The Captains – GW9

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Let’s not beat around the bush, we’re on a serious roll at the moment! Aguero’s Christmas card is already in the mail. Surely he’s a lock this week? Let’s find out…

The Contenders:

When 2 giants clash, it’s often hard to pick a safe captain. I’m going to advise against any United selections this week. They need Rooney back and Di Maria looks just off peak fitness (He should still play). Chelsea on the other hand could belt them off the park, but even that’s hard to imagine at Old Trafford. Guys like Hazard and Fabregas must be high on your considerations, but without Costa I can’t recommend either.

Everton looked to be hitting their straps last week, most likely thanks to the return of Ross Barkley. Burnley are dead average and Everton should have a comfortable win here. Baines has to be in the mix for the armband, but I find it rare that defenders go back to back. Risky, but we all know what he’s capable of. The return of Barkley looks to be helping Lukaku out significantly, he is definitely a great shout for those who own him.

West Ham are in fantastic form and should pose Man City plenty of trouble. Having said that they’ve thrown defence out the door for attack, so there will be plenty of holes for City to ply their attacking trade. I can see Silva having a big one here, but realistically they have one obvious option that’s hard to pick against.

I’m calling off all captaincy selections from Liverpool until they decide to pull their finger out. They are probably playing worse than Arsenal at the minute, and that’s not an easy thing to be doing. Balotelli is a shocker. Hull will provide a stern test so I’ll pass on Sterling this week.

Usually I’d be predicting a comfortable 3 or 4 goal win here for Arsenal, but they are in horrible form. Sanchez is their shining light and will once again be their go to man, aside from him I see no captaincy options. Pass on Welbeck.

Finally Spurs face a horribly out of form Newcastle, and really should win comfortably here. I couldn’t fit any into the top 3, but Eriksen went close. His inconsistencies make me think captaincy isn’t such a wise choice. At the end of the day you never know what you will get from Spurs, I’d avoid them.

Top 3:

1. Aguero – It had to be. I said he was going to explode, but I’ll admit I didn’t see the 4 goal haul coming! He is a class above everyone else in the EPL and should see himself on the scoresheet once again. He isn’t a certainty though. Having played the full 90 minutes in City’s Champions League draw midweek, 270 minutes in 7 days seems a risk not worth taking. There is talk of him being rested, but I don’t adhere to that theory. Man City are 5 points behind the leaders Chelsea already, and the Blues don’t look like slowing up. Secondly, they need him. Badly. I can see him playing 60-70 minutes, hopefully that should be enough for him to earn us another great captaincy score!

2. Sanchez – Alexis is a surprise second pick this week, but if you own him you’d have to be confident with his chances. He looks in brilliant form, and is constantly looked for by Arsenal’s midfield. The Gunners will surely get the better of Sunderland here, and he will be key to it all. Definitely a worthy armband option.

3. Pelle – I think it’s time to get Pelle into the top 3, he’s definitely earned it. I don’t tend to captain midpricers, but he’s banged the dam wall down. Southampton’s form is a key driver to him being an option, team form isn’t considered enough when it comes to captaincy selection. Southampton look deadly at home and Stoke’s defensive form hasn’t been brilliant. He’s a man in form and will get chances again this weekend, I would never pick him ahead of the previous 2 however. Decent shout.

The Punt:

Sigurdsson – Gylfi was seriously unlucky not to score double figures again last week, missing a golden chance to score and his teammates let him down for 2 others. Leicester have fallen away badly from their bright start, and Swansea desperately need a win. It’s a very risky pick as this could be a tight game, but that’s not how Leicester tend to play. Definitely hold him and if you’re in serious need of a captain, don’t write him off.

There you have it! Hopefully these 3 can keep the streak going, good luck for the gameweek! Let’s make it another high scoring one.

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  1. brandonpietie

    Great article. And for me there is a new permacap SERGIOOOOOOOOOOO. 1 Question. I have Sakho and Dyer but not sure which one to bench. Thoughts?

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Man if West Ham can keep this up and Man City pull out one of their famous 1-0 losses to mid table sides, then us without Aguero captain could be ahead after tonight 🙂
    (Cue the jinx!!!)

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