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It’s 48 hours until we have another gameweek to entertain us, before we encounter the final international break for the foreseeable future. With the early fixture trends starting to reverse, now could be an opportune time to change up your squad. Our writers are here to help answer the tough questions!


Is it worth trading Di Maria to Sanchez, or should we avoid chasing the Chilean?

Nick – The form Sanhez is currently in he is looming as a must have. I don’t like the idea of dumping Di Maria so if you can dump someone else to bring in Sanchez I think that would be beneficial in the long run.

Seags – I’m tossing up the same thing and I think I can’t really justify losing ADM at this moment. You traded him in because 3 weeks ago he looked like a must have! Don’t go chasing Chileans. Leave that to border control.

Baysie – ADM to Sanchez is the only trade I would not do. Any other midfielder however I would see the trade as a no brainer. ADM has too many points in him.

Matt – Di Maria has Crystal Palace, Hull and Stoke at home in the next 4. I’m strongly against trading him. Anyone else is fair game, Sanchez looks fantastic.

Jokes aside, what do we think of Downing’s prospects? Would you rather Sakho and Sanchez or Downing and Costa?

Nick – I’ve brought him in this week in order to accommodate bringing in Sanchez. He looks in great form which is something I didn’t think I’d ever say! Sakho and Sanchez for me.

Seags – I’m coming closer and closer to subscribing to the Downing Syndrome for this year. Never thought I’d say that… I’d go Downing and Costa!

Baysie – I like him, but would depend on team balance. If he’s going to be your cheapest onfield mid then he’s a good fit, but not as an M3 or better. I prefer Sakho and Sanchez, only due to my previously explained mistrust in Costa’s hammy and Jose’s mind games.

Matt – I’ve actually brought Stewart Downing into my team this week. It’s taking a while to process, and at times this week I’ve felt suddenly ill. At the end of the day I’m relatively satisfied though, West Ham are looking fantastic and he can do no wrong. At this stage I’ve gone for Downing and Costa, purely because I see Costa as a must have long term. It’s hard to resist all 4, but we mustn’t over invest in West Ham. I sacrificed Fabregas for Sanchez.

Time to dump Ivanovic, or should we back him in?

Nick – Depends if you have Baines. If you don’t have Baines then go Ivanovic > Baines. It doesn’t seem that expensive defensive options are the way to go, Baines aside, so dumping him wouldn’t be the worst option. Especially if it means you are freeing up some cash for the likes of Sanchez/Costa.

Seags – Ahhhh the defence. Every year it’s an issue. In this case, I’d be holding… unless you had 2FT and could downgrade and then upgrade in the mids/forwards.

Baysie – If it’s a straight swap for Baines then go for it. If not, then there’s too much hit and miss at or just below his value in defence to jump ship now.

Matt – Sanchez’s rise to fpl stardom is forcing my hand here, I will be dumping him as Baines is obviously the expensive defender to own. Just quietly he missed a sitter on the weekend, he will still be up in the top 3 scoring defenders come seasons end, with at least 1 or 2 hot scoring patches to come.

Will Steven Taylor remain a regular in Newcastle’s defence? At 3.9 he looks like great value, that is if we think Newcastle have turned the corner…

Nick – I don’t really know what to make of this sudden change that Newcastle have made. It was only a month ago that their own fans were calling for the sacking of Pardew now they’re parading around like they love the guy. Taylor has started the last 3 games but was covering for Mike Williamson during that time – previous to which Williamson had started every other game of the season. Maybe Taylor is the reason why they’re doing so well?!

Seags – I hope so, on both counts. It’d cost more to feed Nicole Ritchie than get Steven Taylor, and because of that I’ll be considering him.

Baysie – I’ve backed him to keep his spot and traded him in. Having a local lad in your team is invaluable and I reckon they are starting to see the benefits of that. He brings some calm and experience that Williamson can’t provide, and Colo desperately needs!

Matt – I think he makes a perfect D5, and he will be coming in for me next week. You can’t drop a man with the team performing so well! Just note he is a 90% chance to get injured before Christmas and I’m not sure Newcastle are the real deal.

Is Fabregas’ form sustainable? He is scoring at the same rate as Sanchez and Di Maria, yet an assist a game hardly seems realistic over the whole season. Too much relying on others?

Nick – There’s no doubt an assist-a-game isn’t sustainable over the entire season so eventually the likes of Sanchez/Di Maria will outscore him because of their goalscoring presence. With the return of Diego Costa his scoring output surely should only increase and their partnership should return to the one they had at the start of the season. I think if you’re trying to get in Sanchez, Di Maria isn’t the guy to trade. If you’ve got Sterling then he may be a decent option to drop. Otherwise, it may well, have to be time to part ways with Fabregas. In an ideal world though, you’d be able to keep all three.

Seags – Nail on head. 1 goal so far this term isn’t much, but he’s running at about an assist a game… while it’s good- it’s certainly not Sanchez. Another couple of weeks without a big haul and my trigger finger will be twitching like Michael J Fox.

Baysie – Nah, I got rid of him a while ago, but don’t disrespect those that have him and want to keep him. By keeping him though you’re assuming he’s going to get nearly 40 assists for the season, that’s unlikely. And the jump up to an ADM or Sanchez is too tempting!

Matt – It wasn’t until this week that I took a closer look at Fabregas, as previously there were no ready replacements! He is sitting deep so his goal threat is minimal, so he will have to keep up this ridiculous assist rate to keep pace with ADM and Sanchez. If you can’t own all 3, Fabregas comes in third for me. I’m not saying go and trade him, but if someone has to go in your midfield, don’t feel Fabregas is indispensable.

Do we think Southampton can carry this defensive form for the duration of the season, or will we have to re-shuffle in a few weeks time?

Nick – I don’t really see why not. We will get a decent understanding as of gameweek 13 when they embark on three successive challenging games, facing Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United. If they manage to scrape a clean sheet in just one of these games then it’s worth keeping their defensive assets. After all, they are sitting second in the league and are performing exceptionally well under Koeman.

Seags – It’s worth considering that Southampton have had a fairly glorious run so far. Yes, they’ve played well, but until they play the top echelon of teams we’ll never really know! My advice? Don’t bank with Forster and a defender (Fonte, Bertrand, Clyne). That’s eggs in basket shit and asking for trouble when they have a tough run!

Baysie – Not for the whole season, but can do so up until Christmas. With the New Year’s Wildcard I’ll be looking to hop off Southampton and try to invest in the top 4 teams (no, Southampton won’t finish top 4…). Defensive trends are far too hard to keep up for an entire season.

Matt – I will repeat Baysie’s sentiments. There is no way they can keep this pace up, however it’s worth holding 1 of their defenders and seeing how they cope against the top teams. We get a completely fresh start in January so we can reconsider our options then.

There you have it, we hope this has cleared a few things up ahead of the upcoming gameweek! I’ll be back with the captains tomorrow, until then.


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  1. Bio Eden Hazard

    Cheers guys! You convinced me to sacrifice Fabregas for Sanchez. I was gonna wait and see how Walcott is doing but oh well

  2. N1qQ45 4R3 K1nG5

    “Jokes aside, what do we think of Downing…”
    None of you held back 🙂
    Great read guys.
    Also, wouldnt you want to wait on Taylor a little bit until Williamson is cleared fit to play and Pardew makes a decision?

  3. nosaj100

    What do you guys think is the chance of Costa being put in for surgery during the international break? I’m starting to think that it is likely he will be sent for surgery, especially if he blanks again, and with Aguero facing QPR this week, I’m starting to think that I should get rid of him this week instead of next (for Aguero). Thoughts?

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