Studs Up – GW3

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One more GW down… We’ve got a week off now, so sit tight and have a rest because it’s going to get hectic right up until Christmas.


 * So much joy right here *


1. Diouf. If Rooney had of scored that goal he’d have a date with the Queen to be knighted. And knowing Rooney’s history of women, you just know he’d try it on don’t you? Diouf won’t get the credit he deserves, but I’ll give it to him. Well done kid.

2. Managerial appointments. And the effect on FPL. I always bang on about this but we’ve had our first new managerial appointment for the season, and we need to tune into what effect it will have and then respond to trends. As we should all know Palace have turned back time to appoint Neil Warnock to replace the departed Pulis. We definitely all know what Pulis was able to achieve in turning Palace into a defensive beast, but we’ve already seen that defensive solidity be completely eroded since his surprise quitting. Warnock is from the same vague school as Pulis, but without the tactical sophistication. He likes his teams to put in a shift, run, tackle and pinch goals. I don’t see there being too many more 3-3 games… On his side, he has a team that will probably fit his style of play and having a more professional group of players than he’s had at other clubs, I’m willing to back him in. 3 of the next 4 games would have been penned in as wins before the season starts and 2 of those clean sheet certainties, so we’ll see very quickly how this team reacts.

3. Chelsea / Costa. Enough will be written about Diego Costa’s “injury” and how many of us traded him out on the basis of it so I won’t waste any more words on it. Every now and then you play a game where everything you touch turns to gold and Chelsea was kissed on it this round. It felt like every time they had a shot they scored, and the stats nearly prove that. For their 6 goals, they only needed 8 shots on target! And those 2 non-scoring shots on target were from man of the match Costa himself. If he can stay fit, he should be a good trade if you’re in the market for a replacement for Rooney and can’t afford, or don’t trust, Sergio Aguero. Chelsea themselves have started out the season well and look to be a good source of attacking points this season, all our teams should have a couple of them… Just maybe not in defence? They actually have a very up and down set of fixtures until about mid-December so be careful down back.

4. Swansea. They look like they’ve got their groove back! When they were at their best a few seasons ago it was on the back of their wingers dominating the attacking points and on the basis of their last two games that has revved up again. Their last 4 goals have all been from the wide players, with the most traded in player this week in Dyer getting 3 of them. Siggy has hit the ground running too having a hand in all of Swansea’s goal this season, bar one. There’s a lot to like about what’s going on there and if they can do something against Chelsea after the break, they have a nice run of games after that. Load up.

5. Mario. Fair play to the lad. If he can keep up that sort of attitude then he becomes relevant. He was everywhere, tracking back, helping out at corners and generally looking like a team player. With a similarly lethargic strike partner when it comes to anything defence related in Sturridge, they can’t afford to have Mario sulking around the pitch too. Could’ve had a couple of goals as well… He might just have jumped a spot in my watchlist.

Honourable mentions; Weimann under the radar, Puncheon and Warnock making friends?



* You’re doing it wrong *


1. Manchester United…. Not good. Anderson played for crying out loud. ANDERSON!!! Anderson… Let that settle in. An…der…son… The more you say it, the less meaning it has. Just like his place on a football pitch. They do have a heap of injuries I guess, with Mata potentially being added to that list, but their transfer policy feels like a claw game at the circus. They’re just picking up whatever they can and putting a heap of coins in to get it… They have now bought 2 1/2 left backs, one of them in Rojo isn’t even allowed to play in England yet, shouldn’t that be handled beforehand?!? Having depth is all well and good but they haven’t had a decent right back since Gary Neville! Tactically, they continue trying to play balls into the box from wide, without having one striker capable of profiting from them. Mata, Rooney and RVP were non-existent, flipside Di Maria looked good. Most clubs allow a bedding in period, but not United. How long does LVG get before we get on his back?

2. Refereeing. In the Everton v Chelsea game. It wouldn’t have effected the result but it was pretty ordinary. Blatant on and offsides, Howard not getting red… If Howard gets red Chelsea may have scored more, perhaps Hazard getting on the action? While I’m on Hazard… Seriously. Your team scores 6 and the only attacking points you get is 1 lousy assist? Then there was two situations where players were in on goal, only to be called incorrectly offside. For such a huge league, and the decisions of these guys having the potential to greatly influence players and managers careers you would think they’d be better than this. I know it’s been talked about but surely some sort of goal review would fix this up, similar to Rugby League. It doesn’t take that long and would help solve many refereeing gripes I have right now.

3. Expecting teams to get blown away. I read far too much about how Man City were going to run up a cricket score against Stoke, it nearly felt inevitable that it wouldn’t happen! The fact Man City scored a duck and got beat is a little surprising however as all indicators suggested that a couple of goals were likely. Not sure what to take out of this result to be honest? On one hand, it seems all Stoke’s games so far have been relatively tight affairs so a defensive trend could be forming. They did do quite well to stymie Man City’s wealth of attacking options. And with this game out of the way they have a good run of fixtures after the break… Or on the other hand, Man City just had a shocker… What I’ve learnt is that when there’s a groundswell of result expectation (as I’ll call it), the chances of it happening goes down considerably!

4. Newcastle and Villa’s defence. Nothing has changed my mind from last week. I’m picking on these two teams due to the high number of us having one or two of their defensive assets in our teams… We probably should try to look elsewhere! Newcastle should never let a team like Crystal Palace score 3 against them at home. Palace only had 36% of possession but were able to amass 12 shots on goal (with 7 on target v 4 from Newcastle). That’s poor from a home team… Villa? They can’t expect to play at home and only have 45% of possession against a team like Hull and expect to be good defensively over the long term. It’s just unsustainable. I’m jumping off.

Honourable mentions; Mid to high price strikers not getting the job done, Spurs still have work to do against the top teams.

Ryan Bennett Award – Michael Duff. 36 year old centre back who profited from the unlikely cleanie against United. 36… Well done. Move on.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Morgan Schneiderlin. Great game considering the speculation re his future. In one game he’s equalled the total amount of goals he scored in the previous two…

For the record, my wildcard is in play. I’m hoping for some +0.2 price rises but it seems the new pricing model (backend algorithms, etc), might not produce too many of them. Even if doesn’t work out, I’ll have a completely new defence to play with! Something United should consider maybe?

75 comments on “Studs Up – GW3

    • baysietoff Post Author

      One of us might try to put something together! If the intention was to find out ways of making money then you’re probably too late. The first round of price rises has happened. But I’ll try and get my new post-WC team up maybe next week.

  1. Ryan

    I’m not certainly going to get him, yet. But would just like to mention Alberto Moreno, I only saw the first half live and thought he was on fire in the first half, then he scores that goal in the second half … let’s just say he’s on my watchlist atm

  2. Louie K

    I’ve had Bony the past two GW and he could have easily had three or four goals from these games with a bit of luck.

    Swansea are playing like they were two years ago. They are a great side to watch Siggy is on fire. His attacking nous will hopefully bring in plenty more points in weeks to come.

  3. dale

    can anyone log into the barclays premier league fantasy site, its been telling me all day the sits security certificate has expired and proceeding any further will harm your computer ?????? anyone getting this

    • Colin

      I’ve experienced that diagnostic message on other websites Dale. Just ignore it and proceed. Your computer will come to no harm.

  4. gazza

    Nice article.

    My tuppence: I watched Dioufy down at Ewood plenty of times, very good player when he wants to be. I like Wiemann over Neysmith going forward. LVG said he’s not for changing his 3-5-2, alarm bells to the ears (i think he’ll be gone before christmas).

    I like Vlaar and Hutton for cheapie subs/rotation. I think Talksport mentioned Villa had 8 clean sheets from 10 games (or home games?) before this weekend.

    Let us know the outcome of your wildcard. I’ve just used my second one…. well…. -12 points =(

    • Colin

      I have Hutton in my team however with liverpool, ARSENAL, chelsea, MAN CITY & everton in the next five gameweeks, he’ll remain firmly on the bench.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Yeah that is exactly what is stopping me even considering Weimann. He’s in my team now, along with Guzan, but only for potential +0.2m’s. And the fact they’ve been generally not great. There’s a few teams coming up that should rip them a new one.

  5. James Ford

    balotelli or van persie? balotelli looked lively the first game, and if i’m assured he will play like that, there is no question, but it’s balotelli! w van persie it’s your classic case of buy low, but w rooney di maria and now falcao in the mix, does that threaten his potential fantasy output? i would like to hear what you guys have to say! thanks.

  6. theultimateandy

    Straight off the bat WC team…

    Moreno Dier Ivanovic
    Sigurdsson Silva Ramsey Fábregas Sterling
    Naismith Diego Costa

    Murphy / Jelavic Chester Hutton

    Moreno is a bandwagon move but they have Villa at home after the break.

    • theultimateandy

      Just wanted to see if I could afford a bunch of top players. Pretty shitty start, only £100.4m in the bank…

  7. gazza

    Krul (Manone)
    Jones – Debuchy – Moreno – (Hutton/Wisdom)
    Sterling – Fabrelous – Ramsey – Siggy (Boyd)
    Costa – Aguero – Welbeck

    -20 hit =/

  8. Louie.K

    When are we likely to see a double GW?

    Torn between using WC or waiting. Generally speaking, using your WC before a double GW is highly advantageous.

  9. Harrison White

    Great article as always, have been forced to play wildcard with hazard potential injury coutinho and bojan no longer starting and with utds signings it seems they are goibg to try and win games 5-4 rather than worrying about defending. So I’ve gone coutinho to sigurdson, hazard to sterling, jones to yoshida and with all that cash plus some I had stored ive gone bojan to costa.
    Team is now;
    Azpilicueta, debuchy, yoshida (Taylor wisdom)
    Ramsey Eriksen (having faith haha) siggy sterling (ward prowse)
    Rooney (c) (bias man utd fan) costa (jovetic)

  10. Ray

    I’m a bit gun shy with this WC, GW3 side –
    Krul (Mannone)
    Jones Baines Dier (Simpson Ward)
    Ramsey Fabregas Siggy Mata (Marney)
    Rooney Costa Naismith

    What would you do?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I don’t rate Krul, Jones and Baines personally. I don’t feel they are great short to medium term (all have poor trending defences) and Dier may not stay in the side when Walker comes back (soon). Simpson has gone to Leicester so not relevant anymore. Ward could come good but Palace need to get their act together quick. There’s too much uncertainty and lack of defensive trends to want to give you precise alternatives, but I do like Spurs, Swansea (after next game), Stoke and maybe Hull (at a push) over the next month or so.

      The rest is pretty good, but who knows what’s going to happen to Mata and Rooney. Both looked out of it against Burnley, more so Mata than Roo. I’m completely leaving Utd alone until I get a grasp of what the hell they are doing over there!

      • Ray

        Thanks for taking the time to think about that for me, lots to consider. I agree my def lacks and just replacing it with the ‘inform’ players isn’t necessarily the answer.

          • Shaun Curnow

            Re Walker’s return, might be bit delayed meaning get onboard Dier..

            #Spurs have confirmed FB Kyle Walker has undergone “lower abdominal surgery” with no timescale on his likley return to first team action

  11. rostie

    Thx Baysie. I am going to stay calm and hold my wildcard. In fact I think I will try and resist trading altogether.
    I am banking on Rooney coming good and hazard recovering in time for next round. Good luck with the WC!

  12. Tjomsss

    Please help me make up my mind!

    Current team:
    De Gea (given)
    Debuchy VanAanholt Chambers Taylor Bartley
    Silva Ramsey Fabregas Sterling Sigurdsson
    Rooney Costa Zamora

    WC Team:
    Mignolet (Gilks)
    Janmaat Clyne Taylor VanAanholt Wisdom
    Silva DiMaria Sterling Sigurdsson Ward-Prowse
    Costa Falcao Welbeck

    0.8 in bank so could upgrade defence!

    Also, who would you choose out of Di Maria and Fabregas (Which I already had from the start so would loose 0.3).

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Like most of your post-WC side and the mids/strikers look similar to what my team could look like it I have the balls to go Falcao AND Welbeck, which is a small chance. Big risk, big balls, big reward, high possibility of failure. Prefer Fab right now, but ask me again in a month haha. He might go up 0.1m again before lock out so you would make a little more if you go ahead with Di Maria later on…….. I would spend all that 0.8m on your defence and keeper. See above for my general thoughts on defensive options.

  13. Louie K

    Those looking at Falcao take note, he’s not much of an assist player. In his last three seasons he has recorded only 4 assists, compared to RVP 21 and Rooney’s 24.

  14. Tsvetomir

    So my WC team goes like this:
    McGregor (Manonne)
    Debuchy, Shawcross, Clichy (Williams, Wisdom)
    Di Maria, Mirallas, Ramsey, Sigurdsson, Sterling
    Welbeck, Costa (Jelavic)
    Any suggestions guys?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      I don’t mind that actually, a bit different which is great to see and has a good balance of risks and steady. I do have worries about Clichy playing every game though? Towards the end of last season he tended to play most of the away games when some sort of defensive mindset was needed, and Kolarov played at home when they wanted to attack… Williams is a pretty good back up however if you’re not concerned with that.

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