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Sorry for the delay! Horse racing research and the possibility to make some coin took a little time this past day or two… It was worth it though!!! My two cents on the antics of late last week? Leave it out. The internet is already a hate filled cesspool full of abusive keyboard warriors, the second this place turns into that you’ll be down one writer. Keep this corner classy. Like I said to one of our valued community members, comedy can be the most decisive yet pointless arguments. Don’t like it don’t read it, but… Turn up for Studs Up!!!


* Yep *


Sanchez. Can’t go past the man of the moment! I’m a big fan of stats, and his have gone through the roof in recent weeks. His past 3 EPL games have been the big ones scoring 13, 16 and 16 this week. His shots on goal during those games 5, 5 and 7. Or… 1 every 16 minutes. Before this run he was going at a shot every 38 minutes in the EPL! That’s a fairly big turn around in form, or attacking intent. A player of his quality will always score goals given enough attempts… Sure there are other factors to consider like the opposition, home or away, where the shots were being taken from… But time is not our friend, and those stats look impressive enough in isolation. Swansea away and United at home in coming weeks aren’t exactly the easiest fixtures but we should be happy to ride this form. If you don’t have him, may need to find a way.

Chambers. Finally! I’ve had him since GW5 and am pretty darn happy with his, and Arsenal’s, defensive form these past couple of games. Like I replied to a post last week, him coupled with a Baines and a Clyne could be a handy set and forget defence until the New Year. Swansea and United on the horizon though?

Newcastle?!? Now that’s a turn around! Or, have they been lucky? Not for one second taking any shine off what’s gone on but… They beat a horrible Liverpool team, at home. Previous, they beat a Spurs team that can not deal with midweek Europe games. Leicester before that at home should always be a win. Or how about this… Steven Taylor is back in the side and his only three games have been those wins? They’ve got some great fixtures coming up, if they have in fact turned the corner and haven’t got “fixture lucky”… I’m going to risk it.

Honourable mentions. Gutierrez overcoming the battle. Downing getting involved again. Hazard has a pulse. Aguero ticking along. Wanderers in the ACL. Bayswater Toffees sitting 24th in A League RDT!!! Melbourne Cup dollars.


* Beep Beep Beep (that’s a truck reversing fyi) *


Sterling > Liverpool. Yeah ok. I couldn’t cop the price losses so have had to dump the kid. But I do feel bad about it as I don’t think it’s his fault, he’s not cooked and will come back very soon. His is a repercussion of Liverpool’s poor recent form. You could say that they’ve got some half decent results, but they don’t look anything like the team of last season. Losing your two best strikers, Suarez permanently, is always going to be hard to deal with and they haven’t dealt with it at all. Mario is so poor, and no-one else can get a chance to show something. Rogers is coming across as unreasonably stubborn and it will cost the whole club plenty if he doesn’t see sense. And they play some bunch of also rans called Real Madrid now!

Relegation. This is about the time of the season that the ladder starts to show itself… I don’t see the bottom 5 or 6 changing too much. All of Burnley, QPR, Leicester and Palace look poor. Villa could easily drop down to allow Palace and/or QPR another chance. Sunderland are hit and miss, with more miss than hit. They do have potential though… These are the teams you should be looking for when form guiding. The top teams will be looking for goals… When playing each other, don’t be surprised if there’s some tight low scoring affairs. The last thing these teams want is to be dropping points against fellow relegation candidates.

Jose. Managers can slag of the players, the ref, the FA, support staff, the ball boys, their own family, the government at home or abroad, God/Allah/Buddha… But as soon as they slag off their own supporters they start flirting with some serious danger! There is a million better ways to deal with a lacklustre support at home games. Slagging them off comes some way towards the last resort.

Honourable mentions. Costa’s blank, tough crowd. Spurs not kidding anyone. Smalling. Joe Hart… Fellaini. All behaving badly. Cricket right now.

Ryan Bennett Award – Gael Clichy. Harsh!!! But, he has played 7 games from 10 and this is his only his score above 2. Man City do have a good run of fixtures but the worry over long term minutes should see you running for the door.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Victor Wanyama. I’m basing this more on the probability of future performances than performances past… Has scored 3 goals so far this season so he’s been pretty good. But the last one is unrecreatable (possible new word, patent pending). Always hate defensive minded midfielders in this game.

Jamie Vardy Award – Ayoze Perez. Yeah he scored last round as well, but he looked a little too shocked that he scored for me to think it’s going to be a regular thing.

I’m going to go spend my Melbourne Cup winnings! Catchya.

56 comments on “Studs Up – GW10

  1. killerkool

    Quality article Baysie, I apologise to everyone for my abusive posts last week. Won’t happen again. Cheers

  2. Philip

    Good article! Looking to bring in Sanchez, but that would require me to drop either Sterling, Hazard, Fab, or Costa. Who do you reckon? I’m leaning Sterling – I just think Hazard is bound to put a few quality games together and is a decent POD.

  3. Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

    Great write-up.

    Always good to clear the air, it’s completely pointless arguing over something like comedy. For example, I’m a massive fan of Ricky Gervais, his style and his shows, but I’ve got mates who think he’s an utter c**t and hate his shows (not exactly sure how you can hate ‘The Office’ and ‘Life’s too Short’ though ;)).

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks “valued community member” haha.

      Great example there. I think Gervais is a tit 🙂 The Office is the only british made show where the US version is arguably better… Imho.

      • Zeus O'Dea (@ZeusODea)

        Ahaha, see what I mean! I must disagree though, while I like the US show and Dwight Schrute is my favourite character out of both the shows, the British version just has more subtle and clever humour. Like I said though, I do love both.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Might help actually! Always feel that Arsenal need that change up in play that Walcott provides with his pace on the wing, it might open up a little space through the middle for Sanchez?

      I’m more concerned with Giroud and Ozil coming back, but fortunately that’s some time away.

  4. Dan

    Seems I missed all the fun last week hey? 😉

    Can’t go any longer without Sanchez (though he did f-all when I ha him earlier in the season), taken a fairly big punt to try to squeeze him in. Sterling and Siggy out for Sanchez and Ameobi (2 FTs). Only way I could fit him in without losing one of my fwds (Aguero, Costa and Pelle). Newcastle been in ok form, nice fixtures and a few injuries should see Ameobi get gametime.

    Preparing for a massive backfire this GW…

  5. MattyZach

    Looking at the last few weeks, I need Sanchez. But, to get Sterling > Sanchez I need to find 2 mill somewhere.

    It makes me cringe to think I have to trade Welbeck or Siggy to a total spud in order to make it happen. I’d then have to play one of said spuds on the field (or play 4 defenders).

  6. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    Great writing Baysie, cheers.

    The awards are getting harder to pick out each week!
    Minor predicament last week, hope nothing changes because of it though

  7. Bio Eden Hazard

    Alright guys, moment of truth here. The FPL godshave been pretty good to me so far (2000th overall) but I,ve been losing ground and I need to decide how I can trade Sterling to Sanchez. Here are the options:

    Siggy –> Boyd
    Di Maria or Fabregas –> Chadli, Downing or Tadic
    Pelle –> Sakho

    What do you guys think?

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      Guys please need your help here, I got my finger on the Fabregas+Sterling–> Downing+Sanchez (have costa for Chelsea cover)

      • baysietoff Post Author


        You’ve gotten that far a reason! Go with your gut…

        But being devil’s advocate… By doing that trade, and so late in the week, Sterling has lost 0.2m since Saturday, Sanchez gained 0.2m and Downing gained 0.1m. You’ve kinda lost 0.5m.

        • Bio Eden Hazard

          Cheers mate! I’ve been burned so many times last year for making transfers at the beginning of a week…this 0.5m is lot (sunk cost if you will) and shouldn’t influence my decision 🙂

  8. viper086

    With everyone dumping him, Sterling is going to be top trade target when (IF) he and Liverpool find some form. After Chelsea they have Crystal Palace, Stoke, Leicester, Sunderland.

    might be worth the punt for those looking to make up ground!

  9. Harrison White

    Is it really that important to have sanchez in your team. I already have adm and I tnink man utd are playing a lot better and with rvp plus Rooney and falcao back im sure adm is going to fire. I also have sterling and with their fixtures post this weekend I see some big points coming. It seems everyone is panicking and taking hits just to bring in sanchez and it usually involves these two. Seems quite probable that these two will score ten plus before sanchez scores double figures again. Sanchez will probably score a hatrick the next two weeks now but just wondering what some of you lads thought?

    • baysietoff Post Author

      There might be a Q&A article tomorrow that covers some of this 🙂

      The main problem with Sterling is he’s vomiting $$$. It’s so hard to gain money that you don’t want to be throwing it away if you don’t have to. Sell high, buy low! Those that missed his price loss and sold him at the start of the week can buy him back in a week for much less. That’s beside the fact he has been playing poorly, but without any support up front.

      • Harrison White

        Thanks mate. I wasn’t thinking of it from a money making perspective, however it’s why I brought di Maria in this week I think he is undervalued at 10.1 and now sterling is also undervalued haha.

  10. joelharrison82

    Some really great perspectives here. Good to see the addicts forum bounce back after last week.

    I’ve traded sterling to Sanchez and ivanovic to chambers with a bit of cash left in the bank for the next weeks. I’m now hoping arsenals good form can continue.

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