me old school but I love seeing new players to the EPL getting a good old fashion seeing to. Cabella got it. Oh boy did he get it. And he will continue to get it… This is a two part “like”, one for the welcoming party Villa gave to him, but more importantly second because he looks a great player and was involved in nearly all of Newcastle’s good attacking play. They’ve found someone to fill in creatively for the the long departed Cabaye. If he can learn to deal with the kicking he’s going to get he will be a gem.

2. Eden Hazard. To think some were putting him up as trade bait! This guy is not far away from being talked about in the same vein as the very, very best and this could easily be the season he takes that step. The only FPL relevant thing holding him back is that he’s not as consistent as he could be, but he does make up for it with some over the top point scoring. Only scored 9 points this week but his game stats show he’s not far away from a big one. 9 successful dribbles (compared to 6 last week, and his total of 15 is 7 more than second placed Lamela), 2 key passes (7 last week), 3 crosses (same last week), zero shots (2 on target from 2 last week). You could easily suggest he had a better game last week, and didn’t score any points… Relax. Or don’t, I don’t care. I’ll happily take a quiet game here or there for his 20+ point games…

3. Humble pie. It tastes ok actually… Juan Mata. Booooo. He looked so ordinary in GW1 I thought I had no choice but to get rid of him while his price was still where it was. Liking this as a lesson to everyone. Give the stars a chance… Such as Hazard above perhaps!

4. West Ham! They continued their evolvement towards being a football team on the weekend with a great performance away to Palace. They look like they have goals in them (look at what Downing has managed to do!?!), and they have some quality attacking players that should be on our watchlists including the impressive Zarate. Holding off on them for now until they show some consistency. The flipside is their defence can no longer be deemed reliable.

5. Mr Balotelli. It’s great to have you back son! It was a bit boring without you… Cue Liverpool fans with “it’s our year”, “we’re going to win the league” and other similarly delusional comments (just messing about lads). How he fit’s into their team is going to be interesting and whether he’s developed some sort of consistency, and temperament, to help us FPL managers out will be a talking point. I wouldn’t jump onboard straight away…

Honourable mentions; Spurs (in particular Chadli, Lamela, Adebay… ok most of the team right now), Ramsey again, Naismith again, Rodwell’s road to redemption, 5 x home cleansheets


* Lol *


1. Villa v Newcastle in the early game. Nil – Nil? Yay, defensive points for everyone! It’s not a true reflection of this game however, and that needs to be remembered… Both teams need a lot of work. Newcastle have a bought up a talented new attack but it will need time to gel, they’re one of only two teams yet to score this season. Their defence is still ordinary and gave up too many chances. They need and can’t lose Tiote. Villa, are ordinary everywhere and I don’t think a Benteke can solve all their problems, but can only help. If either team had played nearly anyone else on Saturday there would have been a few goals… Buyer beware.

2. European rotation. I fear this season will be one of the worst for teams rotating players around big Cup games. We’ve already seen Arsene screwing over a huge number of managers by going short up top and demoting Giroud to the bench again. He came on late to show how important he is, but at the moment he’s more important to getting Arsenal into the Champions League, if he’s fit… Which I think we can all understand. Chelsea WILL rotate, they have far too many players not to (except in defence). Then there’s the likes of Spurs, Liverpool and City who all have decent sized squads of players who need minutes… Do yourself a favour and keep the Champions / Europa League games in all trade calculations.

3. Top team defensive trends. None standout yet, we’re just going on hunches.  Even then there’s too much uncertainty surrounding who is going to be playing. There’s a fair hunch that Totenham could recreate their defensive form from early last season pre-Sherwood, but the only lock from their back 4 is Vertonghen, every other position is up for grabs. I’d normally be all over Spurs right now but they have a tough couple of games to come before their schedule opens up. Chelsea have started out ok, but the full back positions are not certain long term… Arsenal didn’t look great on the weekend and let in a couple of ordinary goals. Liverpool are doing a sound impersonation of Liverpool from last season and Man City could also be great, but aren’t… Everton ran out of legs at the end of the game and dropped far too deep, and Man Utd are yet to take advantage of their “easy” start to the season.  The rest are really a wait and see proposition… So hard.

4. Man City strikers. What now? I like the fact I have Jovetic but all last night’s game has done is thrown away a possible trade to Dzeko. Nothing is certain now, especially with Aguero scoring off the bench again! Jovetic and Dzeko are both different strikers that bring something very different to Man City so it will be interesting to see how it’s managed. For what it’s worth I still reckon Aguero will be eased in until he’s actually needed.

5. Price changes. Something is amiss. There’s a particular website that used to be vital to find out when players are due to go up or done in price and were usually very close to reality. News is filtering through however that the FPL powers that be have made some tweaks to the backend algorithms (trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about) that effect prices changes, and then hidden that so we can’t access it. Makes a tough competition even tougher!

Honourable mentions; QPR and Palace (problems), Slippy G’s 2 Bonus Points, Chester undoing all his good work.

Ryan Bennett Award – Andre Wisdom. Great value for those that picked him, but doubtful if you fielded him. WBA do have some potential to be a good defensive team so watch.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Stewart Downing! Surely not… Could Downing be one of the main beneficiaries of West Ham’s newly found attacking prowess? Or is it one of those flash in the pan, “dare to be great” moments? I’m betting on the latter BUT he has had good seasons in the past. Hmmmm…

What do you reckon?

65 comments on “Studs Up – GW2

  1. Louie.K

    Had Jovetic all pre-season and then offloaded him last minute for Bojan for the extra $$$. He looked very sharp vs Liverpool and is great value at his price. Only problem is rotation especially with Aguero nearing a return to the starting 11.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Rotation could be an issue all of the FPL. Logical replacements like Adebayor has Soldado, Lukaku could soon have Eto’o… Makes our subs even more important. As long as they aren’t rotated out too haha.

  2. silvabacks1996

    guys, what are you doing with Christian Erikisen, struggling to get involved in the goals so far unlike his pre season, is it worth holding or moving onto someone else, maybe his teammate Lamela?

      • kingcolesy

        Im really not sure, until this price site suggests either Eriksen is going to drop in price, or Sterling, Silva or Lamela is going to increase in price, I wont be doing anything. There also a slight chance I’d drop him down to Larsson to up Dzeko to Sturridge next week, but I dont think that will be happening.

        by the way, Great article baysie! loved it.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Thanks Sam!

          Depends on how many other problems you have to address SilvaBack? I’m pretty bullish about Lamela this season and over the moon I picked him over Eriksen from the beginning, and don’t now need to find a way to get him in.

      • greenninja15

        If you saw the Spurs game Erikson was in everything. Had a ripping free kick hit the cross bar and was making passes left, right & centre. Just couldn’t put it in the net. Give him a chance, you picked him for a reason although I understand the price implications.

        Look at it this way, if everyone else jumps off you have a differential.

        I’m holding

  3. mattcraigdt

    Great stuff Baysie. I’m getting the line ball calls wrong, and it’s getting extremely boring owning the same attacking assets as 90% of sides. It would make sense that Aguero will be held back until the Arsenal game, but perhaps they will want to give him a 60 minute run before throwing him in the deep end, especially with Dzeko picking up a knock. Captaincy targets are thin next weekend, and Aguero could do anything to Stoke… Also keen on De Jong this week. I’m tipping him to be massive, at home to Palace and almost scored the winner against Villa.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate. I hear ya. My defence is shocking but happy with my slightly unique mids and strikers. You’d want to see De Jong starting before pulling that trade? That said, he can’t do any worse than Gouffran haha.

    • theultimateandy

      I as considering De Jong as well, plus he frees up cash for elsewhere.

      Mata to De Jong and Bojan to ? with £8.2 in the bank… Possibly Jovetic? City have some tough games coming.

      • mattcraigdt

        I’m considering something similar. I really want Jovetic, but I just can’t see how he can nail down a consistent first XI spot with Dzeko helping their team balance for some fixtures. Fixtures no problem for City

        • theultimateandy

          I took the hit and went Mata -> De Jong and Bojan (who now has a 75% of playing due to a hit) -> Jovetic. Already having went Filipe Luis -> Ivanovic, brings my transfers to 3. Needed to do something though, missing out on a lot of points. City at home to Stoke, should be a few goals.

          With my luck though, I can just see Jovetic on the bench and Dzeko and Aguero starting…

  4. davos

    Need advice on team
    Krul (Mannone)
    Debuchy Jones Luis (Wisdom, Ward)
    Silva Mata Fabregas Sanchez (El Ahamadi)
    Rooney Naismith Zarate
    1 transfer, what do?

    • kingcolesy

      A few problems I wouldnt want to have, either Luis to Clyne or Sanchez to Ramsey. your choice 🙂 or you can do both to save 0.1m and take a -4 hit.

  5. Shikhar

    The Dzeko knock has put me in a fix especially after Jovetic’s brace. God FPL can be a bitch!! FYI, the price changes are back. All the sites have now been adjusted as per the backend changes (trying to sound like i did all the changes)

  6. rostie

    Great article Baysie as per usual. A lesson in there for all!
    Also sold mata for Fab but are comfortable with the trade as I see them with equal potential.
    Elsewhere, well where to begin… Basically my backline sucked big time with a combined total of 4. Add to that my friend Bojan and I had the perfect storm.

  7. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Love your work Baysie.
    Enjoying Adebayor atm but patience will run thin with Erisken and Rivière. Eriksen against a leaky shaky Liverpool defence plus he looked good last game and was involved with plenty for the Spurs. Rivière hopefully will do something worth of note against Palace who look very vulnerable.

  8. Go You Gunners

    Cheers mate

    Went N. Taylor > Chester last week , and already gone Luis > Clyne to avoid price drops and Coutinho > Lamela. Happy with these transfers to earn abit of quick $$ and offload a few duds.

    Solid scores of 50 & 54, really happy with how the team is looking

    Krul (Mannone)
    Debuchy Jones Clyne (Caulker Chester)
    Ramsey Mata Siggy Lamela (Mutch)
    Costa, Rooney, Jelavic

    0.7 in kitty as well.

    Happy Jelavic scored so i should be able to hold off on WC for a while. Cheers to you lads here at FPLAddicts been really helpful.

  9. postman

    Cracking article,

    My team is the following, I am trying to move into a 3-5-2 formation as I believe this can maximise points.
    My current team is the following:

    Howard (Myhill)
    Jones, Terry, Debuchy, Dummett (Bruce)
    Ramsey, Siggy, Mata (Hoilett, James)
    Rooney, Naismith, Costa

    I have now got 5.4m in the bank, so next week I will upgrade Hoilett and bench Dummett. Any suggestions for Hoilett? Obviously there is Hazard and Fabregas, or would it be wise in making a different transfer next week such as Jones to Zabaleta and waiting for Di Maria?


    • baysietoff Post Author

      Man Utd are nearly worth one more chance… Burnley away? Then even QPR at home? Surely… Then keep in mind it’s pretty rare for a superstar to go the EPL and hit the round running, so you could do “Bloody Hoilett” (that’s his name from now on, patent pending) to anyone you want, then when Di Maria shows anything trade again? That’s the less risky version of what you could do haha

  10. Rakshit

    Had a smashing week with a 71! Ryan Shawcross and Stefan Jovetic were my heroes!

    Here’s my team (0.0 in bank):

    De Gea (Myhill)
    Terry C.Davies Shawcross (Wisdom Bartley)
    Eriksen Ramsey Fabregas Siggurdsson (Albrighton)
    Jovetic Rooney Costa

    Now, How do I get in Sergio Kun Aguero? I just have to get him! What a player!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Congrats! Erik to cheapie mid (Ward-Prowse?), then Costa up… 🙂

      So risky. He’s only ever minutes away from doing his hammy again haha

  11. gazza

    Top notch article. Might stick Super Mario in my team just for pizazz alone =]

    I wonder how much Di Maria will come in at? 10.5? And what implications that’ll bring? He could impose on some of Rooney and Mata’s duties/points, but then presumably Man Utd’s overall attacking productivity will increase which could balance it out?

    Does Dzeko become Jovetic for next week. I can’t find any details on Dzeko’s leg injury. Or does one save his transfer?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Gazz! Interesting to see how much they price Mario at… 9.0m makes him tempting. 10.0m is out the door.

      I wanna see how Man Utd line up. This basically throws their 3-4-1-2 / 3-5-2 out the window, unless Di Maria plays as a wingback haha. If they play 4-2-3-1, then Di Maria goes left Mata through the middle and… Rooney right or vice versa. With RVP up top… Or 4-2-4 with Mata and Di Maria on the wings? 4-3-3 means one of those 4 drop out. It really is a bizarre transfer imo.

      Yeah dunno about Dzeko, Man City tend to keep their cards close to their chest.

  12. theultimateandy

    Ugh… 3 trades this week.

    Luis to Ivanovic
    Mata to De Jong
    Bojan to Jovetic

    Have to get my team into shape! Utd are looking very poor…

  13. Zach

    Need 2 trades this week. Was thinking Diouf>Naismith, and then offloading F.Luis to someone…anyone
    My current Team
    Krul (Mannone)
    F.Luis, Jones, Debuchy(Wisdom, Bruce)
    Ramsey. Hazard, Mata, Siggy (Marney)
    Rooney, Costa, Diouf

    Team not too bad putting up 61 points each week thank primarily to Wisdom.


  14. tigermania78

    great article as usual baysie. thoughts on a cheap mid 5 below 6.0M that will most likely be used for rotation between a 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation. have thought about larsson or cattermole. like ward-prowse as well, especially with the friendly draw and the fact he has looked good in the 1st 2 GW’s.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Tiger! Swerve Cattermole, he won’t do that again in a while and is more likely to get sent off. Larsson is interesting but I do like Ward-Prowse.

  15. James Ford

    what’s your take on van persie? buy low? man utd cannot get any worse, right? i have costa, jovetic, alexi sanchez in my yahoo bootleg league up top. which 3 would you go w? w giroud out sanchez should be featured more up top i would assume.

  16. sut

    Anyone playing the Virtual Sports version of fantasy epl? It has more stats, like shots on target, tackles, interceptions, plus the player prices change in the same system as the AFL comp (ie after 3 games), and only 40 trades for the season allowed (max 2/wk). Seeing who the “must trade ins” are at this point for cash generation – Dier is one i think.

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Yeah, Pochettino has to give Dier a few more games after those two amazing performances, also Ward Prowse is a good 3mil option worth considering or your bench

  17. Brayden

    Guys here is my team with 0.4 ITB:
    DDG (Gilks)
    Terry, Rio, Naylor (Chester, Wisdom)
    Mata, Ramsey, Lamela, Siggy, Coutinho
    Costa, Rooney, Naismith

    Have 1 more free transfer this week due to not making GW1.
    Looking to offload Coutinho


  18. Shaun Curnow

    Michael Dawson has completed his move from Spurs to Hull… Is now only 4.8 after dropping little already. Could be very handy cheap option. Hull’s next few weeks are pretty good aswell.

  19. Ray

    I’m a little relieved to read I’m not the only one who barely scored in defence! That 4 points did that include you keeper???? I’m thinking Caulker to Dier just to get some points back there

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