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Welcome back to another Q&A where we answer your most pressing queries. This week I’ve tried to come up with a few questions my self, hopefully it will help with your line ball calls!

With Sakho expected to miss at least a week (West Ham are “hopeful” he will return against Villa), what is the best plan of action? Is a sideways trade to Berahino the way to go, even if it means losing 0.1 or 0.2 in value?

Nick – I would prefer having Sakho so if you are just planning a one-week trade I probably wouldn’t bother, providing you have adequate bench coverage. I’d just bench him this weekend against Stoke and bring him back on for the Villa game.

Baysie – Trade. The best trade you can do is an upgrade… The second best trade you can do, an upgrade. Failing those two options then Berahino is in great form, and is on penalties, so could be worthwhile.

Seags – Get Berahino. He’s black, he’s quick, he’s a gun, and word on the street is he has a monster cock.

Matt – There’s a good chance he may go down in value next week after missing a game, if the funds aren’t readily available I’d go sideways to Berahino for a couple of weeks.

How desperate should we be to bring Costa back in (Especially with QPR at home this week)? Is it too dangerous to be without him?

Nick – It looks as if he will return this weekend and with a home against QPR he has every chance of tearing them a knew one. He’s dropped a fair bit of value since his injury so he’s probably at his lowest price. If you’re wanting to bring him in, it seems like this week is probably better than ever. As for being a must have, I would probably give him that label.

Baysie – I don’t want anything to do with Costa. If he doesn’t have surgery now, then he’ll always be on the verge of missing games… I play FPL because it’s fun, dealing with that crap every week doesn’t sound like fun to me. Sure it will hurt if he goes big when he can get on the park, but I’m ok with that.

Seags – If he’s playing- I’d bring him in. He’s in my side, and he looks as good there as that 12 year old girl does in Kick Ass. Lock me up now.

Matt – I’m happy to see how he goes this week before bringing him back in. I know there’s risk involved with his injuries, but seriously for a guy who is capable of going at a goal a game, 10.8 is ridiculously cheap. I’ll probably look to get him in next week if he looks good.

What are your thoughts on bringing in Rooney at his discounted price? If you had to make the choice between him or spending the extra cash on Aguero, who would you pick?

Nick – I’d go Aguero in a heartbeat but if it means taking a hit to bring him in it’s probably not worth it. Rooney is crucial to United’s success and will most likely hold the key to Di Maria’s form. If it were me, I’d go Aguero. Rooney still a good shout though.

Baysie – You should know my stance on Roondog by now! Love him, and in this team could go big. He’s the skipper, and has a bit of repaying to do after his suspension… He’s not better than Aguero though! Aguero in my opinion will score a bucket of points this season while he’s fit. That said, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, if the dollar difference is used wisely then it could be smart FPL’ing to go Rooney over Aguero.

Seags – It’s a no from me. Aguero/Costa are way better, and Pelle will produce something similar at a cheaper price.

Matt – 10.2 is a bargain no question, but with Costa at just 10.8 and Pelle on fire, there’s not much room for him. I’m a massive Aguero fan and he gets my vote, but saving 2.4 has to be considered with Costa and Rooney as great captaincy options.

Can Sanchez maintain this form? Arsenal are struggling to get a foot hold in games and his brace last week was purely down to Sunderland’s incompetence. 

Nick – There is no doubting he’s a world class player and world class players produce regularly. Arsenal are struggling but I’m tipping them to bounce back. If Arsenal get better one would think Sanchez will get better with them. If so, look out.  

Baysie – Yeah, he’s got that little bit of extra class and workrate that means he can be the difference. At a push I guess I do have conerns when/if Arsenal start getting some players back, like Walcott, and if they can fit all the pieces together.

Seags – In answer to your question, let me echo the sentiments of this bird I tried to finger last weekend on the dance floor of a club.

“No. Get fucked.”

Matt – Let’s be honest, his brace last week should never have happened. If he had blanked, would we all be scrambling? I doubt it. I think a power forward line is key, which doesn’t leave much of a budget in midfield. Sure he is a fantastic POD and will have a brilliant season, but Di Maria and Fabregas should do the same. I’m keen to see how he handles Walcott’s return, now there’s a player I’m considering. The choice for me comes down to Costa or Sanchez, and I can only go one way there.

What are your thoughts on Liverpool? Is it time for Sterling to go with guys like Sanchez in such hot form?

Nick – I don’t see why everyone is dumping Sterling? Yes it’s obvious he is struggling slightly without Sturridge but he is still a vital cog in Liverpool’s side. If you could go Sterling > Sanchez then go ahead, but dumping Sterling for blokes like Barkley/Tadic doesn’t seem viable in my opinion. I’m happy to continue to own him – POD incoming.

Baysie – Liverpool are doing fine aren’t they? All jokes aside they are missing something but I don’t see it being too far away that they click. Sterling is urguably their most important and creative player and I don’t fully understand the collective ship jumping going on.

Seags – I prefer Sterling- the dude is involved in everything Liverpool does and if they click- he’ll be on the receiving end.

Matt – Sterling is selected by 50% of players, however I certainly don’t see him as a must have. This is why I’m looking to downgrade him to make room for Costa, I think Mane is a fantastic shout. Having said that don’t trade him purely down to form (Which is solid anyway), Liverpool will bounce back.

Will Tottenham ever reach their full potential? It seems they have numerous players who can be great value, they just never string good performances together.

Nick – It seems they are really struggling to manage playing both Europa League and Premier League football. They are actually performing pretty well in the Europa League but cannot seem to transfer those sort of results come Premier League time. Blokes like Eriksen, Lamela, Chadli and Vertonghen produce good value but with their up and down form simply cannot be considered. Until we see an improvement in their Premier League form their options are simply discredited from my point of view.

Baysie – Maybe in the New Year but they’ve burnt many bridges, including mine.

Seags – No. A few years ago Tottenham were like the young girl actress that played Matilda in the movie. Critically acclaimed, young, and meant to be the next big thing in acting. Now, they’re nowhere to be seen, and look like a bag full of abortion.

In summary: Tottenham are a small club, and always will be.

Matt – I don’t think they will, there is a mental barrier they simply can’t breach when playing the smaller clubs. They have no X factor to break down the opposition, and they are mentally weak. I’d avoid.

There we have it! Plenty to come this week with the captains and the news wrap still to follow in the lead up to GW10. We hope this has helped!


The Addicts Team

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  1. stevenfsexton

    a couple of gameweeks ago i was sitting in the top 1k overall. since activating my wc i have slipped to 100k. can someone pls advise me as to the location of the delete team button is please?

  2. Seags is retarded

    Seags you really are retarded. Your comments are pointless. Ffs pisses all over this shit site.

  3. Hero

    This site is great and has helped me stay around the 30k mark for a couple years but Seag’s feel free to ease up on the one liners. Makes it painful to read

  4. Bill

    I cannot bear to read this site any more because of Seags’ bantz. Terrible. Shame as the other guys are pretty knowledgeable, but there are sites available where I don’t have to consume pathetically desperate, low brow, bigoted ‘humour’

  5. joelharrison82

    I currently have Hazard but I’m not sure I should keep him (he’s always involved in great attacking plays but is less often the guy that touches the ball last or second last before they score a goal!). I have 10.5m to spend on a midfielder if I trade him in. Is Fabregas, Sanchez or Di Maria a better shout?

  6. Dane Goose

    As a more balanced reply, I think Seags really lets this site down. I prefer the simplicity of this site compared to FFS but these endless metaphor ‘jokes’ that range between completely unfunny and completely offensive are a real turnoff and I can’t really be doing with it anymore.

    The comment about Berahino is just lame, the comment about Madeleine McCann the other week was disgusting and the general input from the guy is weak. Nothing more pathetic than the guy who thinks he’s funnier than he is.

  7. brandonpietie

    Humor is a subjective thing. I find things funny that some people might find offensive. If people feel that Seags is offensive, not funny, a turnoff… then skip over his comments. NO ONE says you have to read it!!!

  8. theultimateandy

    Class write up guys, the Costa situation has been annoying me for a while now. think I’m gonna hold him for another week or so. Hope it doesn’t backfire… it definitely will 😀

    Seags is retarded, Bill, Hero… I reckon they’re all that same bird seags tried to finger on the dancefloor, out for revenge!

    • Bill

      Great banter mate, you should submit this witty repartee to The Lad Bible, sure they’d think you are a pwopa ledge

  9. tseagrim

    I’ll take this opportunity to just explain myself a little bit…

    I’m not a prick and I’m not a bigot.

    If you think that I let the site down, thats fine! You’re entitled to your own opinion.

    I try to add something different that you don’t see on many FPL sites, so that’s why I tend to push the boundaries a little. If that offends you- then I’m sorry.

    I’m a 23 year old law student. I’m not some huge troll. I’m not someone that sits here thinking of ways to piss people off.

    I like to think I’ve given a bit to this site… and comments saying I’m a twat and retarded aren’t entirely constructive. If you’ve got criticism then by all means, let me know- but just in a way you’d tell one of your mates when he was doing something wrong.

    Anyway- I’ll see y’all next week for some more Scrawlings. Be warned. 😉

    • Shikhar

      I love what you bring into this site and will always be a loyal follower of fpladdicts.com. The knowledge and insights that people share here is a delight to be a part of (obviously speaking as a true FPL addict).

      Way to go Seags. FTW!!

    • theultimateandy

      Your stuff cracks me up seags, I spend most of my day in work on fpladdicts.com.

      You shouldn’t have to apologise because 2 or 3 muppets can’t handle some jokes. Screw em!

      Seags FTW!

      • Bill

        Sorry TheUltimateAndy, now I know you spend most of your working day on this site I have a new found respect for you, well played mate, hope your life is working out well for you.

        Seags knows his market and his market loves his work, fair play.

        • theultimateandy

          Jesus Bill you’ve got some fierce superiority complex man… As long as you know you smarter than everyone else, that’s all that matters at the end of the day! :*

      • Hero

        Lol feel free to pull your head out of his arse and come up with some opinions of your own. I never said to stop the banter but try limit it to jokes that are actually funny. I’ve lost count of the amount of Oscar Pistorius and Michael Jackson references. The first one was funny tho 3 or 4 weeks ago

    • dane swan

      Seriously mate, if you’re a law student you really should stop writing this sort of Shit all over the internet. It could easily backfire on you further down the line and screw your career up.

        • dane swan

          So your full name is tseagrim? Lol, was just trying to be helpful, you dig your own grave you unfunny, unoriginal, immature, boring, attention-seeking douchebag.

          • tseagrim

            You must have gave thesaurus.com a real bashing to think of all those 3 syllable words. Lord knows you couldn’t have come up with them yourself.

  10. Psycho.You.Reds

    The site is awesome chaps, putting a bit of personality into the advice I know I appreciate. Other sites are dull in comparison. Can’t please everyone but keep doing what you are doing, there is a lot of people who enjoy it!

  11. Maddog in the USA

    IMO seags is great as are all the dudes giving thier thoughts, Seags is vulgar, raunchy and funny and on top of that he makes his point and i LOVE IT and for that i applaud you and your site. keep up the good work and never stop!!

  12. killerkool

    2nd year for me doing FPL and I have a good laugh with Seags twist on stuff, hardly ever post a comment but I’m constintly coming to the site refreshing the page waiting for the next article… If you don’t like what Seags has to say then ignore it or just don’t fukn use this awesome site. Stop bitching about it !!

  13. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Okay, I’ll be honest here.

    I love this site. I’ve always loved this site.

    I love ALL the writers. I’ve always loved ALL the writers.

    In regards to humour, like people have said, you don’t have to read it. Stephen Fry had a great quote on, saying that ‘…being offended is just a whine. It has no meaning and has no purpose. No reason to be respected as a phrase’. If you’re offended then just skip over it.

    On the same note however, the Berahino one was pretty poor, I must admit ahaha. You usually come up with crackers though, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

  14. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Great stuff as usual guys, and agreeing full-heartedly woth Costa and Sterling,keeping both and havent given it a second of thought!

    Also, Seags… Brilliant, if you gotta lower the rating just remember one thing… Dont 🙂

    • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

      As well, I recon the Berahini comment was class, came out of nowhere really thats what makes Seags’ banter good, unexpected!
      And if you think about it really, its a well written metaphor. His monster cock could be referring to his goal scoring form, or the fact that thr ball is the monster itself and the net is the helpless bird (hence its width ;))

        • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

          So when you read that last line, you were expecting him to say that Berahino had a monster cock?
          Im pretty sure all heroes need logic

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Then why did you previously question my knowledge of him being black? And even so, when someone says ‘word on the street is…’ you wouldnt usually expect that to come out, but as I said… Its all about the metaphor.

            (Cant stop, Baysie, sorry 🙁 the chance to take down a hero makes me a legend :))

          • Hero

            Don’t think you took anyone down mate. Just look like a bloke trying to sound less stupid than your original comment. And it didn’t work for ya. Your just another typical ass licker who gets all up tight when people have a difference of opinion. Don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Seag’s work when he didn’t turn every answer into a metaphor. Not hard for Seag’s to pick and choose through the good ones. To much of a good thing can turn it bad.

          • N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

            Well seeing as I am trying to sound less stupid than what I already was, how about you aye?
            If you wanna read my comment again, (especially the part in the brackets), I advise you do: “the chance TO take down a hero makes me a legend” To. To. TO. TO. T. TO. TO. TO. TO. TO. if you didn’t catch my drift: TO; meaning yet to be accomplished and something that may take place or occur; a preposition. PREposition. So if i’m stupid, and you’re the one that I have proved wrong (after originally calling me stupid), what does that initially make you?
            Also, to prove I wasn’t ‘ass licking’ I provided an example essential to an argument.

            (And I just became a legend :))
            (Done Baysie :))

  15. Shaun Curnow

    Jeez there are few precious princesses out there isn’t there. Seriously if you don’t like what someone writes then don’t read it. It’s not rocket science, no one is forcing you to read what any of writers are writing.

    FPLAddicts is hands down one of the best FPL sites around, and I can safely say it’s the sole reason I’ve had the results last couple seasons I have had. All the writers know their stuff, and Seags has been big part of that. What he brings to table is a bit of fun and basically reminds you that FPL is just a game and to enjoy it.

    Keep up the awesome work lads.

  16. stevenfsexton

    i traded in callum chambers this week and still drop in the ranking. do that many people have sanchez in their team do they? anyway i have taken my first major hit of the season this week and now my team looks something like this….now only to fix up my third striker and im almost set…

    Mannone, Krul
    Chambers, Wisdom, Bertrand, Moore, Taylor
    Di Maria, Sanchez, Sigurdsson, Fabergas, Wanyama
    Aguero, Diego Costa, Naismith

    0.2 in the bank

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