International Break Discussion

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We will return to our normal article schedule midway through next week. Until then feel free to discuss the weekends football action and potential GW8 transfers! Enjoy the break.

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  1. jhking0313

    Hey guys, I’m saving my free trade this gw.

    Next gw, I’m thinking of trading sterling to either henderson or downing so that I can upgrade van aanholt to Baines (I have mannone in goals).
    Firstly, does the move sound good or should I just stay with sterling and van aanholt. Sunderland’s upcoming fixtures aren’t the best, so having jst mannone sounds fine.
    Secondly, if i do make the trade, should i get downing or henderson??

    Thanks guys in advance

    • Ryan

      Tough one, Liverpool’s fixtures are awesome for a fair while, which could be good for Sterling, but could also be good for Henderson. Downing’s fixtures aren’t as good as their’s but are still good. I’d go for Henderson over Downing, because now is probably the time you want some form of Liverpool attacking coverage, and get Baines.

        • tigermania78

          obviously banking on Baines getting points from set pieces in the form of assists or goals. everton and clean sheets don’t belong in the same sentence. we’d probably let burnley score

          • baysietoff

            Hehe yeah. Distin back after a break might help! I just don’t like hoping defenders score attacking points, no matter how undefensive they may be…

          • jhking0313

            Everton have an amzing run of fixtures. In the next 16 games, only real tough games are spurs, city, southampton and swansea maybe.

  2. Colin Tucana111548

    Raheem Sterling is the key man in Liverpool’s midfield, with three goals and two assists to his name and looks likely to add to that tally against QPR. However, with a goal and three assists, Jordan Henderson is quietly rivaling his team-mate, and at nearly 3.0 cheaper, is a valid alternative.

  3. scscout

    Thinking about which defender to bring in for Shawcross.

    Looking at Moore (LEI) since he is dirt cheap. I can use that money to upgrade Dyer or Chadli (when his scoring run dies off).

    Current mids: Di Maria, Fabregas, Siggurdson, Chadli, Dyer

  4. Steve

    Hi guys, 4 options for me this week:

    Trade out Shawcross (due to Stoke’s horrible form) to any defensive option,
    Zaha to Diamé,
    Neither of the above,
    Both of the above (take the hit).

    What do you all think?

  5. toasted1961

    I’ve got Ozil whom I need to trade out. I am playing a 352 with my other midfielder being Haz, Tadic, Siggy and Sterling. I have 1.7 itb.
    Chadli, I would like but then cant do Pelle to Aguero – wise?
    Henderson – can get Aguero
    ADM – is he really that essential?
    Silva – good form but he is made of glass.

    Any advice?

  6. theultimateandy

    Welbeck doubtful… I bring him in last week against Chelsea because I figured he’s finding his stride with the gunners and also his price is only gonna go up.

    He gets me 1 pt from Chelsea and now he’s doubtful for Hull.


    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Im really tempted with Ozil gone, theyll need him even more now and I believe he is training with the first team?
      Even so, he’ll most pilely come off the bench and start next week… your choice if you wanna take a most likely 1pointer first up.

  7. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    With Ozil gone, I think Ive got a couple of choices…
    Ozil straight swap to Walcott, take the 1 (or bench him) this week and leave it at that.
    Or trade Silva down (only big source of money) to say Tadic/Chadli -as long as I make 1.3m-.

  8. Brayden

    Neeed help with my team guys, have 2 free transfers and 0.4ITB:
    Foster, Mannone
    Naylor, Wilson, Moore, Duff, Chambers
    ADM, Fab, Sterling, Siggy, Boyd
    Costa, Kun, Pelle


    • baysietoff

      Front half looks great! I’m watching Sterling closely however after what happened over the weekend… Not sure how that will pan out in the short term. Your defence and keepers might need some tweaking though? Southampton and Chelsea are probably the better defences so getting one or two from them would be a good idea if you can afford it.

  9. MattyZach

    Don’t normally do this, but I’m stumped! I have 2 FTs and 0.2 in the bank..

    Mannone (Krul)
    Clyne, Taylor, Shawcross (Wisdom, Chambers)
    Sterling, Fabregas, Di Maria, Sigurdsson, Jedinak
    Aguero, Costa (Naismith)

    Was thinking about trading Krul to a 4.0 and cashing in for the extra 0.5. But what to spend it on is beyond me!

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