The Captains – GW11

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It’s that time of week again, here is the rundown of this weeks captaincy options. Who will you be giving the armband to this week?

The Contenders:

Dodgy hamstrings, groins, you name it and Costa probably has it. Is he fully fit at the moment? It’s impossible to tell. What I can tell you is that Costa has just 2 goals in his last 6 appearances for Chelsea. That could mean one of two things. Either teams are learning to cope with his runs and are shutting down Fabregas‘ supply, or that he’s due a big haul. If he’s fit I think it’s only a matter of time before he rips another team apart, and Liverpool’s fragile defence may be the ones who cop it. I think Costa is odds on to score, but I think a big haul is unlikely. We all know what he is capable, so captaincy could be well worth it! Liverpool and Chelsea will make for a fascinating contest this week. Most will know what significance this clash held last season, unfortunately Liverpool’s squad doesn’t hold the same fear factor as it did back then. Mourinho will have a defensive approach thus I can see this being a low scoring affair.

I’m confident Man United can get the job done comfortably against Crystal Palace, they should be a great source of points this week. If you’re lucky enough to own Rooney this week, definitely consider him for the armband. Hopefully he starts further forward than last week.

Don’t get carried away with West ham’s form. Sakho is still a doubt and Downing is not a captaincy option by any stretch of the imagination. Southampton are a much better shout, however I don’t consider guys like Tadic captaincy worthy. One score in 10 doesn’t make for high odds of success. To round up the best of the rest, Baines is certainly worthy of strong consideration this week. He’s in hot form and Everton are looking much improved at the back with the return of Coleman and Distin, no surprises there! One for the risk takers.

Top 3:

1. Aguero – If City are ever going to punish a team, surely it will be this week. After another embarrassing performance midweek and the title slowing slipping away, now is the time for them to put their foot down. Regardless of their form, Aguero is in the best condition I’ve ever seen him at Man City. He is incredibly dangerous every time he touches the ball, mark my words when I say this. He will challenge Suarez’s season last year, which previous to that was by far and away the biggest scoring season by a single player. That is if he stays fit, which is looking more likely game by game. He should put QPR to the sword this week and is a great captaincy pick if you have him.

2. Di Maria – If you don’t own Aguero, you have a much tougher decision to make. One man who may have slipped backwards in the captaincy ranks is Di Maria, but don’t let that put you off. United have had 2 extremely tough fixtures against Chelsea and City in recent weeks. It’s fair to say that Di Maria wasn’t at his best in these 2 games, but previous to that he was unstoppable. I’m not sure Palace have the means to stop him, so a double figure haul wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Great captaincy differential.

3. Sanchez – Originally I had him missing the top 3 this week, that was before my brain finally woke up. My gut is telling me these runs don’t last forever, and three consecutive double figure hauls plus another goal midweek suggest he may be due for a blank. Forget what my gut thinks, you can only make these judgement calls based on the facts. Fact is that Sanchez is in the form of his career, playing a part in around 70% of Arsenal’s goals and is odds on to do so again this week. The other thing that makes him such a great captaincy option is that he’s a midfielder. While a goal for a forward may only mean 6 or 7 points, quite often is equates to double figures for a mid. Sanchez loves the new bonus point system as it rewards successful dribbles, something he does often. I do think Arsenal will find it tough away to Swansea, hence he only comes in at number 3 this week. He will pose them problems all day and is a great captaincy option for those lucky enough to own him.

The Punt:

Pelle – I get the feeling Pelle will be a popular choice this week, and I have to agree with the confidence everybody is sowing in him. Southampton are red hot at the moment, while Leicester are the complete opposite. They have kept just 1 clean sheet all season, managing to concede 2 or more goals on 6 occasions. You’d think Southampton will do that again on the weekend and Pelle is due a goal, he is looking just as dangerous as he was a few weeks ago. There is certainly merit to captaining him, but at the end of the day he isn’t as safe as a world class player like Aguero or Sanchez, thus he makes it as the punt!

There you have it! Hopefully these guys can get the job done, let me know your thoughts with regards to your captain this week in the comments. Be sure to read Nick’s news wrap tomorrow in the lead up to GW11, good luck for the weekend!

15 comments on “The Captains – GW11

  1. daidawg

    To Cpt Aguero or Di Maria – tough decision for me.
    Also, would anyone recommend a transfer for this GW or leave it as is?
    Krul & Mannone (not sure who to put on field this week)
    Clyne, Wisdom, Taylor (Coloccini, Duff)
    Di Maria, Sterling, Sanchez, Sigurdsson (Marney)
    Lukaku, Aguero, Welbeck

    1.2 in bank. 1 FT


    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Lukaku to Rooney something I would strongly consider. I’d also recommend Chelsea coverage, so Sterling to Fabregas might be wise. Other move is to upgrade Coloccini and re-shuffle your keepers.

  2. brandonpietie

    No decision to be made… This article could have been just 2 words… SERGIOOOOOOOOO AGUEROOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    He is DEADLY, and QPR is not going to hold him back

  3. Psycho.You.Reds

    When is Ross Barkley going to wake up? He didnt play mid-week so hoping for some action this gameweek. If he doesn’t any suggestions on who to change to? I refuse to get downing because I am stubborn ha.

    My team:
    Manmone (elliot)
    Chambers, Baines, Clyne (Steven Taylor, Bruce)
    Siggy, ADM, Sanchez, Barkley, Noble
    Aguero, Costa (Vaz-te)

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