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And we’re back! With the international break finally over, it’s time to re-focus on fpl. Gameweek 8 is only 48 hours away, be sure to have your teams ready! Here are this weeks questions…

moreno azp

Nick – You’d think not considering the fact that he’s yet to miss a game in the Premier League. Filipe Luis doesn’t look like getting a run-in for a Premier League game at the minute but you never really no with Mourinho. I think it’s fairly safe to bring in Azpi, just be aware that there’s a world-class LB warming the pine for the Blues.

Baysie – You should probably swap Moreno for anyone… If you get an offer for a half eaten, week old pizza bite their hand off. Azpi shouldn’t have any issues with rotation. Luis’ total of 8 minutes EPL game time should be evidence enough, and that was against Everton at the end of the game (6-3?). Granted he has started all of the cup games, but that’s just to keep him happy and to acclimatise him to the team ethos in match situations. There’s no trust just yet to start EPL games. But, Jose?

Seags – He’s as safe as vaginal sex with a nun- but he won’t notch many attacking returns at all. For Clean sheets though- I like him. Mourinho has settled on his back four and prefers Luis for Champions footy.

Matt – He is a safe pick for now. I did my best to warn people on the dangers of owning Liverpool defenders! Get rid of Moreno for anybody.

adm hendo qanda

Nick – Wouldn’t drop Sterling but dumping Lamela seems viable. Di Maria is simply a must have so bringing him in should be your top priority. Don’t really rate Hendersen as an FPL player but he always seems to pop up with regular assists and the occasional goal. Wouldn’t be the worst player to bring in but I’d rather Sterling to be honest.

Baysie – I don’t mind those transfers. I still feel Lamela will pop for at some stage soon, but he is on borrowed time. Sterling? No idea what will happen short term after calling in tired. You try calling in tired at work and see how far you get? Not a fan of Hendo, but ADM is a must have. If you have to get Hendo (I’d prefer Downing to be honest!) to accommodate ADM then so be it.

Seags – Why would you trade Sterling?! The dude’s on fire. Who cares if he needs a rest. He’s young, he’s virile, and he’s got like 7 kids. That means he has to have some sort of stamina- right? I agree ADM is almost a must have- but not for Sterling!


Matt – Forget whatever happened with Sterling over the international break. I reckon it was Rodgers words echoing in his mind when he complained about being ‘tired’. He’ll be fit for the weekend and is in top form. Surely you have another way of getting ADM, Sterling can’t be your worst mid!

dzeko cisse qanda

Nick – Cisse’s in good form but probably not reliable enough for our FPL teams…Yet. Plus Newcastle are shocking and their manager is hanging on to his job by a thread. Dzeko probably needs to go but I don’t think Cisse is your man. Keep an eye on him though.

Baysie – God no… That has kneejerk tattooed all over it.

Seags – Cisse might have ebola. Pass. Dzeko is a gun anway.

Matt – On one hand I reckon trading Dzeko is for the best, on the other I’m not sure Cisse is the man to go for. Keep a close eye on Benteke, he could be a fantastic POD now that he’s back. If you don’t  have Pelle then there’s another obvious option.

baines qanda

Nick – To be honest I don’t think he’s worth the cash. Especially considering the fact that Everton have been so poor this campaign. Yes he’s on penalty duties and is fantastic within free-kick territory but just relying on that is pretty risky. I’d say use the cash elsewhere.

Baysie – No… We’ve shown no signs whatsoever of being anywhere near tight at the back. Distin coming in for Stones could make it worse, or Sylvain really did need a rest (from what I don’t know) and could prove the difference. I’m giving it two games before even putting in a second more thought into trading any of them in. That will give Coleman a game or two back, and we might see something close to last season.

Seags – It’s ballsy- because you’re essentially backing him in to notch attacking returns because (as you said) Everton are as shambolic as Dame Edna’s bikini line.

Matt – I’m going to go against the crowd and say yes. It wasn’t until the midprice midfielders and forwards finally failed that I realised how valuable Baines can be. Name me one forward or mid under 7.0 who holds the value that Baines does, Sigurdsson aside. Ulloa and Chadli won’t maintain their rate, and Downing is well… Downing. Everton had some tough fixtures and have been embarrassingly defensively. I can guarantee they will hit a patch of defensive form soon enough, Martinez proved it could be done last year. Coleman and Distin are vital cogs for them in my opinion. Secondly, he’s averaging over 4 points per game despite Everton’s form, including his first ever penalty miss in the EPL. It could easily have been over 5 ppg. There’s only upside. Also consider his history of having scored over 169 points in 3 of the past 4 seasons, equating to roughly 5 points per game over an extended period. With Everton’s fixtures I’m backing him in to become a great differential over the next couple of months.

expensive def qanda

Nick – Too much money spent on a hit and miss defensive season so far. Baines no, see previous response. Ivanovic I’m happier with…

Baysie – A bit like before, I don’t really think expensive defenders are the players to get. I believe the cash could be better used elsewhere. Having one of Ivanovic/Baines could be beneficial but having both is an overkill. One or the other for me. And if I had to chose, probably Ivanovic. Chelsea a bit more reliable down back means more chance of a clean sheet.

Seags – Not for me. The expensive mids are guns- and I’ll want to load up on as many as I can. I prefer Ivanovic of the two.

Matt – It’s served me well so far. Ivanovic and Baines are just so dangerous from open play, I think long term they will well and truly outscore their rivals. Midprice forwards and midfielders are just too hit and miss for my liking this season. If you want to get them for 3 or 4 weeks however, then it’s not such a good idea. They are likely to score in bursts.

Even with his great fixtures, does Lukaku need to go? Is Benteke worth a shot yet?

Nick – I’d give him 1-2 more games against these so called ‘easy teams’ he has coming up. If he doesn’t start scoring soon then it’s time for him to go. He doesn’t look the same clinical-self he was last season. Whether that’s because of an injury or what I don’t know but if he doesn’t score in the next 1-2 games dump him. Benteke may well be a good replacement but not one as of this gameweek. Give him a couple of starts before you bring him in but definitely keep an eye on him.

Baysie – First up, no to Benteke. He’s been off for far too long and only just come back and off the bench. He needs to show something in a very defensive Villa team before being considered, and maybe actually starting a game first would be handy? Now Lukaku… I have Rom and if Rooney was playing this week he’d be out on his arse. He’s looked ordinary and dare I say lazy. His touch is gone… On the flip side, he did “play” the WC and started preseason late, then injured his toe but played through. He seems to be missing Barkley too who created a lot for him… Maybe I’m clutching at straws hoping he does something this week. As a supporter, I hope we play Eto’o this week instead.

Seags – Benteke was good like 2 years ago. Yes he’s been injured- but he hasn’t shown anything for 2 years. 2 years ago 95% of the population would have arse slammed Miley Cyrus. 2 years changes a lot. I won’t pick him until he proves he’s still any good.

Matt – I’d hold Lukaku for now, I know Everton have been poor but I’m backing them in to turn it around. If he has 1 or 2 more poor games then look elsewhere, I’d wait and see on Benteke.

There you have it! Hopefully this was helpful, I’ll be back tomorrow with the captains. Until then!


The Addicts Team

32 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 8

  1. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    ‘2 years ago, 95% of the population would have arse-slammed Miley Cyrus’ ahahahahaha, coughed up my coffee! Dad asked me what was so funny, just had to tell him there was some good banter in this article I was reading.

    This site has made it really uncomfortable for me to look at my mother, because every time I do, I hear Seags’s red and white tampon joke from a couple of weeks back. Scarring.

  2. hardestcastle

    Cracker as usual boys! Great stuff. Thanks for answering my Sterling question. I’d love to keep him and get ADM but my only other option is to lose Aguero for Dzeko or Pelle… Opinion?

      • hardestcastle

        Team is as follows;

        Forster (Given)
        Clyne, Taylor Shawcross (Wisdom, Janmaat)
        Siggy, Fab, Lamela, Sterling (Quinn)
        Aguero, Costa, Welbeck

        Bank – 0.3.

        I’ve got 2 free trades to use. The only two ways I can see to do it are to go Sterling + Lamela to ADM and A lesser mid. Orrrrr Aguero and Lamela to ADM and Dzeko/Pelle

        • Shaun Curnow

          Whilst I agree with everyone ADM is almost a must have, it’s the same situation as Saurez last year. Just dont get him, he wont keep it up and its massive POD. Just try strengthen you side elsewhere and get more even spread. Look at getting Walcott or get Silva. You can do well at this game by not following the crowd, its risky but the payout is massive.

  3. Marty White

    Ok, don’t laugh but… RVP?

    Van Gaal loves him…
    In form he is almost untouchable…
    He is a huge POD…
    He can quickly be replaced with anyone if it goes tits up…

  4. bill2k

    Team is as follows;

    Krul (Mannone)
    Clyne, Cahill Lovren (Chester, Duff)
    Siggy, ADM, Downing, Sterling (Boyd)
    Aguero, Costa, Welbeck

    Bank – 0.8.

    I have no trades in the bank as i needed to trade Cabella out for downing and used my spare last game wk.

    So I’m worried about Lovren, Pools defense this season have been terrible but i have no choice but to hold for another week.

    Question is, he is in doubt this week so should i play Chester or Duff (both have average fixtures) or take a point hit and trade out Lovren (but for who?)

    And will Welbeck play?

  5. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Brilliant stuff guys, keep it up 🙂
    AT least im arounf no women when I read this, would make it 100x more awkward ill still take it any day of the week

  6. Rotterdamnation

    I’ve activated my wc in order to get ADM into my team, should have traded him in for Rooney last week but that can’t be changed now. Post-wc team:

    Taylor, Shawcross, Azpilicueta
    Di Maria(C), Sterling, Sigurdsson, Fabregas
    Berahino, Aguero, Diego Costa(VC)

    Foster, Hutton, Cork, Wisdom

    0.0£ @ bank



  7. joelharrison82

    I traded adebayor and ulloa out this week and put in aguero and berahino. Even took a 4 point hit to get them as aguero moved up in value after my Ramsey to downing trade the week before. I just think aguero is a must have until he inevitably hurts himself again.

  8. DaBomb

    Gk: Mannone (Begovic)
    Def: Ivanovic, Clyne, N. Taylor (Kaboul, Duff)
    Mid: ADM, Silva, Sigurdsson, Sterling (Schneiderlin)
    Fwd: Costa, Welbeck, Ulloa

    So far this season I’ve struggled to pick the right defenders to play and goalkeepers. Can’t seem to pick the teams to keep a clean sheet. Especially this week, Mannone away to Southampton or Begovic at home to Swansea…

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