Studs Up – GW8

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This was a week of the have and have nots… You either had Aguero as captain and went large, or didn’t and suffered! And it was also the week that Costa finally succumbed to his dodgy hammy. That will cause some heartache I assume!


* Yaya Diame *


Sergio. Finished with four, but should’ve had more. If he’s not the best striker in the world right now, he’s in the top 3. Although very valid arguments will always be made against “going with the crowd”, not having him in your team makes life harder than necessary. And it’s always handy having a perma-captain! Look out for a potential cut and paste “The Captains” article this week 🙂 West Ham away this week, and we all know how much they leak goals… The question will always be how long will his injury prone body will hold up?

Barkley. Hoped to keep this one quiet but I guess it’s my (unpaid) job to help you all out so I’ll show my hand! Firstly the negatives… The main problem last season, from an FPL perspective, was that his shot to pass ratio was way off. He took far too many shots from very ordinary positions when he could be building the play around the box, or playing in his team mates. Possibly a headache from that Rooney-esqe goal he scored against Norwich? A minor problem is that a lot of our goals last season, and this, have had the final ball come from wider out than the central corridor. This limits his ability to assist and he becomes the dreaded “assist to the assister” type player. He does like to spray them to the wings if he’s not taking pot shots which only feeds the wide assists… Positive. And it’s a huge one. Even if he’s only slightly learnt from any of those selfishly FPL related problems, he’s a steal at 6.7m. I’ve already pulled the trigger. It’s so obvious how much his absence has meant to the team, and although it was against a pre-relegated Villa team he looked the part first game back. Once he gets to full fitness he could put his name in the lights.

Diame. “The likes of Jelavic and Hernandez stand out, but so does Diame. I’ve been a big fan since he was at West Ham, he just never got a decent run at it… He has Yaya Toure written all over him. Consider.” Another goal on the weekend! Not gloating, just reinforcing that he has been on my radar for a while, and is only proving to me what I thought all along. Be careful though, he’s scored 4 goals this season from 4 shots. Liverpool this week shouldn’t hold any major concerns though. Yaya Diame!

Roondog. Comes back into the United team this next week with a heap to prove. Let his side down immeasurably a few weeks ago and chances are he’ll go big in a team scoring for fun. We should all try and put some planning into future trades, and I reckon next week is Operation Get Rooney if you don’t already have Aguero.

Honourable mentions; Tadic and Pelle; Andy Keogh, for those who understand need no explanation; Red time goals…

 dirt* 🙂 *


Sunderland. Oh boy. Some credit has to go to Southampton, but in reality Sunderland’s was one of the worst performances I have seen a team put in for quite some time. You can deal with skill errors if there is some sort of endeavour and players putting in shifts, but they just rolled over and copped it sweet. Crackin’ own goal though!?! Those of you with Mannone need to consider moving him on, those with him as a starter need to jump ship yesterday. With Pantillimon waiting in the wings he may not survive the fall out.

Mario. Oh boy part 2. Last 20 EPL games… 39 shots. 1 goal. 0 assists… He’s had more hair styles this season than goals, and had one of the better misses of an open goal you’ll see. Hard to see what he brings to the team considering there’s a more than capable Ricky Lambert on the pine.

Tottenham. Firstly, can FPL call Tottenham “Tottenham” and not “Spurs”?!?! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve spent literally minutes looking for “Tottenham”… Anywho, don’t mind me. This team has got some serious mental demons against the top teams. You should all know their record of getting belted against any of the top 4 or 5 clubs so I won’t waste words on it. Fortunately for them they don’t play anyone of quality for a month, but keep this in mind when they play Everton followed by Chelsea… I guess for every Koeman there’s a Pochettino?

Honourable mentions. Richard Dunne’s record breaking 10th own goal; Swansea’s spiralling form…

Ryan Bennett Award – Paul Dummett. Was the most famous 4.0m defender in the history of FPL preseason, but then Newcastle turned to shite and he got dropped. Spurs and Liverpool coming up sooo yeah nah.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Gabby Obertan. Possibly breaks the rules slightly in that he did something last week. But he’s never done anything before that! Seems to have got a new lease on life and fits the “I better do something in the last year of my contract” mould. 4.4m eh?

Jamie Vardy Award – Eduardo Vargas. I bet Mario Balotelli wishes he could play against Liverpool! 2 goals in 12 minutes on the pitch for 12 points…

Time to clock off. I hope you got involved in the Aguero love fest, if you don’t have him I really suggest you get him soon!

55 comments on “Studs Up – GW8

  1. louiek78

    The biggest dilemma has to be what to do with Costa? I’ve had him since day one and stand to lose 0.4 in value if I trade.

    Mourinho is giving nothing away at this stage.

  2. Philip

    Guys my defense is garbage and I’m looking to free up 1-1.5 mil to upgrade. Currently my midfield is Adm, fab, Sterling, hazard, Siggy. Also have costa. Who of that bunch should I downgrade? Part of me thinks hazard, but I really feel like he’s got a big game in him coming and would hate to miss out. Thoughts?

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      Consistency over blotches for me, you can leave Fanregas there for a while with the form he and Chelsea are in and the the position he plays. Hazard does have a big game in him ssoon and hasn’t been entirely that bad so far this season but paying 10m for this returns aint worth it….. Aaaaand he is also falling in price, soooo….

  3. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Still some love for Rooney there Baysie? Wanna see him to return quicker aye?
    Great work mate 🙂

  4. Mike

    Great article mate. Just brought in Barkley and Aguero (missed his goalfest), traded these for Pelle and Silva – good move? Going to enjoy trying to squeeze Rooney into my team at some point!

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks mate! Very nice trades. I’m struggling to believe that Pelle, and Southampton in general, can keep up this form for too much longer. Even after an 8-0’er. And if Silva can’t score any attacking points in a 4-1 win then there’s problems!

  5. theultimateandy

    After going Clyne -> Apiz last week (which Baysie actually advised me not to do, but it’s still 100% his fault… I’m not taking the blame!!), I’ve gone Apiz -> Bertrand for the coming wkend. Lets see how that plays out.

    Gonna keep Siggy for 1 more week. At home to Leicester should produce something!!

  6. mrgambino49

    Great article and website boys. I’ve got a few guys with home fixtures this weekend and I’m trying to sort through the mess.

    Forster, Foster
    Baines, Terry, Clyne, Taylor, Wisdom
    Di Maria, Hazard, Sigurdsson, Diame, Downing
    Sakho, Welbeck, Diego Costa

    Probably won’t play Terry @ United or Downing at home to City.

    It’s a tossup between Wisdom, Sakho and Diame for the last spot on my bench. Thoughts?

  7. Tjomsss

    Already set on Falcao -> Aguero.

    But to do that I need to:
    A) Sterling -> Barkley
    B) Sterling & Taylor -> Tadic & Wisdom (-4)
    C) Di Maria -> Tadic or Barkley

  8. Paps

    Nice article mate, love the work you do.. Not really sure what I should do this week I have 2 free transfers and 0.2 in the bank. I wanted to try and slip Barkley into the team but just don’t see how i could fit him in right now. Was thinking of maybe going Siggy to Barkley next week after the leicester game but ive had siggy from the start so would be losing a bit of money.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Guzan, Mannone
    Baines, Wisdom, Duff, Chambers, Moore
    Tadic, ADM, Sigurdsson, Sterling, Boyd
    Aguero, Welbeck, Diego Costa

  9. theultimateandy

    What to do with Costa??

    I’ve no free transfers left.

    I have Wanyama on the bench to come on if Costa doesn’t play.
    Have Aguero(Perma-captain) and Welbeck.

    Should I take a hit and bring in Pelle or Berahino??
    Is it worth it?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      If you think Pelle/Berahino will score, then it’s worth it. Could bite you in the arse though if Costa just misses one week, comes back and scores a hattrick. 🙂

      Glad I don’t have him haha

      • theultimateandy

        Yeah I think I’ll hold out for one more week, they have QPR at home next week. If he comes back for that it’ll be a filthy goal fest!

          • theultimateandy

            If I can hold out till Tuesday before making a transfer I’m usually pretty surprised!

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