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Apologies for the lack of posts midweek guys, me and Seags have been tied down! Never fear, our Q&A is here to be followed by the captains later on today. Here are your questions for the upcoming gameweek:

ulloa qanda


Matt – If you’re in need of a cheap forward, he looks the best option. Leicester are a quality team, and their fixtures are starting to clear up. Having said that even their tough fixtures haven’t stopped them banging in the goals! I’ve brought in Nugent this week, I think he’s about to hit a run of form, but Ulloa looks gold as well. Reminder that he doesn’t take that last penalty if Nugent is on the field.

Baysie – This was always going to be the problem when you go for a cheapie as F3, you start clutching at any sort of form shown by fellow cheapies… Yeah he’s gone 5 from 5, but he won’t keep this up and all you’re doing is chasing points.

Nick – Looks in handy form at the moment! 5 in 5 is pretty decent for a newbie to the Premier League. I’m a bit the same, looks in good form but the fact that he plays for a promoted team is worrying. It pretty much comes down to whether Leicester can keep up their good form. As a newly promoted team the short answer is no, but they are looking good. Games against Crystal Palace, Burnley, Newcastle and Swansea in the next four are certainly enticing. I don’t have the gonads to bring him in but it certainly could be a move that turns out being a master stroke!

Seags – I like him. Yes- he looks like a rapist, but that’s fine because he’s innocent until proven guilty right?

sakho qanda

Matt – I’m going to stick by my Nugent call with Leicester’s fixtures, but you may be best to leave me alone on that one as it will inevitably go to shit. Ulloa is the top pick, but I do like the look of Sakho. Just because he looks good doesn’t mean he will be fpl worthy, and I think just like Berahino and co. he will be too inconsistent to own.

Baysie – Below £6m? Nothing. Find the extra £0.1m and get Jelavic or upgrade to someone decent.

Nick – Similar to above, Ulloa looks good but comes with a huge risk. Jelavic is also in handy form. Would say Sakho is probably in their best XI, certainly while Carroll is out. Agbonlahor for a risky option – mind you Villa’s fixtures are shocking!

Seags – Sakho I’m unsure on- I still would prefer Ulloa or even Weimann up front. Apparently he was shitting through the eye of a needle last week which is why he was subbed- he threw up in the tunnel at half time.

pelle ulloa qanda

Matt – If you can get him straight to Pelle then I say yes. If not I say keep Jelavic, at least until Ulloa bangs the door down with goals and makes it a no brainer.

Baysie – Like Pelle. Leads the EPL for shots and shots inside the box BUT Jelavic may have found his firestarter in that goal. I’ve always been a big fan of Jelly and I reckon he will go on a run at some stage, he just needs a confidence booster. That goal may have been it. Horrible fixtures though! If the rest of your team is fine then I would do the trade to Pelle. Or maybe some bloke called Daniel Welbeck? Don’t worry about fixtures when it comes to Arsenal. He goes alright. So yeah no to Ulloa.

Nick – Difficult one, more of a luxury trade than anything else. Jelavic is playing well but if you’re hell-bent on dumping him I’d go Pelle. Purely because Southampton are looking the better team.

Seags – Ulloa. There’s a huge amount of people worried about F3 it seems. FUN FACT: Hit F3 in Microsoft word and it’ll open up a search bar. #ComputerTipswithSeags

wisdom or chadli qanda

Matt – I’m starting Wisdom as Burnley are a shambles going forward, but I guess they have to score at some point. Don’t they? I don’t rate Chadli in the slightest and I’m not sure he will score, but then again if you’re paying over 6 for him you play him over a West Brom defender.

Baysie – Chadli… Burnley WILL score!

Nick – Chadli for me.

Seags – Chadli. Like a woman that hasn’t bled for 25 days, Tottenham and he are due.

southampton qanda

Matt – In all honesty not the worst idea at the moment, there’s not many other mid table clubs looking that solid. Their fixtures make it plausible for the next 5-6 weeks. Clyne is definitely the one to have.

Baysie – Picking defenders seems to be up to chance so far this season, except Southampton seem like a good bet. I’ve heard of worse ideas!

Nick – Don’t mind a Keeper and a Defender – not sure two Southampton Defenders are viable at this stage. Could be down the track though!

Seags – No. They are this seasons bolters it seems, and there is no way they will keep this up. They’re yet to face a really stern test and I expect them to crumble when they do. That said I’d be inClyned to start Nathaniel down back. Supreme attacking potential, with a shit haircut to boot.

sigurdsson lol qanda

Matt – I laughed at this question, so we’re going to make sure anyone who was thinking the same can relax. Who would you even trade him to at that price? 2 quiet weeks for the fpl pick of the season and it’s time to go?! He’s in a quality team in a great position and is in career best form. Hold, hold, hold!

Baysie – Yeah go on, trade him out. I dare you. Next…

Nick – Just because he doesn’t produce week-in week-out doesn’t mean you need to dump him! After all he was priced at 6.0m for a reason! No need to transfer him. Swansea are looking good at this stage – plus he scored in the Capital One Cup during the week. HOLD.

Seags – Take yourself down to the horse mortuary and turn yourself into glue. It’ll save me the petrol money.

keepers qanda

Matt – I was running the Krul/Mannone partnership, that was before I realised Newcastle were actually just plain rubbish. I dumped Krul leaving me with just Mannone to carry the flag, and to be honest I don’t think it’s going to cost me too much. Sure he won’t get as many clean sheets as some, but when he does (like last week) he often hauls in 8-10 points. Forster is the other option I would consider.

Baysie – You can throw the rotation of keepers out the window imho. Pick one to back in for a month or two and a cheapie to warm the bench, and use the money elsewhere. It feels like a goalscoring season so try not to go too expensive. Forster for mine, or Begovic at a push.

Nick – Before I wildcarded I had the Krul/Mannone combo but Newcastle are looking shite so I changed it up. I personally don’t really rate the cheaper options, unless its due to funds, because they’re so unreliable. Mind you Burnley are looking half decent at the minute so rocking a Burnley/Sunderland combo could have it’s benefits. Personally I’d probably look to go the midpricers – your Begovic’s/Forster’s/Lloris’ etc etc.

Seags – Personally I’m a fan of Hull’s defence. At home they tend to be tighter than a Nun at Christmas so I’m willing to back McGregor as one of my goalie slots. As for the others- it’s a lottery. Mid table teams like Stoke in 2010-2012 don’t grow on trees anymore, so CS are hard to come by.

So there you have it, there’s plenty more to come! The News Wrap and captains will be on the way before deadline as we build up to gameweek 6. Good luck trading!


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13 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 6

  1. brandonpietie

    What you guys think… Im stuggling to decide. From Southhampton I have, Clyne, Pelle, and Schneiderlin. They playing a rather WEAK QPR at home, and then I have Ulloa who is playing CP away.

    My conundrum is, bench to Schneiderlin or Ulloa?

    My Team looks like this:

    Foster (Mannone)
    Dawson, Clyne, Shawcross (Moore, Tripper)
    ADM, Fab, Ozil, Sterling (Schneiderlin?)
    Costa, Pelle(C), Ulloa?.

  2. Holly

    haha my mental Sigurdsson question got published! 🙂 I guess it got the response it deserved. Have a midfield and attack of Sigs, Fab, Sterling, Di Maria, Chadli, Welbeck, Costa & Falcao so I shouldn’t touch it really! I am a little concerned by the amount of playing time Sigs & Sterling got in the League Cup during the week though. Does anyone think this will affect their chances of playing at the weekend? Can’t decide whether to take perhaps Sterling out for now and transferring him out for perhaps Schneiderlin, Silva or Ramsay. Or even taking Falcao out and replacing him with Aguero for now??

  3. David G

    I started with and still have Forster Green combo at GK. Forster has been solid & Green has some good fixtures when Forster has some tough ones.

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