In Round Discussion – GW4

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Costa… What can you do. It would be bloody fantastic if we could get some clarity on his fitness, but I guess that’s just fpl. Well done to those who were brave enough to captain him! Feel free to discuss all the rounds action right here…

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  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Well fuck me… Rooney to Costa? Should I do it? πŸ™
    And I trade in Sterling for a benching, perfect <3

    • tigermania78

      how can you not have costa. Did you believe Mourinho 2 weeks ago and got rid of him because we all thought he was injured?

  2. Conventional Wisdom

    Kept Costa. Gave Rooney armband. That’s at least 17-20 points foregone, pending Rooney. Dropped Mata for Sterling; hope that works out better next week.

  3. Dan

    Sigh…Sterling as Captain πŸ™

    Was having a half decent week otherwise….
    Sanchez, Ramsay, Adebeyor and a sneaky CS from Moore.

    44 with Rooney and Chester to play. My defence needs a massive amount of work.

    • Colin - Tucana111548

      If Sterling plays against Ludogorets midweek, how sure can we be about him starting against West Ham on Saturday? Surely Rodgers won’t make the same mistake again?

        • Ryan

          Liverpool with no Sturridge and Sterling looked like half a team against Villa, those two playing 90 mins each and we would have easily got the three points.

  4. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    I swear this is probably my best week ever! I chose not to play the wild card and only made one change (Mata to Cattermole). I was kind of expecting to get smashed by all the people who played theirs, but thanks to captain Costa, I’ve knocked up 74 points with Rooney and De Gea to play. Baines paid off, my sneaky pick of Fonte worked, Fabregas was fabrelous, Ramsey got on the board and even Ward-Prowse chipped in with an assist off the bench. The only people who didn’t contribute were Naismith, Siggy and Dier.

    I’m now 39k (best ever) and more importantly, I’m currently occupying top spot of the Addicts cash league πŸ˜‰

    • louiek78

      I’m asking myslef the same question. He could have 3 assists yesterday but he finished with only 2 points. It was the best two point game I’ve ever seen but at the end of the day we got nothing for it.

      It looks like the arrival of Fabregas and Costa will keep his scores down this season. At 10.0 he isn’t producing the goods.

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Shit week and it makes me want to knee jerk a -8 out.
    Debuchy to Chambers, De Jong to Ward-Prowse and Rivière to Costa.
    Think I might keep Rooney for now.
    Actually considering this as a real option and Costa rising so quick :/

    • Colin - Tucana111548

      Balotelli could go big against West Ham. On the other hand he could wander the pitch aimlessly, without effort or enthusiasm like he did against Villa.

      • theultimateandy

        Yeah I’m thinking I’m gonna drop him now in case he goes down in price. And at this stage Fab is a must have. Once I make the change I know Balotelli will get a hat trick and Fab will get a red card…

  6. Dan

    This has gotta be up there as my most costly transfer ever….

    Mata>Sterling (for a hit)…13-1=12 points down. +4 for the hit makes it 16. I then stupidly changed captain off Rooney to Sterling (10-1) so add another 9. Total cost of transfer = 25 points!!


  7. rostie

    Hi guys. Liverpool….oh dear.
    Looking to downgrade Moreno to cheap D5 with good job security for cash. What are people’s thoughts re: Duff or Hutton?

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