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Welcome back to another edition of Q&A. To have your questions answered just send us a tweet with #FPLqanda and we will make sure it gets answered! If you’re not on twitter, you should give it a go! It’s by far the easiest way to keep up with all the football news and get some great FPL advice. Here’s our answers to the popular questions this week:

jovetic qanda

Seags – The issue with Jovetic is how often is Aguero going to not start? In my eyes Aguero and Jovetic are too much alike, so Dzeko takes one striking role and the other is up for grabs. I wouldn’t be getting him, but mainly because he looks like a Rattata- and they were absolutely useless after they evolved and learnt Hyper Fang at Level 16.

Nick – City do have a good fixture this week but then face Arsenal and Chelsea in a tough two gameweeks. He’s proved that he can score against quality opposition, albeit against a lacklustre Liverpool defence. Facing the top two defences of last year will prove difficult but City have proven they can score against anyone, anywhere. He’ll definitely start this weekend against Stoke but as Aguero gets back to full fitness he will be battling with Dzeko for that remaining striker spot. Until we get a good indication of form it’s a tough one. At this stage Jovetic is slightly ahead but that can change within an instant. I’d give him a miss – not until some form of job security is shown.

Baysie – I think yes! It’s hard to say if he’s reliable because he barely played last season, and his time at Fiorentina can’t be judged too harshly due to the different styles of play in Italy. Sure Aguero might come back at some stage but this game is about taking risks and riding form until it evaporates.

Matt – I was a fan at first, but some key stats say otherwise. Jovetic has never scored more than 14 goals in a league season, you’d hope for at least that. Pellegrini has rightly said he’s a key part of the squad, but I’m not sure he’s anything more than back-up. Playing him and Aguero up front may be unbalanced at times, so Dzeko should get the majority of starts. When he does play it will be in a support role, and I think Aguero and Dzeko remains City’s best striker partnership. I see him as vital flexible back-up for City’s squad, not so much a long term fpl selection. This week he should be good.

wildcard qanda

Seags – Wildcard. It’s there for a reason. Use it!

Nick – By the looks of your team you’re really battling with injuries! Both Vlaar and Austin are touch and go so they’re not overly worrying. Snodgrass will miss the remainder of the season and Mourinho is seemingly favouring his back 4 of last season meaning Luis isn’t getting a sniff just at the minute. If you can hold off on your Wildcard you’d definitely benefit in the long run. However if you’re struggling elsewhere then I’d say activate it. Baines will be right, have faith.

Baysie – Hit that wildcard button if it’s that bad. It would be great if you could hold off until the international break but you can’t fall too far behind because catching up is too hard.

Matt – Plenty of replacements at Luis’ price, so he’s an easy fix. Snodgrass, Austin and Vlaar make things hard. I’d try to hold off this week then activate it during the international break. Snodgrass goes this week, maybe Mourinho will turn to Luis is a tougher fixture.

5.0 defender qanda

Seags – I don’t mind either of Aston Villa or Newcastle’s defenders. Coloccini is pretty dependable, or even a bit cheaper with Senderos could be the go.

Nick – Coloccini is definitely one to consider. Although they didn’t look overly convincing last weekend they did keep a clean sheet, albeit against Villa and do have some half decent fixtures on the horizon. Palace, Southampton, Hull, Stoke, Swansea and Leicester in the next 6 is enticing, especially if they can solidify down back.

Baysie – Tough price range so early in the season and with no trends standing out. Perhaps Monreal while Gibbs is out?

Matt – Taylor and Coloccini are solid rotation options. I guess you could take a risk on Kaboul, but expect a red card or three.

dier qanda

Seags – Dier has been flying, and has a more resolute defence. Dier. Beware the injured man Walkering though.

Nick – Spurs have a tough game against Liverpool before facing Sunderland and West Brom so I’d only bring Dier in after the Liverpool game. They certainly look better defensively but we must remember they have only faced West Ham and newly promoted QPR. Plus his job security isn’t 100% even despite scoring two goals, when Walker returns he may be shifted either to the bench or to centre half, dependant on what Pochettino wants. Therefore out of those two options I’d go Clyne. West Ham, Newcastle, Swansea and QPR in the next month looks the goods.

Baysie – Are those the only options?!?! I’d go with Clyne if you really want one of them that badly. Spurs defensive rotation worries me.

Matt – Clyne looks solid with some great fixtures. Avoid Dier like you would avoid herpes, Walker is nearing a return. Not sure whether he would replace Kaboul, and his goal threat would be reduced anyway.

naismith vanilla qanda

Seags – I did like Charlie Austin but he seems to have cooled a little bit. And besides, what’s wrong with Vanilla? Vanilla is a staple ice cream because it’s been tried and tested over so many years. It’s like watching a porno with Gianna Michaels. You know what you’re getting, but it’s worthwhile because it gets the job done.

Nick – Berahino looked good after the first GW but failed to produce last weekend. Games against Swansea, Everton and Spurs is off putting but being on penalty duties is an added bonus. Jelavic looks good value at 6.0, holding down the striker spot at Hull now that Long has gone. Don’t mind the look of Zarate. Scored a cracker last weekend and looks the goods. Two favourable fixtures against Southampton and Hull could be his chance to continue his good form.

Baysie – Find a way to upgrade him to a better priced striker! It’s so rare for a cheap striker to maintain a patch of form for any period of time, and then to find a similarly costed striker to sideways trade like now when that form inevitably deserts them (or never had in the first place) is too hard.

Matt – I’d agree with Baysie, the only problem is that between 5.5 and 8.5 is nothing but a barren wasteland. There’s Jelavic but I’m not sure he’s any better than the aforementioned options. Zarate looks the most promising, but there’s the same level of risk. Pelle is struggling to adapt, whilst Valencia is still warming up to things. Basically, the forward line is leaving us no mid price options, so perhaps a guy like Berahino is your best bet. He’s nailed on, takes penalties and should have had an assist last weekend. Naismith is off my radar with Eto’s arrival. Didn’t really like him anyway. I’d say go 5 in midfield, but below 7.0 once again you’re dealing with peanuts (Sigurdsson aside).

bench or starters qanda

Seags – Depends on your squad makeup. I’m more inclined to strengthen my starting lineup before worrying about the bench- especially with the wildcard up my sleeve. I’d improve my starting forward first, depending on the injury to the 5th mid, but that’s because I’m a fucking rebel.

Nick – I’d start with improving your starting XI. There isn’t any point strengthening your bench as they’re only used for rarity’s like injury & form issues. So I’d start with improving the starting XI, particularly that 3rd Striker position. If you’re running a cheap 5.5m striker then perhaps look to use available funds to trade to a stronger option. Bojan looks like he is struggling so possibly bringing in a Jelavic/Zarate or someone similarly priced might be beneficial. Or a straight swap to Naismith/Berahino is also a worthy trade.

Baysie – Always your starting XI. There will come a week where you are happy with what you’ve got on the field and then turn your attention to the bench.

Matt – Agree with improving your starting XI, the issue is that third forward is bloody hard to get right at the moment. Unless they’re injured, I’d perhaps hold the trade for a week. The bench can wait also.

balotelli qanda

Seags – NOOOOOOOOOO. Treat him like an Ebola patient and stay the fuck away for the first few months. See what his role is. We still don’t know whether he’s 2nd striker or first, and whether he can work with Sturridge or is being held for the CL games.

Nick – The FPL gods have somehow seen fit to price him at 10.0m, I don’t know where the hell they got they price from but someone who has never cracked the FPL ton should not be priced at 10.0m…. What a joke. He’s definitely one to consider but I wouldn’t be biting the bullet to bring him in straight away. He’s not a prolific assister so you’ll mainly be relying on him scoring goals to generate points. Give him a few weeks and assess then – mind you that price tag is enough to put me off…

Baysie – Not immediately. I said the other day if he opened at 9.0m I might be keen, but not at 10m. He wasn’t fantasy relevant for Man City so what’s changed? Don’t get sucked into the hype, but on the flipside don’t disregard a run of form he will hit at some stage.

Matt – All I can say is, I’ll have what the Premier League are having. How he can be priced at 10.0 is literally beyond me, especially considering that Di Maria is priced at 9.5, but that’s an issue to be addressed next week. For a guy who’s never scored more than 14 goals in a league season and is 0.6 less than Costa… Well case and point right there. It’s great to have his antics back, but owning him is one headache I’d rather not endure.

There you have it, hopefully that will answer most of the key decisions this week. If there’s any other queries you have, just ask away in the comments!


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37 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 2

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    HAHAHA! Seags you are brilliant! Very insightful all of you.

    Was expecting Di Maria to be priced at 10.5m or so and then Balo at 9… Flabbergasted really. Interested to see what Van Gaal is gonna do with him, will be wasted at wing back so hopefully a change of formation!

    • theultimateandy

      Utd seem to be just passing the ball from one side of the pitch to the other, not really going balls out and attacking. Could Di Maria be wasted in that sort of set up? Should be interesting to see how it goes…

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          He won’t play right wing back! United likely switching to a 4-3-3 (Van Gaal quoted), means Rooney likely out wide Mata in the middle, or vice versa. Throws their options up into the air until we know more…

  2. gazza

    My forwards are firing blanks. Gianna Michaels as 3rd choice could help?

    Seriously though, anyone jumping aboard the Di Maria train before it inevitably sets off? 9.5 seems a bargain to me.

  3. chopyouup

    Hey Guys,

    based on costas injury im looking at doing this

    costa -> Aguero
    sanchez -> ramsey
    hoilett -> wanyama

    didnt do a trade last week so im only losing -4 … thoughts?

          • chopyouup

            Team is

            Krul (mannone)
            Jagelka Azpilicueta debuchey jones (taylor)
            sanchez sigurdsson fabregas (hoilett marney)
            rooney costa jotevic

            with costa going out was going to bring in aguero.. goal scoring machine should be getting more and more game time especially with negredo down and dzeko with a questionable knee

            but then i need to find 1.5 mill so i was thinking sanchez to ramsey finds me a 1.3 but then i need to do one more change… so thats why i was looking to get rid of hoilett to bring in someone cheap that just gets regular 2 pointers for backup with the odd score?

          • tigermania78

            yeah, you don’t want to waste too much money on your 3 bench players who will rarely get a run. should have two 4.0M defenders and your mid 5 <5.0M sitting on the bench. maximise the on ground spend

  4. Rors

    Bit of a conundrum this week… I’ve had Dier on the bench the last 2 weeks however had late withdrawals from 2 players so he is come on, which has been a great result. This week, I’m thinking about starting him over Dzeko because of his injury worries and Stokes defence.

    Other defenders on the field are Jones, Debuchy and Coloccini

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