The Captains – GW6

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Let’s get stuck into this weeks captaincy options, and there’s plenty to pick from a huge Saturday of football.

The Contenders:

The London derby is undoubtedly going to be jam packed with entertainment, and this fixture usually spells goals. Considering Tottenham’s current form, the  goals seem more likely to be coming from the players in red. Whilst they’re great options to have this week, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to captain their stars with such up and down form. Welbeck, Sanchez and Ozil should all play their parts, but I’m not confident to make any of them captain.

Southampton are a team at the top of their game, and a home game against QPR should see them winning comfortably. Am I ready to suggest their players as captain? Pelle was mighty close this week, and if you’re a risk taker then he is definitely worth a shout. Otherwise I would continue to play it safe for now.

With Liverpool and Everton’s shady form, this one should be an open affair. Merseyside derbies are always good for a few goals and plenty of cards, so expect something similar once again. Sterling is the obvious choice from the Reds, but he did play 120 minutes midweek. Balotelli, well just no. Lukaku loves the big stage and is a great shout to get on the scoresheet, but I wouldn’t be brave enough to take the big C off my number 1 pick for him.

I said don’t underestimate Swansea for the last Chelsea home game, and look how that turned out. Basically, throw Aston Villa’s form out the window, Chelsea are looking too good. Fabregas has to be a serious shout this week, but would I take him over his teammate? No way. Hazard is one for the gamblers, but perhaps owning him is good enough as a differential.

I wish Man City’s form was a lot better than it is, and thus I can see this being a tough game for them. Hull are strong defensively at home, and will make it tough for City’s playmakers to get much room. Silva scored and was man of the match in this fixture last season, so he’s worthy of consideration.

Top 3:

1. Costa – Is anyone really brave enough to gamble without having the armband on this guy? It would take some big kahunas. He is yet to fail in front of his home fans and I can’t see that changing this week. Chelsea will dominate the game and he will get chances. He doesn’t need many chances.

2. Di Maria – Overlooking the no brainer of the week, there are some great options elsewhere, and they’re mainly situated in United’s attack. Di Maria has been superb since joining the Red devils, and a home game against West Ham could spell plenty of goals and chances created. It’s hard not to see Di Maria getting amongst it again this week, surely he will play the full 90 this time Van Gaal!!!

3. Rooney – Luckily United’s defence has no bearing on the prospects of guys like Rooney and Di Maria, it only means they need to score more goals! West Ham’s defence has been hardly solid this season and Rooney should capatilise once again. He loves playing the hammers, scoring that wonder volley from halfway last season. A great captaincy option this week.

The Punt:

Aguero – I’m just sitting here waiting for him to explode, and it’s going to happen soon in one way or another. By that I mean he will score 15+ points, or he will get injured yet again and I will explode myself. With another Champions league match around the corner, game time is an issue. Having missed their midweek cup game there was a slight injury concern, but that’s been played down and he will be fit to play. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he goes huge, but there’s obvious risks surrounding him.

That’s me done for the week, make sure you check out Nick’s news wrap to keep up to date with all the team news ahead of GW6. Good luck!

13 comments on “The Captains – GW6

  1. Colin Tucana111548

    If i captain Costa he’ll get rested or not play the full 90 minutes and if I captain ADM, Costa will score a hatrick.

  2. Rakshit

    Being a die hard Argentina fan, I just absolutely adore Sergio Aguero. He is probably my favorite player in the World after Messi. Hope he totally kills it this week.

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