In Round Discussion – GW Kun Aguero

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Manchester City v Tottenham: live

Vindication feels great. It was coming. Share your thoughts on the gameweeks action right here! It’s going to be a big one…

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  1. kingcolesy

    Yeah had c on aguero but changed it to Costa. Really wanted to put it back on Aguero but was locked out. Looks like it was only -2points for the missed penalty. Still happy to have Aguero!

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Costa gone, so if Kun’s your VC then youre in luck!
      Pelle mine, hope it turns out better than last week. Also pissed that Silva couldn’t get in in any of the four goals, even an assist.

  2. theultimateandy

    Kun you brilliant bastard!! I’m the only one in my league that gave him the armband! Everyone else went ADM/Costa! 😀

    32pts without the bonus pts 🙂

  3. kingcolesy

    My mate who has eriksen as a adm is pretty much living it up. It affords him pelle who had already scored too !

  4. DaBomb

    Having Mannone in goal… Watching Chelsea concede that late goal to make ivanovic lose 4 points… Not a good night

    • kingcolesy

      Hey, I traded de gea before his 8point hall for schmeicals 1point +hit (and Aguero) that week. dunno what to think since mannone got -1

  5. kingcolesy

    Did the Marney to Boyd trade this week. It just had to be the week boys scores lol! Crazy week!! Tadic a great pick for anyone who picked him

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Got Boyd second on bench and Costa not playing…Well Aguero is my VC and I have Pelle so I guess I shouldn’t complain

  6. Rakshit

    Sergio “Kun” Aguero. You little Argentine magician! Been waiting a while for you to truly explode! And EXPLODE you did! 4 Goals! OUR! Deadliest striker in the League for me! The only way to stop him is to get him injured. Vamos Kun!

  7. Harrison White

    What a night of football, had aguero captain and tadic, wellbeck, fabregas. 90 points with 4 to play, one of those weeks 🙂

  8. Ryan

    Can do Costa to Aguero and Lukaku to Pelle for a -4 hit. Is it worth it? Lukaku keeps scoring just before I’m going to get rid of him

  9. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Man…… fml! Ok week but to know that. Pulled out of Silva to Tadic and Ozil to ADM this week :/ wow….

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      And also on a side note, to know that if I had gone for my second choice wildcard team (changed it on the last day). I would’ve been on 94 this week with four to play and scored 64 last week….
      Don’t live in the past. Jerome 🙁

    • Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

      Ahahaha you were right about one good captain’s choice Matt! You’re 7 points clear in the cash league, but if Di Maria can get 4 points or more, I’ll draw ahead of you. If Di Maria can get 6 points or more, I’ll get back to number one. I’ve also got De Gea, hopefully united keep a clean sheet…

  10. dane swan

    Eriksen on bench, two Chelsea defenders = bad.

    Baines captain and Hart in goal = good.

    Watched the Everton game and thought Barkley looked the business. Better option than the forthcoming tadic bandwagon?

    • Shaun Curnow

      sshhhh mate keep Barkley to yourself! 6.7 is bargain for him, he’s def much better then Tadic BUT only think Tadic has going for him is he’ll make you some $$$ in next week or two.

  11. greenninja15

    Played WC this week & had Tadic since start of season as a good differential. Could’ve either kept Ivanovic and put Siggy in or downgrade Ivanovic and keep Tadic. Obviously i went the former. Hate it when you have a massive differential and lose patience and make a move. Blew up in my face. On the plus side had Pelle (VC) and (C) on Costa. Also Boyd comes on for Costa.

    • kingcolesy

      Yeah… I did tinker with a hazard and Chester to go to tadic and baines with 0m left over. I didn’t go for it but still happy with Boyd… Bland trades usually work well!

  12. toasted1961

    Need to get Aguero

    My team is
    Manone, Krul
    Ivanovic, Clyne, Chambers, Moore, Wisdom
    ADM, Haz, Tadic, Sterling, Siggy
    Costa, Pelle, Naismith
    0.6 in the bank

    Thinking Ivanovic to Azp and Costa to Aguero for a -4 hit.

    Is it time to WC or persist until Southhamptons fixtures change?

    If WC what suggestions?

  13. Jason

    Hey guys! What a GW so far with Aguero! RMT pls –

    De Gea (Krul)
    Clyne, N. Taylor, Vlaar (Wisdom, Cahill)
    Di Maria, Hazard, Sterling, Siggy, Downing
    Costa, Pelle (Ulloa)

    0.7mil, 1FT

    I’m not sure it is time for me to get Aguero tbh! I see little point of ‘upgrading’ Costa to Aguero, unless he misses this week, Pelle is in some great form (6 goals and 2 assists in his last 6 games is brilliant) and has a great run over the next 4 GW’s and then Ulloa just seems to cheap for me to be able to upgrade him up to Aguero. To upgrade Ulloa to Aguero, I would need to downgrade Sterling to Boyd/Obertan and then downgrade Cahill to a defender for 4.9mil or less just to be able to gain the funds, while taking a -8 point hit…… Not quite worth it IMO but I would like your thoughts.

    So, I was thinking one of –
    1.Cahill -> Baines
    2. Ulloa -> Sakho, Sterling -> Fab, -4 point hit
    3. Sterling -> Diame, De Gea -> keeper for 5mil or less, Pelle -> Aguero, -8 point hit
    4. Sterling -> Boyd, Pelle -> Aguero, -4 point hit
    5. Sterling -> Tadic, Ulloa -> Welbeck, -4 point hit

    Thanks in advance guys! 🙂

  14. pryose

    Mannone Forster
    Clyne Wisdom Duff Chambers Shawcross
    Silva ADM Milner Siggy Fab
    Lukaku ADM Costa

    2 trades with 2.1 mil in the bank

    Any suggestions?

    Aguero a must? I was burned last year due to him being made of glass

  15. Rakshit

    Smashing week! 81 with ADM, De Gea and Wisdom to play.
    Aguero(c), Sakho, Fabregas, Clyne, Sterling, Coloccini (YES!) were the stars!

    Thinking of doing Siggy–> Tadic. Siggy has returned in 1 out of the last 5. Losing patience with him. Southampton look brilliant going forward.

    Also I wanna replace De Gea, any suggestions?

  16. rostie

    It’s taken me a few days to come to terms with not having aguero this week. Had 2 free trades lined up next week especially for it. Currently on 39 points and looking at my season is pretty well done and dusted unless ADM pulls outs a big game as my captain. FMFPLT!

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