In Round Discussion – GW3

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Continue the discussion throughout the gameweek right here! Let’s hope for a high scoring one…

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    • Louie K

      Agree. Captained Rooney. Mata did nothing and I had Jones on the bench. Now hoping Costa plays no part so I can get his clean sheet.

      In saying that, its draw looks really good. It’s doing my head in!

  1. gazza

    Siggy is magic. Of Swansea’s 6 goals this season, he’s assisted 4, scored 1 and was essential in the build up for the other.

    • Colin

      Jason Roberts on Angel Di Maria: “He looked exceptional. He brought to the side what you expect – when he is on the ball, that is quality.

      “He also showed his legs and how he can get up and down the pitch.”

  2. Colin

    Jason Roberts on Angel Di Maria: “He looked exceptional. He brought to the side what you expect – when he is on the ball, that is quality.

    “He also showed his legs and how he can get up and down the pitch.”

  3. Go You Gunners

    If you look at it closely, Costa was always going to play some part, not sure why people traded him. Jovetic not a good long term option

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Please. Mourinho: “”He is a big doubt, let’s see” Mourinho said. “Everyone else is fit.

      “We are trying everything for him to play [on Saturday]. He didn’t train for the last two days. Today is the last day.

      “We have to try to see if the reaction is positive. If the reaction is positive, we’ll take him and select him on the bench.”

      From this the best case scenario was on the bench, which gave Rooney at least 2 weeks to prove himself. I thought he was no chance. Some transparency would be great!

      • Go You Gunners

        Even if he was only on the bench… why would you trade him? Has two weeks to get right before match 4 and the season goes for 38 GW’s… Proven goal scorer, so what if he has one game where he plays 30 minutes? Might still have scored! So many people just knee-jerk trade in EPL Fantasy.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          Not a knee jerk trade at all, I was planning on trading Rooney to make way for Aguero. This Costa ‘injury’ made it a no brainer. I didn’t think he would play, and even if I wanted him after Swansea again, it would be a simple straight swap for Rooney who plays QPR next week. Look beyond labeling everything a ‘knee-jerk’ trade, would never have traded Costa without the concern but it made complete sense as I really wanted Aguero (Who should be great). Nobody saw that coming against Everton. Here you are in hindsight, sometimes you need to gamble on foresight. City made sure that my foresight was wrong.

          • Go You Gunners

            I know I sound like a bit of a hindsight hero but that’s not my aim at all, just saying that surely there are more beneficial trades for your team than sideways trading a proven goal scorer? People trading guys like Rooney, Terry, Sanchez are most definitely knee-jerking – they are priced as premiums for a reason.

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            Because Aguero has the potential to be way better and we have free trades for a reason, doesn’t mean they can’t come back in if they prove you wrong. I’m trading Terry to Ivanovic for that exact reason, not a knee jerk, a calculated trade.

          • Go You Gunners

            Not sure Aguero has the potential to be way better, better maybe but is the 1.6m extra worth it? We’ll see.

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            17 goals in 23 appearances is fantastic, but he had a massive 11 assists as well, that’s the difference. Fitness obviously the major concern

          • Shaun Curnow

            Why would you want a 10.6 player potentially sitting on the bench for 2-4 weeks when u can easily trade him out and then get him in cheaper when he returns? Not a kneejerk trade at all, all signs pointed to him missing. I would have done the exact same, hell I did the same last year couple times.

            Yes it backfired for people cos he played, but if he did miss few weeks they would have had gun player on field and not backup player that might score u 2 points each week. This game is all about taking risks, playing it safe gets you nowhere.

          • Go You Gunners

            Well I guess “playing it safe” got me 10 extra points than those who traded 🙂

          • Go You Gunners

            And that comment makes no sense at all – Comments from Mourinho –

            “We are trying everything for him to play [on Saturday]. He didn’t train for the last two days. Today is the last day.

            “We have to try to see if the reaction is positive. If the reaction is positive, we’ll take him and select him on the bench.”

            I don’t know how you got he was going to miss 2-4 weeks from that.

          • mattcraigdt Post Author

            So from that you’d think he MIGHT come off the bench and get 1 point, Aguero playing at home to stoke. Well done but stop being a hindsight hero

    • Hero

      Played him but didn’t have the balls to captain him. Played it safe with Rooney. Moved up to 60 000 overall tho. With 3 to play.

  4. MattyZach

    I benched Diouf and Shawcross assuming they’d be obliterated by Man City. I feel like we can’t plan for anything this season.

  5. Shaun Curnow

    My bench this week…. Begovic (6), Shawcross (7) & Naismith (6) 🙁

    On 42 with Dier, Debuchy & Ramsey to come… Have already hit the wildcard button so i can get rid of the spuds Rooney and get rid Mata aswell I think.

      • tigermania78

        Rooney has 2 more gameweeks to do something, anything Surely there are a few goals to be had against QPR and Leicester. If not, he is gone.

      • Shaun Curnow

        He hasnt really done much and as he’s my sole forward i couldnt afford to let Costa keep racking up the points each week so was straight swap for him. I’ve wildcarded so might fit Rooney back in closer to next games but at moment he’s gone cos Costa going make lot money next couple weeks.

  6. nzgsw

    Ugh. ManU was awful.

    Mata-Eriksen for Fabregas-Tadic (gain 0.2M, lose 4 pts)?

    Or add in a Defender change (Ward) and use the WC?

  7. tigermania78

    hands up who believed mourinho and sacked costa??? i was a non-believer, and left Costa in the team.

  8. tigermania78

    And on another note; it says on FPL fantasy site that Mata has a hamstring injury and is a 75% chance of playing. He will be a 100% chance of NOT being in my side come GW4. i know United were awful, but IMO Mata was their worst player.

  9. Marty White

    I have just activated the wildcard. As I have a fortnight to use it I’m going to try and bring in players I don’t necessarily want but who might go up 0.2 so I can sell on for a profit. I’m thinking Sterling, Ivanovic, Naismith, Moreno, Diouf and maybe even Matic might attract a bandwagon. Anyone else worth getting in now?

  10. kingcolesy

    Mata or eriksen to sterling? All have good fixtures, but eriksen is sure to drop today. :O I’m leaning towards eriksen

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      I’m gonna go with Mata over Eriksen toSterking I think. Apart from his goal, Mata has been shit but Eriksen has been promising and the rest of his team isn’t shit. Thats what I’m doing anyway.

    • Colin

      Aguero has arsenal, bayern, CHELSEA in the next three games and risks rotation.

      As a Liverpool fan I’d love to see Moreno do well and with VILLA, west ham, EVERTON, WEST BROM, qpr, HULL, newcastle in the next two months, he has to be given consideration from both a clean sheet perspective as well as a goal scorer.

      Naismith’s sun will surely fade with the introduction of Eto’o (or will it?).

      As much as it pains me to say it, I have Jones in my team and I’m praying I’ll be rewarded over the next few weeks with QPR, leicester city, WEST HAM, EVERTON, west brom on the horizon. United’s lack of European games must surely benefit them (won’t it?).

  11. Louie.K

    For the third week in a row I had a clean sheet on the bench – this time Jones with BP as well.

    So who’s wildcarding?

  12. James Ford

    i have fabregas, ozil, sterling, cabella, tadic in the mid. ozil has not impressed last couple months imo. di maria looked impressive first match. too early to jump on the train?

    • Colin

      Arsenal have MAN CITY, dortmund, aston villa, SPURS, GALATASARY, chelsea in the next month. United’s fixtures are far more appealing and Angel di Maria is understood to have had a good game. The question is – can you see past their current form?

  13. Tom

    i am a bit confused with the whole international break. Could anyone please fill me in with the transfer scenario. Cheers

  14. gazza

    Sitting comfortably in 2nd in my league. I’ve taken a 12 point hit before any price sillyness ensues. Goodbye Man UTD players!!

  15. Mike

    Can someone explain how we can take advantages of price rises in the international break? Is the idea to trade players early with the hope wanted players increase in value before GW4? I am thinking Sterling in, Mata out, whilst giving Rooney 2 more gameweeks to prove himself….

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      If you don’t want the player long term, they have to go up 0.2 to gain you 0.1. If one of your players is about to go down you can trade them out then get them back later, and if a player you want long term could go up, make sure you have them!

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