Studs Up – GW6

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Not a huge scoring week from an FPL point of view, but it was a great week for football. Some really good games, and better goals, made for some good watching. I took my first hit for the season, aaaaaand it didn’t work. Don’t do it kids…


 * Get in *


Goals. Some absolute crackers this round… Hard to pick the best. Jags has a sentimental feeling about it, but you can’t deny the quality. Austin’s was a bit special. His first touch to tee himself up with his right, only to turn and crash a volley home with his left. Just wow. Pelle’s could have been even better however. Similar to Austin’s he tee’d himself up but finished with a inch perfect bicycle kick. Gerrard’s gets credit. The problem is we see these sort of free kicks on a weekly basis, you start to get desensitised to them! Both of Dzeko’s goals shouldn’t go unmentioned. The first one was a sublime finish from outside the box, curled into the top corner. His second was much harder than he made it look. Going away from goal, left foot far corner… Mangala? Some finish.

Chadli. We should give this guy some credit. A midpriced midfielder could come in really handy and Chadli could be that man? Or this could just be one of those runs that will see him to disappear back into mediocrity before you realise he exists. Now scored 4 in 5, but in all honesty, he hasn’t played that well he’s just popped up for a goal or 4. I know you’re thinking what does that matter, but I’d prefer a player playing well and scoring, than one who is just getting by. The luck runs out when you’re not creating your own.

Southampton. The train keeps rolling! Granted it was against a subpar QPR but they can only beat who they face. Much bigger test this week against an up and down Spurs side. But Spurs are playing midweek, we remember what happened last Europa League week? Both Spurs and Everton were beat at home, to WBA and Palace respectively. Then there’s Sunderland and Stoke at home for Southampton, and a nice run up until the end of November. Probably should get some defensive cover for this period, and it’s hard to go past Clyne and/or Bertrand. Yes, “and/or”…

Predictability. Some results this week we could have all picked. City and United both win, as does Chelsea, and both derbies end in draws. Only one cleansheet amongst them all unfortunately, and that was by Chelsea versus an impotent Villa side.  All the promoted teams get beat. This week, City play Villa which could be anything (cue 1-0 win). Liverpool will be pissed at losing 2 points and will be looking to tear West Brom apart. A Mario goal is a good bet. And then there’s Super Sunday with a Rooneyless United hosting Everton and Arsenal catching the train to Chelsea for a blockbuster. You wouldn’t be dead for quids…

Honourable mentions; Falcao dining at the assist buffet, Super Frank again (and celebrating), the community getting behind a Stoke cleanie and theultimateandy getting the beers in.


 * Cooked *


MIA. Quite a few popular players are going to be missing in action! Rooney will be on an enforced 3 week holiday for his stupid challenge. Wayne, we’ve all wanted to kick Stewart Downing at least once in our lives but there’s a time and a place… Ramsey’s done himself a mischief against Spurs and has been a confirmed out for their huge game against Chelsea and then up to a month more. Mirallas seems popular, he could be out for a month too. Vlaar missed this week, and could miss at least one more. Add them to a long list of highly discussed preseason options or last season’s stars in Sturridge, Debuchy, Giroud, Jovetic, Nasri, Jones, Coleman, Ward-Prowse, Barkley, Walker, De Jong, Snods, Walcott, Cameron, Benteke… And we’ve still got European footy midweek to deal with… Carnage. Arsenal and United in particular are really struggling… Arsenal didn’t have a defence for their previous Champions League game, this week they don’t have a midfield! There’s some good news United fans however… Fellaini is back.

Swansea. They seem like they’ve gone off the boil since Chelsea slapped them a few weeks back… They’ve gone back to back games without scoring yes, but they don’t even look like scoring. One shot on target this week away to Sunderland, and only two last week at home. Not great… Time to get off their attacking assets? Nah, they’ve got half decent games up until GW10. Definitely keep their defenders, they’ve only conceded once since the Chelsea game.

Midfielders. They didn’t do the job this week! I always cringe when I see FPL teams starting with 5 mids as they tend to have more quiet weeks than strikers, or at least it feels that way. Out of the top 20 scoring mids this week, 16 were classed as PODs based on the universally accepted “less than 5.0% ownership” guide. Don’t want to see any knee jerks trades…

Rodgers. Whinging about not getting the penalty when Everton should have had one a few minutes earlier. Behave. Take the good with the bad.

Honourable mentions; Mario’s 18 shots so far for no goals, some were harder to miss… A lot were from 40 years out; Rooney’s challenge, again; Me not getting on WBAvBUR over 2.5 goals; Burnley are cooked.

Ryan Bennett Award – Craig Dawson. He scored 28 points last season, 2 the season before and 14 the one before that… He’s got 27 already.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Graham Dorrans. The epitome of why this award was first created. Dorrans has always been a very talented and creative player, it’s just that he plays for West Brom. He’s capable though, a goal and 2 assists against the soon to be relegated Burnely side proves that. Still no.

Jamie Vardy Award – Saido Berahino. This season follows the perfect “Vardy Trend” (patent pending)… 13,2,2,2,2,12. When he learns some consistency he’ll be a cracker. He hasn’t learnt it yet.

For those interested, the A League kicks off shortly and we’ve got a couple of leagues up and running for those Fantasy tragics… The Fox Sports version code is 2755-586 and there’s also an official version with a code of YY7AA7SZ. That one actually looks pretty good, but no doubt we’ll all join both! There’s also a Real Dreamteam version but it only allows 12 teams per league and I don’t feel like being a prick and trying to squeeze us all in.

Links below…

Fox Sports

Official one


See you there!

35 comments on “Studs Up – GW6

  1. Conventional Wisdom

    Wildcard played. Worst week of season, roughly 55-60 percent of points in previous weeks. Did it to bring in Fab and DiM before prices went too high. Dropped Ramsey in time. Now must drop Rooney. Thinking Pelle with money in the bank to spend on back line. Benteke back soon. Hmmm.

  2. Go You Gunners

    Cheers Bays 😀 In what order would you shaft Ramsey, Kompany and Moreno? Also, anyone know why Pieters didn’t play? D:

  3. N1qQ45 4R3K1nG5

    Great work John! West Brom taking the triple treat this week was no surprise, another five weeks and a double from Berahino until that happens… 🙂

    Wildcard in play this week after a shocking result and a front three of Aguero, Costa and Sakho has me thinking why I didn’t play it earlier.

  4. Shaun Curnow

    Nice work mate…. But what a horrible, horrible week.. Yet another one to just put in back of memory and move on from. Surprisingly my 45 saw me rise upto 47K overall. Not sure how but i’ll take it i guess.

  5. Sam

    Worth taking an -8 point hit to bring back in Costa (for Welbeck)? Would be also gaining Sakho for Jelavic, and Cattermole (as bench fodder who plays) for Zaha. Leaves me with exactly 0.0m…

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Honestly… No I don’t think so. I’m a little spooked by Costa’s ongoing hamstring problem (if it exists at all) and his inability to train at all (apparently). At some stage something will give, especially with having to play Champions League too. I can probably get him in his week too but I’m going to pass him over. And anyway, Jelavic has scored 3 in 5 and Welbeck should’ve scored on the weekend?

      • Sam

        Yeah I know, and I’ve never been one to want to chase points and take big hits, but I just feel he is too good to not have… I rate Jelavic highly also. And Welbeck could be/do anything…

  6. Michael

    Swansea scored 3 midweek vs Everton, just didn’t seem to get rolling away vs Sunderland. I wouldn’t be too worried about them unless they don’t find form this week vs. a weak Newcastle at home.

    • Shaun Curnow

      Chadli at 6.2 is probably your option, better then Lamela. Not much around that 8.0 mark worth considering.

  7. Bio Eden Hazard

    Guys need help…I got Ramsey, Rooney, El hamadi and Wisdom who can’t play next GW. I’m tempted to wildcard but I’m leading my mini league so it may not be the best thing to do…alternative is getting Aguero for Rooneyfor a -4 (trading Terry to Taylor in the process) or Di Maria for Ramsey..Thoughts?

    • Shaun Curnow

      Whats your bench like mate? -4 points hits aren’t the worst idea, i’d never go anymore then that though. Don’t look at it as just one week hit, especially when Rooney/Ramsey are out for 3-4 weeks.

      • Bio Eden Hazard

        Pulled the trigger on Aguero/Taylor before Rooney could decrease in price…I’m gonna have to play 4-3-3 with Dummett in my defense lol (and no bench as I have 3 injured players). I’ll get Di Maria for Ramsey next week I guess

  8. theultimateandy

    Great read as always Baysie, and Stoke got a clean sheet but Pieters didn’t play… so I’m only paying for non-alcoholic beers! mrgreen

  9. Bio Eden Hazard

    Di Maria+Welbeck or Pelle+Ozil…the first one seems to make more sense but I’m somehow inclined to go for the second one

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