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Welcome back to another Q&A! With plenty of action going on this week after transfer deadline day, there’s plenty of new fpl queries to consider. Here’s your questions this week:


LFC qanda

sterling LFC qanda

Nick – Definitely Sterling for me – I have brought him in already for Mata. He has looked simply awesome so far and killed it during pre-season as well. His pace is menacing and he seems to be flourishing even without the presence of Suarez. Not sure he is must have status at the moment, but is verging on it with his current form.

Seags – If he’s not a must have, he’s pretty bloody close. Now Balotelli has signed he’s tucking in to the role just behind the two strikers- and looks pretty dangerous. I’ve already transferred him in for next week. You know the dude has like 5 kids? He’s like 18. Shit’s fucked.

Baysie – No-one is a must have just yet in my opinion, but Sterling is one to seriously consider owning. There are rumours circulating that Sturridge’s injury is worse than first thought which will increase Sterling’s worth even more. He is still young though so expect some lean times… And hope that Mario’s antics don’t rub off on him.

Matt – With the alternatives available, Sturridge is slightly overpriced in my opinion (And also under an injury cloud). There’s no doubting both him and Sterling are the two to consider, Balotelli isn’t worth it for 10.0. I don’t think Sterling is a must have just yet and there are a heap of alternatives, but he’s certainly looking good early. I’m not sure how he’ll fare as we hit the busy Christmas period as well as midweek Champions league fixtures, he is still only 19. For now he looks brilliant value at 8.7 and is well worth the investment. Whilst Sterling himself may not be a must have, I think Liverpool coverage is.

persevere qanda

Nick – I’d say dump Arnautovic, he hasn’t got involved for Stoke at all so far and despite a good run of fixtures there are far better options out there for a similar price. Bony has a tough game against Chelsea this weekend so it might be worthwhile offloading him as well.

Seags – Tough one. You can fuck Arnautovic straight off- the dude isn’t even starting half the time. Bony I’d keep unless I was wildcarding.

Baysie – Bony yes, Arnautovic no. Never really saw the point in Arnautovic to be fair… Swansea are playing really well right now, and after Chelsea next week, have a great run. Bony just needs some luck.

Matt – As everyone has said previously, Arnautovic has to go. Bony on the other hand is a tough one. Swansea have some soft fixtures coming and I think it’s important to have a POD or two in our squads. That being said I think Monk may try to integrate a two striker system, making Bony’s potential more of an unknown. If you’re not wildcarding I suggest you hold, otherwise it will just come back to bite you. hard.

falcao qanda

Nick – Like the newly transitioned players I’d give him time to adapt to the Premier League. Yes he is a goal-scoring machine and his record speaks for itself, but we don’t know how he will fit in at United. With their new additions over the past week it might bring about a change in formation from Van Gaal meaning it’s even more of an uncertainty as to how he will perform. Give him a couple of games to ease into things. But then again, big risk massive reward!

Seags – My heart tells me to bring him in, but my head says “Shut the fuck up Seags you absolute moron- Man United couldn’t score blue meth in Albuquerque.” If you bring him in he’ll be a P.O.D- but can you afford to have both he and Costa without skimping elsewhere? I’d hold.

Baysie – It’s worth strongly considering. It’s rare to see a new player hit the ground running, but this one has a different feeling. Call it a hunch.

Matt – Surely he will come straight into the side, and a home game against QPR makes me nervous not owning him. If you’re keen on him then go for it, I’m more of a long term thinker and I’m not totally convinced with his lack of assist work.

welbeck qanda

Nick – Despite the criticism he has been getting since he moved to the Gunners I actually think it’s a pretty decent piece of business. He was wasted out wide when playing at United and his goal scoring record is actually pretty decent, even despite not playing in his favoured position. Now with Giroud out and Sanogo being shit, Welbeck will be the main man at Arsenal and potentially will flourish with the likes of Ozil and Sanchez feeding him through balls. This transfer has the potential to turn into a Daniel Sturridge-like situation where the player moves from one club where he was struggling to get game time to another and succeeds straight away. Don’t write him off.

Seags – Ok so here’s what I don’t get about Welbeck. If I took a steaming shit in a desert and offered it to you would you want it? No. Say I took a steaming shit in a bowl full of cinnamon. Would you want it then? No. My point? A change of scenery shouldn’t change the fact that I’ve just offered you a steaming pile of shit. God I’m going to look stupid if Welbeck dominates.

Baysie – Has all the tools to be a success in this team. He’s never really had a decent run as the main striker since Sunderland, and has nearly always been playing on a wing so looking at his stats is a complete waste of time. If Giroud can score goals in this Arsenal team, Welbeck definitely can… It feels like a good fit.

Matt – I’m confident he’s going to shut the doubters up and leave Man United regretting this decision in the future. Arsenal are building a strong core of young English players at the club, if they all get along well they could have a lot of success together. Having said that, I don’t think he’s going to walk through the door and be an instant superstar. Watchlist for me.

ben arfa qanda

 (See Welbeck above)

Nick – I wouldn’t get them in straight away, but putting them on the watchlist and watching them closely can’t do any harm. Monitor their form & influence for the team they’re playing at over the next 2-3 games and if they’re looking good then don’t be afraid to pull the trigger. Just on that, don’t get into a false sense of security if one of the newly transferred players scores in the first game next weekend – it might be a one off!

Seags – I’d be waiting to see what sort of state Ben Arfa was in. He was training with the paralympic side at Newcastle so I’d expect him to be rusty. He’s never going to be consistent either- his scoring chart looks as consistent as Malaysia Airlines’ air traffic control.

Baysie – Ah Ben Arfa… Sometime you love ’em, sometimes you… He was pretty damn good back when Pardew played him, it’s hard to know if Hull have picked up damaged goods or not because he hasn’t played in a long time. To think a player of his huge talent couldn’t find a full transfer somewhere and the best loan deal he could get was Hull (no disrespect). I’ve got concerns over his fitness at the moment so he’s not going to find a way into my team. 5.8m is an awkward price too. Watch closely.

Matt – I wouldn’t go near Ben Arfa at the moment, he looks too fragile and Hull have bolstered their squad considerably. I’ll be completing a wrap of the deadline day transfers next week, but at this stage I’m not sure there’s too much to get excited about, outside of Man United that is.

mata or eriksen qanda

Nick – Mata for me. With a formation change likely to occur his position is somewhat in jeopardy with the vast options Van Gaal has going forward. Eriksen has got off to a slow start but has job security well and truly on his side.

Seags – Mata out- Sterling in.

Baysie – No idea what’s going on over at Man Utd. It’s a perfect storm of new gaffer, new system and new team. It could go 2 very different ways… At a push I would say Erik out, Sterling in. Mata has been poor but good players tend to like playing with other good players and the extra competition might spur him on.

Matt – I’ve been an advocate for holding Eriksen, but he had a shocker against Liverpool. That being said, Mata could find himself on the outer as they try to fit Di Maria, Falcao, RVP and Rooney into the same team. How a team with one of the most disorganised defences in the league manage to think outcasting a player of Mata’s quality is more urgent is beyond me. I think Mata has to go with all the uncertainty (At best I think he can play on a wing), but Eriksen is just about on his last chance. If you have Costa, go for Sterling. If not, Fabregas.

rooney qanda

Nick – If you’ve wildcarded – definitely. If you haven’t used your free transfer – yes. If you’ve already used your free transfer – no. Not worth taking a hit to get him out but if you have the luxury then I’d say yes. More attacking options means Rooney may well be shifted to a position that he historically doesn’t score well in. Don’t be too worried if you hold though, a home game against a hapless QPR may well be just what United need.

Seags – If you’ve got no worries elsewhere- why not. Just don’t blame me when he nails a couple of cheapies…

Baysie – Still no idea. It’s hard to believe he won’t be an integral part of this team it’s just where is the unknown. Could he play full time midfield? He’s got the skill set…

Matt – With RVP and Falcao around to play up front (And that’s if they stick with a 3-5-2) I can see Rooney shifting into a central midfield role. Who knows how he feels about the matter, but at the end of the day it means very little. We selected him on the basis that he would be playing as a striker, I’m not sure I’d want to waste 10.5 on him if he’s not playing up front. Agree with Nick, if it’s a free transfer then go for it, but don’t take a hit with QPR at home to come.

There you have it guys, hopefully this clears a few things up! Be sure to monitor your squads fitness over the international break, with a few popular picks sure to get some kind of niggle (Sturridge and Costa rumours have already begun). We’ll be bringing you guys a deadline day wrap plus a review on a new look Manchester United over the next week. We’ll also have the fitness wrap up after the international games have been completed, before we turn our focus onto GW4 late next week! Time to endure a weekend without football…


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83 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 3

  1. Hero

    Great work lads. Gal so looks the goods but only playing 3 games after a knee reconstruction has to make anybody nervous bout spending that sort of cash. I plan on holding Rooney as I think Falcao will be eased in to the epl. I like the look of Welbeck at arsenal as I think he will be spoon fed goals. Don’t like him enough to trade him straight in tho haha

  2. louiek78

    Great read guys as always.

    I’ve pulled the trigger on the WC and now have a front three of Costa, Balotelli and Pelle. Too risky?

    Got Balo in as Sturridge looks like being out for a few weeks. Other option is to bring Rooney back in Balo’s place.

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I’d have to say it is a massive risk. Not a big fan of Balo but if Sturridge is indeed injured, he may not be a bad punt. As risky a pick as you can find! Pelle hasn’t convinced, but there’s not much else going in the mid price range

      • louiek78

        Only reason Balo is there is that Sturridge could be out for 4 weeks.

        You’re right about the mid range striker too. In saying that, Southampton have a dream run coming up and Pelle plays the central role. Obviously not proven in the EPL yet, but he has is a prolific goalscoring record.

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Quality yet again guys, all on the ball.

    Feel a bit left out with all these questions regarding the WC…

  4. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    I can’t be the only one here who spams the ‘refresh’ button on my keyboard until a new article comes out!

    I too have held my wildcard, because I think my team isn’t that bad at all, and that using it wouldn’t be justifiable. I’m going to wait for a dgw.

    Quick question, if you don’t use your wildcard by the end of december/start of january when you get a new one, will you have two?



  5. Marty White

    3 weeks in and I am bored senseless by the dynamics of FPL. Everyone already has more or less the same team and the pricing formula means that any bandwagon can be jumped on easily by anyone.

    So I am just gonna go completely off line and get a team of complete differentials. This is my watchlist so far (on WC currently) so please add any good names you can think of that have low ownership and good potential.

    Hart Sczezny

    Zabaleta, Mertesacker, Jagielka, Fonte, O’Brien, Senderos,

    Gerrard, Yaya, Ozil, A. Johnson, Henderson, Matic, Huddlestone, Cabella, Tadic, Barton

    Dzeko, Welbeck, Etoo, Adebayor, Bony

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      I agree it’s been a strange start to the season in that only a few players are hitting form, and they’re all affordable. I’m sure the tide will turn quickly once a few popular options slow down, whilst more expensive guys like Hazard/Sanchez/Aguero hit form. I think the lack of performing mid pricers (so far) is forcing everybody into similar stuctures

  6. Holly

    Hey guys, I’m thinking of using my wildcard. What do you guys think to taking out Sigurdsson, Silva, Mata, Ramsay, Rooney, Jovetic & Vaz Te and then putting in Sterling, Di Maria, Chadli, Costa, Balotelli & Falcao. I didn’t want to get rid of Sigurdsson but with Swansea having Chelsea at home I don’t expect them to get many points. Was a bit unsure about Falcao because he might not get a full 90 mins against QPR and he’s unproven in the Prem. It’s either that or Welbeck and then sticking Ramsay back in for Chadli??

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Sigurdsson out? Stop there. Pause. Rethink. The fact that Chadli would replace him could make it the most regrettable transfer of all time. Why take out Ramsey again? I don’t think you need to trade in the first place. Perhaps Jovetic swap to Dzeko if he is indeed injured. Wait for press conferences

      • Holly

        Lol some good points. Will be using my wildcard though as I’m desperate to stick Sterling & Di Maria in there. I’ve already got Sigurdsson & Fabregas and want to get rid of Rooney seeing as he doesn’t seem to be a certainty anymore & he might be playing deeper. I’m thinking Falcao, Naismith & Balotelli now upfront. Unless Costa isn’t injured in which case I might put him in instead of Falcao. Having Naismith in leaves me a lot of money for the last spot in my midfield, do I go for Ramsay still though he’s now a doubt or go for Lamela/Sanchez? Nobody seems to be convinced by Welbeck especially with his fixtures coming up so think I’ll leave him out for now

  7. RhydianL

    Good stuff guys.
    I’m convinced that Welbeck will be successful at Arsenal and will get him in at some point but looking at Arsenals upcoming fixtures (Man City, Villa, Spurs, Chelsea) it’s really not looking good. Is it worth taking the punt seeing as he’s the only striker, or wait until after the Chelsea GW?

  8. Hero

    Vertonghen, Jones, Chester
    Sigurdsson, Ramsey, Hazard, Sterling Bojan, Diego Costa, Rooney

    Mannone,Wisdom,Debuchy, Marney

    Haven’t wildcarded as I think it looks alright. Rodney’s possible new role worries me but his fixtures are too good to swap him out. Obviously Debuchy is on the best for the city game.

    • louiek78

      Jovetic, Costa, Jones and Sturridge all injury concerns. Hazard is also flagged but he’ll definitely play.

      My concern with Costa is the possibility of starting games as the sub now they have Remy. May not happen this week but with CL football around the corner it’s a real possibility.

  9. theultimateandy

    So Welbeck can score goals! Arsenal have a tough run coming up though. City, Villa, Spurs and Chelsea. But after that it’s looking pretty good, Hull, Burnley and Swansea.

    Wonder will he be a popular buy and if his price will go up. I have some spare cash so he’s definitely on my bench for the City game.

        • mattcraigdt Post Author

          Sterling looks seriously good at the moment. Fab seems a reliable source of points as well but I like to have coverage between the big teams. Silva just isn’t consistent enough for me but if you don’t have Aguero then strongly consider him. Di Maria has the potential to be huge also. Can’t really pick which one is ‘the best’, it just depends on what coverage you have in your squad

          • louiek78

            I’ve already traded Sterling into my WC side – that was a no brainer given his form line.

            Was thinking Lamela for the next two GW and then to Silva after that (City play Arsenal and Chelsea).

            If I go Fab I won’t have the funds to go Rooney to Folcao if the latter fires immediately.

  10. Colin

    I’m assuming you selected Krul and Mannone to take advantage of their complimentary home/away rotation throughout the season. I think GW4 is a little early to discard that strategy irrespective of how well or how poor either team’s form is currently.

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