In-Round Discussion – GW11

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  1. Marty White

    Welbeck disgusts me. He is like a cancer in my team and I resent myself for ever trading him in.

    Who do we prefer out of Cisse and Austin as a replacement that allows me to get Alexis in?

  2. Hero

    Also got Bertrand and Clyne at the back. Think I need to off load 1 as their fixtures tighten. Also want to downgrade Welbeck or Lukaku. But to Sahko or Austin????

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Downgrade whoever is worth more out of Bertrand and Clyne. Lukaku not worth his price, but would prefer an upgrade. Cheap forwards are a nightmare, but Sakho if you have to

  3. viper086

    should be a lot of people on this site with some pretty big score i reckon. Only person for me that didnt fire was chambers and still finished with 78. My bench even fired with Duff, Dummet and Guzan all scoring well.

    shame that the international break is upon us, it feels like we have them every second week, so annoying. Costa will probably do his hammy

  4. kingcolesy

    67.5 ave for top 10k, so we’ll done if you beat that.

    My 2 worst defenders on field 0 & 1, would of been great to have colo on instead of wisdom. If you asked me who would win out of WBA and new, I would of said new, and played colo. my bad. I got 70.

    • kingcolesy

      Btw, I’m keeping in my phone browser so I can keep track of top 10k average, it’s pretty handy. Quick access to assess what’s happened in other peoples game week. The other week I was saddened by a 36 score but then I looked at the top 10k, was only 5 points off the pace. Was happy again. I’m just aiming for top 10k at the moment, and hopefully short 1000s to top 1000 by end of season.

      • mattcraigdt Post Author

        Seems like a really close year. I went from outside 100k to top 5k in 1 week. If you’re in the top 20k, you really are just 1 or 2 good weeks away from being right in it.

  5. theultimateandy

    Finished on 82pts, not too shabby! Cresswell and Wanyama did great! Valencia and Fab were a let down.

    Fab’s results have not been great recently.

    Would it be worth trading him?

    Already have Wanyama, ADM and Sanchez.

    Maybe Fab to Siggy?

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