The Captains – GW7

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Welcome back to the captains for another week. We’ve hit a 90% success rate so far this season with our top 3, unheard of! Here are the options I’ve gone for this week to keep it up…

The Contenders:

Liverpools ugly form has me very wary. As I’ve been saying the whole time, Balotelli is average. Having great technical ability is only one part of being a great player. Sturridge can’t come back quick enough for Rodgers men.

Man City look close to clicking, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. I think they can have a comfortable win here, their options certainly need to be considered. The midweek Champions League game should be taken into account, I think both Dzeko and Silva are too risky this week. There is one man who clearly comes under consideration though.

Sigurdsson has Newcastle at home this week, which must be looked in to. Basically, Pardew’s side are rubbish. Swansea are quality. That usually equates to a comfortable 2 or 3 nil win, and I can’t see anything different here. Sigurdsson’s quiet last few weeks make him a risk, but if you’re after a gutsy pick then he could be a great one. As for the other differentials, I wouldn’t go for guys like Welbeck and Pelle this week.

The big question as far as Man United are concerned is how will they shape up without Rooney. The simple answer seems to be replace him with Mata, and you’d think that’s exactly what will happen. They still have the potency to bang in a few against Everton’s leaky defence, this game could honestly be anything. And I mean anything. Lukaku, RVP, and Falcao should all be strongly considered. Poor form makes it a tough call. I’d go for United’s main creator if you really want a captain from this game, might not be the worst idea.

Finally we reach the game of the round, if you look at Arsenal’s history last season, get all aboard Chelsea. The Gunners conceded 6 in the corresponding fixture last season, after letting 5 in against Liverpool and 6 against City when playing away from the Emirates. Chelsea will hit them hard and guys like Hazard and Fabregas must be considered. Fabregas might get some rough treatment facing his old club playing for an arch rival, who knows how he will respond. Hazard is my pick of the pair. Avoid Arsenal players.

Top 3:

1. Costa – As I said, Arsenal conceded 17 goals in 3 games away to last seasons top 4. They were dominated early by Everton conceding 2 in GW2, basically it all points to goals for the Blues. Arsenal’s defence hasn’t exactly been on point this season anyway. Costa is on fire and will be fit according to Mourinho. Of course he will be. It’s a huge risk going against him in my books, he should be great once again.

2. Aguero – It’s building. One of these games he will go on with it and monster an opponent. I thought it was going to happen after his early goal against Arsenal. Not to be. His goal in the 7th minute last week after starting on fire would have had non owners packing themselves, but once again he couldn’t complete the job. If this the week he goes big? I wouldn’t bet against it. Great option.

3. Di Maria – I was slightly unsure of who to put at number 3, but I ended up settling with Di Maria. I think there’s goals in this game for United, and Di Maria is at the heart of most of their attacks. Add to that his weight of set pieces and he seems like a solid pick if you don’t have one of the top 2. But let’s be serious here, who doesn’t?

The Punt:

Sterling – He will remain a punt until Sturridge comes back, simply because I have no idea what kind of performance Liverpool will dish up! He still looks in great form and has scored every second week so far this season. I’d say he’s a great shout to do the same against West Brom this week, but seeing as they couldn’t break down Basel I’d be wary. I think it will be a tight game, Raheem is certainly one to consider.

There we have it, hopefully these guys can bring home the double points! Good luck to everyone for GW7, our last weekend of football before the second international break. Enjoy Nick’s News Wrap tomorrow, let’s hope for a high scoring gameweek!

36 comments on “The Captains – GW7

  1. Holly

    Hi guys, need some help. I’m thinking of getting rid of Welbeck because I can’t see him doing anything against Chelsea. I’ve already got a midfield and attack of Fabregas, Sigurdsson, Sterling, Chadli, Di Maria, Falcao & Costa but I’m wondering whether to get rid of Welbeck and Chadli for Dzeko/Lukaku or get rid of Welbeck and Sterling for Augero. Cheers!

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      No no no, you’re doing it all wrong! 🙂 Welbeck has superb fixtures after this week and is in great form, never trade someone for just 1 week. Think long term

  2. killerkool

    I read every article on the site, just hardly ever post a comment. Great info week in week out from all. cheers

  3. killerkool

    I’ve got a decent midfield of Siggy, Fabregas, Sterling, Di Maria and Ozil… Is it worth trading any of them out for Silva?

  4. LargusMeans

    Anyone think it’s worth the risk putting the C on Fabregas? Two bad weeks in a row, playing at home, against Arsenal, just screams to me of a 2A, 1G game. Am I nutters?

  5. killerkool

    I’m stuck on making Agureo or Costa captain, for some reason I have a feeling Agureo is gonna go massive this week

  6. LargusMeans

    Depends on who’s in front of you in your league. If they all have Costa and few have Aguero, putting the C Kun would close the gap if he goes big, or you tread water and stay even with the front runners by taking Diego.

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