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Welcome back to another edition of Q&A, here are your question for this week!

burnley leicester qanda

Nick – Yes they’ve been in decent form over the last couple of weeks but as a newly promoted team it would not be expected for them to keep this up. Reckon there are more solid options out there. Like Southampton at the minute. Personally I’ve dumped my Chelsea coverage, they just don’t seem to be as tight at the back as last campaign, reassess in a few weeks/months but for the meantime I believe its time to dump.

Seags – Starting with a burnley and leicester defence is like pissing with the toilet seat down. It’s riddled with disaster, but if you can pull it off you feel like a god amongst men. Chelsea’s defence will settle, that’s for sure- but if you’re wildcarding I wouldn’t include any Chelsea defenders.

Baysie – No on both Burnley and Leicester. Great for a D5 spot but not going to be reliable long term. I would say yes to getting rid of Chelsea defenders. It seems the trend will be for Chelsea to give more time to attacking than defending. Don’t forget they weren’t great at the start of last season (from memory) before they tightened up just before Christmas and became relevant.

Matt – Funnily enough I have a member of both Leicester and Burnley’s defence. I’ve gone for 2 big hitters and a 4.0 rotation as I don’t trust mid-tier clubs, it worked well this week. Don’t expect them to keep it up though.

debuchy qanda

Nick – Why not go Chambers? Will have the RB position sewn up for at least a few months and is only priced at 4.5m. Arsenal had the equal best defence last campaign – Clyne also a good option but Chambers allows for a small cash grab as well.

Seags – I’d go cheap. Hutton, Duff, Senderos etc are all bargain priced and scoring ok. Clyne is a solid option but I’d wanna save me some kasheesh to splurge on booze and strippers. I’ll save the extra £0.5 for a happy ending.

Baysie – Yeah Clyne is probably a good call, or Bertrand as a POD? I’d throw in Williams as well.

Matt – I like Clyne, but Bertrand should also be considered. Chambers is certainly one to consider, but Arsenal’s short term fixtures put me off. Not to mention their defending is currently sh*t.

chambers qanda

Nick – Yep. So much so that with my wildcard being activated this week, due to my bloody shit team, I have brought him in. Like I mentioned above, will be Arsenal’s RB of choice until Debuchy returns meaning at 4.5m he’s a great way into last years equal best defence.

Seags – I would have, if Arsenal hadn’t failed to keep a clean sheet in 4 games. I’m not expecting that to continue though- but in picking him you’d be wanting Arsenal to sort their shit out and stop being special needs children down back.

Baysie – Yes, but “strong” is a strong word. Arsenal are horrible in defence, but I’ve invested in Chambers with the hope they can turn it around.

Matt – As I said, Arsenal’s fixtures and defensive woes have me avoiding for now. After the international break they are worth another look, that is if we haven’t resorted to the U18’s as defensive coverage for our injuries.

order the mids qanda


This is pure performance and form, nothing to do with price:

  1. Fab
  2. Di Maria
  3. Sterling
  4. Hazard
  5. Sigurdsson
  6. Silva


1. Fabregas
2. Hazard
3. ADM
4. Sterling
5. Silva
6. Sigurdsson
69. Peter Crouch’s missus.

Baysie – Ah man… Ok.

1.Di Maria.
2. Silva.
3. Fab.
4. Sterling.
5. Hazard.
6. Siggy.


1. Di Maria
2. Fabregas
3. Hazard
4. Sterling
5. Silva
6. Sigurdsson

who to bench qanda

Nick – Tough one. Probably Naismith… but only just…. Even he looks enticing with a home game against Palace.

Seags – Naismith. The dude is bound to slow down soon. Nice team though if that’s your dilemma!

Baysie – Naismith. If he had more shots on goal I would be all over him but he’s just done extremely well from limited opportunities.

Matt – This is exactly why I hate owning 8 attacking players that can all start. Yes it creates depth, but it also creates headaches and invariably ends in tears and “what ifs”. Of this lot I’d drop Tadic this week. Lottery between him and Naismith though.

pelle qanda

Nick – Really like the look of him and really like the look of Southampton. Koeman has done a fantastic job so far and both Pelle and Tadic have profited from it. Current form suggests he’s a fantastic option. Would probably only be my F3 though, not F2.

Seags – He’s good, but again there’s cheaper options like Ulloa and Weimann doing just as well. If you don’t need to save the cash though get him, Southampton actually look pretty decent this year. Who needs Lallana, Lambert, Chambers, Shaw and Lovren hey?

Baysie – Pretty good. Like as a F3, maybe not F2. Southampton have a sweet run for the next couple of months and look like scoring in most if not all.

Matt – Where have all the haters gone? The Saints are on fire, and their fixtures aren’t getting any tougher.  Certainly get him if it fits your structure, perhaps don’t go chasing him.

So there you have it, hopefully that has answered some of the popular queries! Unfortunately I had another exam this afternoon, so the captains will be delayed until Saturday morning/lunchtime. Nick has his AFL grand final to worry about so there will be no news wrap this week, be sure to follow us on twitter for the latest updates regarding team news. Bring on the weekend!


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7 comments on “Q&A – GW4

  1. Shikhar

    Welbeck or Pelle as as the third striker option? Welbeck’s performance was nowhere near convincing in the champions league but surely this can’t continue with the kind of midfield service he has at arsenal!!

  2. Farkos

    Great article guys, definitely answered the most pressing questions this week. I haven’t used my wildcard yet and there are 4 changes that I would like to make to my team over the coming weeks, which are:
    Hazard – Fab, Rooney – Pelle, Mata – Di Maria, Naismith – Welbeck.
    My question is how should I go about making these transfers, would I be better off wildcarding and doing all 4 next week, or should I do 2 a week for 2 x -4’s, or just stick with 1 a week and keep my wildcard and all of my points?

      • Farkos

        Thanks for the advice and I understand your point, but I need to do the other two to free up the cash to get Fab + Di Maria so it’s a bit of a dilemma haha

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