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I apologise for the lack of posts this week, it’s been a busy time! Don’t worry, there’s plenty to come over the next 24 hours, no stone will be left unturned! Here are your questions answered for this week’s Q&A!

Nick – Sakho for me. No real reason but his consistency seems better than Berahino and West Ham have pretty decent fixtures coming up. He’s proved his opposition doesn’t faze him, scoring against Liverpool and Manchester United in consecutive weeks.


Baysie – Berahino. We’ve been saying for a while that if he gets some sort of consistency he could be a decent pick up. Although it’s too early for that to be absolutely confirmed he’s getting there!


Seags – Berahin-YES, SahkNO.

Matt – I’ve already owned Berahino this year, and dropped him after 3 consecutive blanks. If you’re going to pick him, prepare for the long haul. He will score in bursts, I feel we’ve already missed this one. Sakho on the other hand is yet to fail. It’s only a matter of time, but I guess if I was forced to pick one it would be him.

Nick – Yep. Get rid of him. Bank on the profit you’ve made. Pelle clearly the best option but for a like-for-like swap in the same price range I’d go Sakho.


Baysie – Find the coin. Hate cheap strikers. You should be looking to increase the value of them in order to give you more options later in the season. Would you prefer searching through the classifieds choosing between the likes of Lukaku/Sturridge/Rooney, or Berahino/Sakho?

Seags – Nailing a cheap forward is like nailing a hooker in Amsterdam. There’s so many out there, but you want the one that won’t give you chlamydia. I hear Pelle is checked regularly and is a great root. Him.

Matt – For the first 7 gameweeks I owned a cheap forward. I’ve had Diouf, Naismith, Berahino, Nugent. They’ve scored a total of 13 goals between them, yet they didn’t return a SINGLE goal or assist for me. Not once. Just a whole heap of 2’s and 1’s (and a 0). Screw them, you’ll just end up chasing points all year. Pelle is a safe bet, I brought him and Welbeck in last week. Guess what, my third striker delivered me points for the first time all year. Find the $.

Nick – Games against Newcastle, Villa, Stoke and Hull is tempting but who to invest in is risky. Vertonghen is in and out but will start now Fazio is suspended. Kaboul seems to be locked on and 5.0 is decent value if they can tighten up. Pochettino was fairly good last year in terms of defence so we’ll see if he transfers that over to Spurs. If you’re going to go, it’d be this week. If it were me however, I wouldn’t bother.

Baysie – Yeah, I’ve heard of worse ideas. It’s getting to the point where we’re going to have to start taking some risks with our defence to try and get the upper hand. Just remember Everton and Chelsea are on the horizon and Spurs’ record against the good teams.

Seags – Yeah I don’t mind that. Old Morris Pinnochio has them playing a pretty compact game so I don’t mind them! We’ve seen Dier has a taste for the goals already.

Matt – Everyone laughed of Baines thanks to Everton’s defensive form, now who’s laughing. Thinking ahead of the game is exactly what you need to be doing, and I think Spurs may just lock down over the coming weeks. Dier a great shout.

downgrade qanda

Nick – Everton’s fixtures do look good but remember they have been shocking defensively this campaign. You’d be relying on his attacking prowess and hoping the inclusion of Coleman & Distin/Alcaraz solidify the Toffees down back. Costa once again looking doubtful this week and there’s nothing wrong with Fabregas. I’d be dumping Costa before Fabregas.

Baysie – Chadli? No. Pick someone else and the answer might be yes. *cough* Barkley * cough*

Seags – Baines is getting more love than the Home Alone DVD in Jimmy Saville’s jail cell, but I’m not sure ditching Fab is the answer. I’d hold- Everton haven’t impressed me yet.

Matt – Losing Fabregas isn’t the way to go about it, also if it involves bringing in Chadli the answer is an instant no. Don’t chase his points, only bring him in if it improves your team overall.

hazard adm qanda

Nick – Di Maria for me. Already have plenty of Chelsea coverage, including in midfield, so two would be a bit of an overkill. Played well in the Champions League on Wednesday morning but has been inconsistent in the Premier League so far. Has the potential to go massive every week but hasn’t shown in yet.

Baysie – ADM! If he’s not too injured.

Seags – Gotta be ADM then. You’d be A-Dopey-Motherfucker to miss out on him. See what I did there? Never mind…

Matt – I’m an advocate for having a premium POD, and Hazard is exactly that. I’m also an advocate for hedging your bets between the best teams. United have Chelsea and Arsenal away plus the Manchester Derby over the next month. Chelsea have West Brom and QPR at home, Liverpool’s poor excuse for a defence and well… United. I’m going to say Hazard for the short term, it’s an easy swap if things go wrong.

Finally, is it worth persisting with a cheap defence?

Nick – The cheap defence isn’t your problem, teams just generally aren’t keeping clean sheets…. On a regular basis this is. Teams are seemingly keeping the odd clean sheet here and there but there doesn’t seem to be a solid team defensively – aside from Southampton. As far as must haves go, someone from Southampton is a must but apart from that positions are up for grabs.

Baysie – Yes, cheap with maybe one more expensive player. Limited defensive trends of note so there’s not much to work with. Go light and re-evaluate with your New Years Wildcard!

Seags – No. I’ve got a cheap defence, am wildcarding this week and am going to flick them all like it’s my girlfriend’s bean.

Matt – The best decision I’ve made all year was going with a big hitting defence. Trying to find clean sheets is like the CDC trying to contain Ebola. You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard, turns out they find it nearly impossible. Guys like Baines and Ivanovic are gold, who needs clean sheets when your defenders can score?

So there you have it, hopefully this has cleared a few things up! There was a whole heap of questions as to whether or not you should trade Costa. Wait for Mourinho’s press conference, if he confirms he’s out (highly likely) then he has to go. Just remember he has scored 9 goals in 7 games this year, we will all want him back in the near future. I’ll be back later with the captains!


The Addicts Team

16 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 9

  1. theultimateandy

    Great article as usual lads…

    And Seags ur a sick man hahah!!

    ‘Baines is getting more love than the Home Alone DVD in Jimmy Saville’s jail cell’

  2. toasted1961

    Love the article. Where do you get your one liners from Seags? Here is my question.
    ADM to Erikson and Costa to Aguero. Is it worth a hit, or should I do nothing as both might play?

          • toasted1961

            My team is
            Manone, Krul
            Ivanovic, Clyne, Chamber, 4,4
            Sterling , Tadic, ADM, Siggy, Haz
            Pelle, Naismith and Costa.

            .6 itb 1 free transfer

            As you can see I already have Sterling. ADM probably will still play. Given Mourinhno’s antics, Costa still might play. Maybe I should do nothing?

  3. Jason

    Hey guys, great article as per the norm.

    A quick question. I’m looking at getting rid of De Gea ahead of the game this week. Who would you recommend getting in out of Forster, Foster and Lloris (all 3 have good draws in the immediate future). Thoughts guys?

  4. Paps

    Good article mate..

    Just wondering if someone could offer there opinion.

    I have 2 free transfers and no issues anywhere at the moment apart from Costa, so should I:

    1) Trade costa to pelle or falcao (Ive had costa from the start so I would be losing a lot of money if i wanted to get him back in)
    2) Waste the trade and just play Boyd over costa for now

    • Ryan

      I think you have to use one trade somewhere, anywhere, coz you will just be wasting a trade for nothing and that’s not a good idea. Post your team and someone might suggest a good trade, you obviously don’t want to do a terrible trade, but it would be good even if you could like trade a GK or something.

  5. Paps

    Guzan, Mannone
    Baines, Wisdom, Duff, Chambers, Moore
    Tadic, ADM, Sigurdsson, Sterling, Boyd
    Aguero, Welbeck, Diego Costa

    This is my team.. I was thinking and i could go costa to pelle and boyd to barkley

    Not really keen on making one trade like a GK or DEF really as ive made those slections on how they rotate with the others.

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