Q&A – Gameweek 6

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We’re back! Here’s this weeks Q&A questions from you guys…

swansea qanda

Nick – Not the worst option, but not the best either. Would only do this trade as a luxury trade, not worth taking a hit. They face Newcastle, Stoke, Leicester and Everton which gives them every chance of keeping a clean sheet so not the worst idea. Like I said, only if you have spare trade/wildcard active

Baysie – I do worry when a seasoned pro like Rangel who has been a staple of a defensive unit is forced out for any period of time. It has the potential to disrupt what has been a decent back 4 in recent times. Also, I avoid short term transfers like this because you just know when you had originally planned to get rid of him, you won’t be able to because of injury, suspension, poor form of other players in your team. You’ll
probably end up with him for twice as long as you anticipated!

Seags – When I pick people who are covering for injured people, I want them to have security for about 2 months at least- especially with defenders. Imagine if Swansea don’t keep a clean sheet? That’d be gayyyyy. Also, I’m reluctant to pick anyone named after a genre of music- no matter how damn catchy it may be.

Matt – Nice thought, but I agree with the others. What’s the point in saving the cash if you then have to free up the same 0.6m in 4 weeks? Avoid.

ramsey qanda

Nick – Depending on your available funds, consider Di Maria or Fabregas. No one else is really setting the world alight at this stage. Chadli would be a risk, mind you not one I would be willing to take. Downing in decent form… Can’t believe I just said that.

Baysie – Di Maria or Silva.

Seags – Three words: Silva is Gold.

Matt – I predicted Silva’s big game last week, but the same fears remain for me. He is too inconsistent from an fpl perspective, no matter how vital he is for City. I’d go for Di Maria as I believe his ceiling is much higher, but if you can’t reach him and have no Man City coverage, definitely go for Silva. Fabregas is always there, I think he’s a slightly better version of Silva (In FPL!).

mata qanda

Nick – He’ll play but his job security just isn’t there. Plus there isn’t really much point just bringing him in for a few weeks. Something that could pay off but not for me.

Baysie – No. No short term transfers… As soon as Rooney is back Mata is probably out again. And Fellaini might get a chance to prove to LVG
he’s not a big, lazy, overpaid twat.

Seags – See what I said before regarding injured/suspended players. If Mata plays, you’ll be banking on some serious returns and you might get stuck with him for a few weeks off the bench once Shrek Rooney is back.

Matt – Not the worst idea, but as the others short term transfers are really banking on immediate returns. Rewards don’t match the risk involved in selecting him with so many alternatives.

rooney suspension

(Already owns Costa and Pelle, those 2 are the other obvious replacements)

Nick – Aguero if you can squeeze him in. Falcao also a fair shout. Liked Dzeko pre-season so nothing has changed. Seems to have the nod over Jovetic at the minute and good fixtures means he could be a good trade. Always liked the look of Puncheon but never had the guts to bring him in. Will be inconsistent so be way of that if you bring him in. Sakho looks the goods so far. Games against QPR, Burnley, Manchester City and Stoke in the next month look handy. On current form, definitely a respectable transfer.

Baysie – If you can’t go up to a Aguero or even Sturridge then Dzeko is a good shout, followed closely by Welbeck if you can use the left over cash well. Puncheon is awkwardly priced but is playing very well and Sakho is a no thanks.

Seags – Dzekooooooo. His last name is 5 letters long yet scores 19 scrabble points. That’s a great Scrabble:letter ratio- and that’s what we’re all about here in the FPL world, right?

Matt – Costa is obviously a given for those who don’t own him. In this case I’d look towards Aguero first, Sturridge is a no for me. I just don’t trust Dzeko, there will be games that he will be shuffled out to suit the formation, plus Jovetic will return. Sakho will be another of these cheap forwards hitting form, before skipping the country for the next 2 months. Welbeck is my pick. More on him later.

stoke lb qanda

Nick – I was rather surprised when I found out Pieters didn’t start against Newcastle. Not really sure why. I rate him better than Muniesa but it’s hard to know what Hughes is after. Pieters for me.

Baysie – No idea. Muniesa got his first league start last week after an outstanding performance in the League Cup and they may have thought the extra height could trouble Newcastle, or it could’ve been a reward. Who knows? It’s only been one game so there’s no trend
developing like Man Citys’s left side, so I’d leave them both alone and watch.

Seags – The real question is, why are you picking Stoke players given their terrible new clean sheet record? Hughes’ defence is as leaky as a 79 year old prostitute these days.

Matt – Wilson.

hazard sanchez qanda

Nick – Interesting one this. I always feel Hazard is going to blitz a team soon but it’s yet to happen this season. One of the ones where you will transfer him out then he’ll score 20+ points and you’ll be ringing up Beyond Blue. On current form it’d seem a no brainer but be wary it could bite you on the bum. Up to you really and whether or not you can live with the possibility of him continuing to fail. As for Sanchez, got dropped for the North London Derby last weekend then bounced back on Wednesday night with a goal against Galatasaray. Should start against Chelsea this weekend but whether or not he will have an influence is another thing. Probably would dump Sanchez and hold Hazard at this stage. Now that I’ve said that Hazard will turn to shite and Sanchez will score a hat-tick against Chelsea.

Baysie – Hazard maybe, but no to Sanchez.

Seags – Hazard yes, Sanchez no. I’d prefer Di Maria over them both though, so if you’re throwing a FT around I’d hit that shiaaaat up.

Matt – These are the decisions that make or break a season. Conform to the crowd or hope things will take a different pattern. So far the top line midfielders have failed, but that could change in an instant. Fabregas’ incredible influence on every game makes me question the point of owning Hazard, having said that you just know Hazard will explode soon. I say hold. Sanchez is a fascinating one, and being an Arsenal supporter I’d advise to hold. Why? I think he’s only just starting to hit form. He was struggling with his fitness after returning to training late after his World Cup exploits. Add to that Arsenal’s horrifiic form and you have a problem, yet he’s still showed his class with a few moments of brilliance. He was unbelievable midweek, as were Arsenal. I think you’ll find he’ll be a lock from now on, and with Arsenal’s fixtures finally clearing up, he could start to go huge. Hold!

Finally a thought from me, Does Welbeck’s Champions League Hat-Trick change your thoughts regards to selecting him?

Nick – I’ve had him since I wildcarded 3 weeks ago and have been happy with my decision to bring him in, with his hat-trick on Wednesday only solidifying my decision. You’ll find that all these managers will transfer him in this week just off the back of his game against Galatasaray. Not the worst option to bring in. If not him Sakho is another good option at a more affordable and cost affective price.

Baysie – No, it reiterated to me why I traded him in. He could explode any minute.

Seags – Not really. I’ve actually got him and reckon he’s fairly priced…. But that said I’d prefer Dzeko over LOLbeck.

Matt – I didn’t actually realise that I was the only person not to own him, being an Arsenal supporter I was happy either way with him scoring. Now I feel I simply must bring him in. Here’s why. That Champions League hat-trick has confirmed what I wanted to know. He is a lock in Arsenal’s best XI, he can make the centre forward runs that help guys like Ozil and Sanchez create the chances, AND HE CAN FINISH THEM! The finishing part was what worried me when considering his viability. At 7.2 he is priced well under what he can produce, plus I’m sure I don’t need to mention Arsenal’s fixtures again!

There you have it, once again we hope these answers have cleared a few things up! The Captains will be up later this evening, before Nick’s customary News Wrap leading up until the GW7 deadline. Good luck!


The Addicts Team

11 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 6

  1. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Great answers to a few questions I needed answered actually and mine up the top, thanks 🙂
    No love lost from you John towards Fellaini I see!

    One more thing from picky me, with all this being said, would you go Welbeck over Aguero and strengthen your midfield or Aguero over Welbeck and make that midfield that slight bit weaker?

  2. Who?

    Great stuff lads! I want to bring in a Man City player with their good fixtures coming up. Who’s the best option? Obviously Aguero would be good, but maybe someone like Kompany who’ll play almost every game with plenty of clean sheets could be better value. I’m also pretty set on my strikers. Cheers

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