Studs Up – GW9

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Bit of a let down this week from the highs of last! Still, it’s a learning opportunity… And learn we shall.


* Not back *


Inform. There’s some seriously inform strikers going around right now! I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this in (my) recent memory? In no particular order; Aguero, 9 in 9 EPL games this season. Sakho, 5 goalscoring games in a row. Pelle, 6 goals 3 assists in the last 7. Berahino, 5 goals in 6. Bony with 4 in 3. Maybe Lukaku with 4 from 6 at a push? Before Costa’s injury he had 9 from 7!!! There will be a lot of teams going around who have 3 from that group and would be flying! Gotta keep in mind though that quite a few of these runs are not going to be sustained. Remember that bloke called Ulloa? This is what separates the easily influenced middle of road FPL gaffer from the forward thinking top 1000 gaffers! Try and figure out who has hit the top of the curve, and which ones still have goals in them!?!? I can’t do all the work for you, what do you guys reckon?

Front 3. Talk about inform. Southampton’s… Pelle being flanked by the seriously impressive Mane and Tadic. That is as good an attacking trio going around at the moment and at prices being quoted coupled with fixtures coming up mean they must come into consideration. As a firm believer of a smattering of PODs in our teams, I’m putting Mane out there. 6.9m and an ownership of 0.2% is worth putting some thought into. Trying to get one of Mane or Tadic into your team is the tough part… Who do you trade out? Sometimes it too hard and it’s best to go with what you have.

Alexis Sanchez. If Arsenal ever needed their big summer signing to stand up, it has been these past couple of weeks. With Ozil and Giroud out for quite a while, Ox still finding his way, Cazorla still trying to find his best form, Ramsey and Walcott not fully fit yet, a lot has rested on Sanchez’s shoulders and he’s done the job. A massive 29 points over the past 2 games should put him on all our radars… Problem is he’s competing with Di Maria at that price, and I’d go ADM every day… If you have Hazard as well though then there’s something here to seriously consider.

Honourable mentions. Charlie Austin saving bacon,  Bony, Anichebe (soft spot).

burn* Sad man walking *


Europa League. Screw You. Screw. You. You’ve made Tottenham completely FPL irrelevant, and they were supposed to be a vital source of PODs. They were SUPPOSED to be a buffet of defensive points but you’ve robbed them of vital training ground time. Harry Kane plays midweek and smashes it, but Adebayor comes back in and scores. Lamela looks a world beater then flops. And, you’ve turned Everton into a rotation monster! Barkley bench. McGeady benched. Eto’o starts. Osman starts FFS! Alacaraz? How are we supposed to deal with this crap? Rant over.

Man City. Not because they lost… Teams lose from time to time. And don’t get me wrong, they’re doing pretty darn well… But as far as being a cohesive team unit, they’re a mile behind Chelsea. You just have too look at the majority of goals being scored by both teams to see what’s going on. Huge percentage of City goals rely on individual skill, such as Silva’s cracker. Chelsea’s on the other hand are regularly team goals or from sensational assists. Having a heap of possession is all well and good but you need to find different ways to break down the opposition. Still a loooong way to go, but it’s harder to keep relying on individual’s to win you games… Don’t get me started on their defence. Man Utd up next is tougher now than it was a month ago. Still bullish about Rooney for those interested.

Whack. I’ve been a bit hit and miss with my whackings so far. After GW7 I gave it to Everton and Newcastle, and they’ve won both games since! Maybe that’s what I should be aiming for… A response. So here goes… Tottenham. I’ve given them a light paddling so far but it’s time they got their act together. Beaten at home this week by a Newcastle team we all thought were a basket case. Before that they were smashed by City. They did alright putting in shifts against Southampton and Arsenal to bring home 4 points from 6 prior to the City debacle. But were beaten at home by West Brom before that… That’s some serious jeckle and hide form. They’ve got Villa away this week and then Stoke at home. They need two wins otherwise the future is mid table obscurity with a couple of cup runs to look forward to… Eriksen has looked likely though.

Honourable mentions. Being easier to score than miss, Rio on the way, Silva’s unpickable form, Bony’s fixtures, me forgetting Chambers was back from suspension 🙂

Ryan Bennett Award – Brede Hangeland. Possibly a bit harsh… He has got a goalscoring record some 16m strikers would kill for! 2 goals in 4 games so far this season, but before these goals he hadn’t scored in the EPL since the 10/11 season. That’s something like 10,000 minutes of football…

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Morgan Amalfitano. Had a bit of an FPL crush on this bloke last season that went largely unrequited! He got on the scoresheet against City, but to be fair was kind of fortunate. No disrespect, but that goal had a tiny bit of luck about it. The positives about Morgan is he is getting good minutes, in a goal scoring team and they have a good run of games. Negative is that he’s the Jonjo Shelvey Award winner for a reason…

Jamie Vardy Award – Samuel Eto’o. Very doubtful if Sammy is going to get enough minutes to make him FPL relevant… He played the No 10 role vacated by Barkley (screw you Europa league), and you’d think Ross will be back sooner rather than later. Scored two great goals against Burnley, to go with full BPs for a 13 to show he can still perform at this level.

So! What are our trades this week? I’m a bit stuck between Roondog in for Lukaku or dumping Lloris (after the whack they’ll get a cleanie for sure!)… Or nothing. The defence finally put in a performance so they’ll be left well alone!

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  1. Marty White

    The Europa League is the worst thing in football. Literally nobody cares about it (Utd fans rightly celebrated finishing 7th last year on the final day) and it ruins teams who play in it, not just short term but over the next few years. It basically acts as a buffer to stop mid-table sides from ever getting into the top 4- you push into 5th or 6th and then you get raped the next season by the EL.

    Newcastle in 2012 did amazingly and since they entered that shitty comp they have plummeted. Michael Laudrup worked miracles in 2013 at Swansea, got in EL and soon lost his job. Middlesbrough and Fulham both made it to a final in recent years- both teams going really well now lol jk.

    The commentators were mocking Pocchetino(sp) bcos Southampton are outperforming Spurs. Just wait till this time next year when Soton are in the EL group stage and let’s see how they’re going then.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Precisely! Could not have said it better… The evidence is what were Spurs’ results this season the Sunday after playing in the EL? Beaten by West Brom and Newcastle @ home! The only other result was that win over Southampton, but the Pochettino effect may have played a part along with some ordinary/unlucky finishing.

      The only good that can be sought for Everton is that it gives some of the younger players experience playing in Europe, as well as giving the fans an opportunity to go on holiday and get teargassed 😀

    • greennred

      Plenty of genuine football supporters care about the Europa and cared about the UEFA Cup, the only chance for may clubs to play European football. Ask a Fulham supporter about the adventure of getting to the final in 2010. How is getting to a final more than 4 years ago causing them to be relegated ? The only European trophy Ipswich won with their great team of the late 70s early 80s. Shaktar, CSKA, Galatasaray and Zenith have all won it. If a club can’t manage their squad around European games then it’s the club’s fault, not the European competition’s.

      • mattcraigdt

        Agree with both points, but if clubs were so concerned about it they could tank it. Fact is it’s a massive opportunity for the smaller clubs to make a name for themselves on a bigger stage. I personally think clubs prepare for it very poorly and don’t fatten their squads in preparation.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          I nearly accept all of greenred’s stance. I do have trouble accepting any comparisons with the 70’s and 80’s though, or anything to do with the old version of the competition. It actually meant something then. Since the Champions League has been expanded and taken all of the better teams, and then tops up the EL midway through, it really is going the way of a european version of the League Cup whether “genuine football supporters”, or whatever that means, care or not.

    • Marty White

      Ok, did a bit of geeksearch looking at the English teams in the last decade who qualified for the UC/EL via their league position and then compared their league position in the year they qualified with the position the year after. This is probably not 100% complete but still interesting:

      Blackburn: 6th-14th
      Newc: 3rd-5th
      Liverpool: 5th-4th
      Newc: 5th-14th
      Everton: 4th-11th
      Bolton: 6th-8th
      Middlesbrough: 7th-14th
      Blackburn: 6th-10th
      Newc: 7th-13th
      Spurs: 5th-5th
      Everton: 6th-5th
      Spurs: 5th-8th
      Everton: 5th-5th
      Villa: 6th-6th
      Everton: 5th-8th
      Villa: 6th-6th
      Fulham: 7th-12th
      Man City: 5th-3rd
      Liverpool: 6th-7th
      Villa: 6th-9th
      Spurs: 5th-4th
      Newc: 5th-16th
      Spurs: 4th-5th
      Chelsea: 6th-3rd
      Spurs: 5th-6th

      So the general trend is down. City and Chelsea are notable exceptions but just happen to be filthy rich with huge squads and you could argue that Chelsea finishing 3rd in 2013 is pretty pathetic anyway.

      Everton, Villa, Liverpool and Spurs tended to stay pretty level but I would argue that O’Neill and Moyes were working miracles and the EL was the main barrier to them getting in the top 4. But as for any smaller club that has the temerity to have a good season- total punishment.

      Obviously many other factors involved but I think the EL is a killer.

      • baysietoff Post Author

        *Clap clap clap* I appreciate this kind of stuff haha…

        There are a few teams there that were unlucky not to finish in the Champions League positions that year, and it did ruin that momentum. The fundamental problem lies in that most of the non-rich teams particularly your Everton’s, Swansea’s, Villa’s can’t devote the extra funds to bulk up their squads when the money on offer in the EL is so relatively poor. On the flip side, the “genuine football supporters” wouldn’t accept tanking. Caught between a rock…

  2. Who?

    Great Stuff Baysie! I have three short questions:
    1) Is Ivanovic to Baines a bad trade? (Note: I have 2 free transfers this GW)
    2) Should Hazard be transferred out, or should I persist with him?
    3) Is Aguero a necessity?
    Cheers 🙂

  3. Bailey

    Hi Baysie. In fox sports fantasy pl, Should I trade Diego Costa for Eto’o/Berahino as a bench player that can come on my field if they have a good fixture and trade Schneiderlin/Sigurdsson for Sanchez? Who plays Burnley this week. Help would be greatly appreciated

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Don’t know anything about that comp so I’m concerned about bad advice!!! For the record, I will not be the slightest bit surprised if Costa is given one more week off. They’ve got QPR and with all due respect, I don’t think they need him to get the win, and then have Liverpool away.

      If you do go that trade, Eto’o may not get enough minutes as alluded to above so Berahino would be the better bet. And get rid of Schneiderlin over Siggy.

      • Bailey

        Thanks Baysie. It’s pretty much the same as official. You get 2 free transfers each game week. For every extra trade it’s -3. Would u take a -6 and trade Moreno for Chambers and trade Schneiderlin for Mane? Or do those 2 trades next week?

          • Bailey

            Should I do the -6 trades or leave the 2 trades, Schneiderlin and Costa out, Sanchez and Berahino in as they are?

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Moreno oooouuuuuutttttttttttt!!!! I like that Moreno/Chambers – Schneid/Mane trade as your only trades? Even if Costa misses a week. I’ve always hated cheap strikers. Can stuff you up in the future when they go cold and you’ve got nobody to trade to…

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    Well done Baysie. Never thought about doing ADM to Sanchez before. I know you don’t recommend it but I kinda like the thought of it…if Sanchez really finds his form with Arsenal, he should be a greater goal threat

  5. brandonpietie

    Awesome writeup.

    Im note sure where my trade this week must go. Defence, Mid, or Attack.

    Team is:
    Foster (Mannone)
    Clyne, Dier, Taylor (Duf, Moore)
    Fab, ADM, Sterling, Brunt (Dyer)
    Pelle, Sahko, Aguero.

    Do I go:
    1) Dier > Baines / Ivano
    2) Sterling > Sanchez
    3) Pelle > Costa/Rooney

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Brandon! Brunt was a good trade! Nice one. 🙂

      All those have very good arguments for and against… Baines will probably be most consistent over the season so I’d go him. BUT check Sakho’s fitness. Might miss a few.

      • brandonpietie

        Thanx man. Maybe will take the -4.

        The Brunt move was like United signing Falcao… A panic decision, that actually paid off lol.

        If I change Dier to Baines, and I take Sakho out, I have 7 in the bank… That leaves, Berahino, Ulloa, Austin, Naismith etc. Not real big prospects?

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Your team looks pretty fine mate…although I agree Dier>Banes and Sterling > Sanchez look nice, I would probably do the former


    Baysie, any thoughts on these trades..

    The team as is…
    Moore, Clyne, Baines, Taylor, Dawson
    Di María, Fábregas, Sterling, Boyd, Sigurdsson
    Agüero, Pellè, Welbeck

    Sterling > Sanchez and Welbeck > Berahino -4
    or Taylor > Chambers

  7. theultimateandy

    Excellent write up as usual Baysie!

    I’ve already pulled the trigger on two transfers,

    Siggy and Sterling -> Jedinak and Sanchez. I took a hit to make the changes but I think Sanchez is important to have with a home match against Burnley coming up…

    Have ADM, Fab, Costa, Welback and Aguero too.

  8. Mike

    This week has some tough decisions! What is everyone doing with Costa? His price is dropping like a whores draws, but I still feel he is going to play and rain FPL points against a QPR side with Rio in defence. Shall I stay faithful and keep him or swap to Welbeck / Pelle for one week? I am sure others are in a similar position!

    • theultimateandy

      I wanted to get in Dirty Sanchez, so to free up the cash it was either Fab out, ADM out or Sterling out.

    • Ryan

      It’s funny that, Sterling is my favourite player and he’s doing just as good as hoped he would and I still considered trading him out (I didn’t), the midfield is a cruel place – inform guns get traded out of their all the time.

  9. Jason

    Just thought I’d pop my team in just before the price rises.

    Forster (Krul)
    Baines, Clyne, Wisdom (Vlaar, N. Taylor)
    Di Maria, Hazard, Sterling, Downing (Siggy)
    Costa, Pelle, Berahino

    0.5mil, 1FT

    I’m thinking of this week of going
    1) N. Taylor -> Dawson/Chambers/Duff/Hutton
    2) N. Taylor -> Hutton/Duff, Sterling -> Fab, -4 point hit
    3) N. Taylor -> Hutton/Duff, Downing -> Chadli
    4) Anything else


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