The Captains – GW8

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It’s a great feeling to be preparing for the return of EPL. First things first (I’m not a realist), let’s get this weeks captain picks sorted and try to keep the streak going!


The Contenders:

Spurs have a terrible habit of being slaughtered against the top teams, so this will be an intriguing affair. Guys like Silva and Toure have to come under strong consideration, you could do a lot worse. Silva is in great form, notching again for Spain midweek.

Chelsea should be too strong for palace so you can’t go wrong here. Hazard and Fabregas are both solid armband options.

Sterling must once again come under consideration. he loves to score every second week and he is due against a below average QPR side. Very unlucky not to make my top 3, Liverpool’s form is

With United facing West Brom, those who own RVP and Falcao should be locking them in as captain. I can see Mata having a cracker as well.

Finally Pelle must be considered with his form and a home clash against Sunderland. If you’re desperate to take a gamble then I guess you could do a lot worse. Fact is I can’t see the logic in giving him the armband over guys like Costa and Aguero.

Top 3:

1. Aguero – I am definitely a fanboy, but that doesn’t make this decision completely bias. Firstly Spurs can’t seem to handle the heat in these big games. Secondly Aguero has scored 5 in 5 against them, and looks set for a big one. I know I keep going on about it, but with the amount of chances he’s creating it’s going to eventually stick. I’m tipping it to be this week. If you own him, I’d be captaining him. There was obviously one big factor in this decision.

2. Costa – And that is another bloody Costa injury concern. Seriously, how many are we going to have? In my opinion, there’s nothing new to see here. Speculation has grown because he’s played a lot of minutes recently, but I’d be shocked if it was anything more than guesswork. Firstly he has dodgy hamstrings. Secondly anyone will believe you if you say his hamstring has been aggrivated. How easy is journalism?! I expect him to play at least 60 minutes and probably ruin Palace’s defence. Just remember, there’s always the off chance that he may actually be rested. Remy isn’t that much of a mug.

3. Di Maria – I hate going with the same top 3 every week, but until they slip up it’s hard not to. They just get it done week in week out, not to mention alternatives are short on supply. Di Maria is deadly at the moment and should create havoc against West Brom. Solid pick.

The Punt:

Welbeck/Sanchez – Finally for the punt, and this week it’s Arsenal. They’re playing well below their best, and I can see their home clash against Hull being a tight affair. Welbeck loves to bully the weaker teams, shown by his performances against Aston Villa and Galatasaray. He will be fully fit to start and I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he went to town with a double figure haul. I thought I’d chuck Sanchez in this category too, if you own him as a POD I’d suggest that’s enough risk in itself, but he’s due a big one.

That’ll be it from me this week. Nick as always is here to save the day with a mega edition of the news wrap, catching up on all the international break action! Good luck for the weekend, let’s make it a high scoring one!

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  1. joelharrison82

    Had Costa locked in but you changed my mind and I’ve gone aguero. Come on city! Is lloris actually injured too? I’ve just worked out next week’s trade of hazard and dyer to do Maria and diame. Thoughts?

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