Studs Up – GW11

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It seems most of us enjoyed a fairly profitable week with a lot of the likely types getting amongst the points. Aguero was by far the star, with other popular picks Bainesy, Sanchez and Siggy getting involved. Those that jumped on Newcastle’s turn of form would be happy, although not with Taylor’s no show…


* Yay for Kun *


Horizon. Let’s kick this off with some forward planning. As we should all know by now, we need to be looking 4-6 weeks ahead throughout the season to ensure our trades have the best chance of succeeding. The next 4-6 has a few curve balls that we need to be aware of… Let’s call it a warm up for the Christmas silly season where it gets a bit wild. First up we have another international week so take some time off, reconnect with your loved ones, maybe have a shower and a shave… That’s very quickly followed by 3 games in a week with most games on Saturday 29th November, then the next Tuesday 2nd December and finishing off on Saturday 6th December. Make sure you’re aware during this time. Trades, rotation and travel all need to be considered. Looking at teams in particular, Southampton have a horror run. Some of us here at FPLaddicts have raised concerns over the longevity of their form, this period may prove their undoing. Man City, Arsenal and United are nearly as hard as it comes and it may highlight the reasonably easy run they’ve had so far. On the flip side, Liverpool and Swansea look great. Swansea in particular. The first two games of the run are at home, against Palace and QPR. Don’t underestimate the positives of preparing at home during short turn around times between games. Then they have the leaky West Ham away… Liverpool have a great opportunity to turn it all around with Stoke, Leicester and Sunderland, with 2 of 3 at home. Don’t chase or avoid these teams, but if you’re struggling choosing between a few players this has to be a big factor.

Credit. Where credit’s due. Nacer Chadli is having a season to remember so far. I’ve been his harshest critic this season with the stance that he won’t sustain this form, but he keeps popping them away. Maybe I’m stubborn (ha maybe) but I still stand by that stance. Siggy is a much better option at this price… All Chadli needs is for his teammates to lift their game to the level they get paid to play at and he’ll drop off. Secondary credit goes to Harry Kane. Not the most techincally gifted striker going around but gives it his all, Adebayor could learn a lot. He got his first start in for the season in the EPL, and although didn’t trouble the scorers he should be on our radars based on what he has been able to do in the Europa League. He’s the opposite of Chadli, if his teammates lift he could get a whole heap more chances and becomes awesome value. Spurs as a whole get no credit whatsoever. Shambles.

Charles Austin. This guy is living. THE. DREAM. All of us who have had any sort of sporting “career” can fondly recall a brief period where we were at the absolute top of our game. Whether it be in a local indoor cricket team, a round of golf, even a night of poker with the lads! It might’ve been a minute, or a month, but we hold onto it and will do forever. The tale will be told for many a year after a few frothies… What do you reckon Charlie Austin is going through right now? Four years ago he was knocking around semi-pro leagues putting a few goals away in front of basically nobody. Today, he’s dominating last years champions and in a run of performances that will sit well with him when he’s 80 years old. His latest showing of a goal and 2 others ruled out show a man very much at the top of his game, and for a team crying out for someone to stand up and save them. It’s a run of 4 from 3, 5 from 6. His last 2 were against City, and Chelsea prior to that. He’s developing a great resume, but it is very early and at the risk of being the voice of reason he does play for an ordinary team. They have improved recently, but have a very up and down run coming up so be careful jumping on Charlie’s dream.

Honourable mentions. Burnley’s first win. Newcastle’s run. Baines is on a higher level than “must have”. Bojan lives. Bayswater Toffees 21st in A League RDT! With a donut ha!


* He’s back in the Italy squad. For some reason… *


Form swings. It was only a couple of weeks ago I was lavishing praise on the unprecedented form of EPL strikers. Well, that has ended… Ulloa hasn’t scored in 6. Naismith in 4. Welbeck, Pelle haven’t scored in 3. Berahino, Lukaku and Rooney 2. That’s over half of the top 10 owned strikers firing blanks. And, all of them bar 2 are midpricers. Find a way to upgrade those cheapies to the more expensive Aguero’s and Costa’s… You don’t just pay for points, you pay for consistency.

Leicester. Do you remember them beating United 5-3? Yeah I seem to recall something like that happening… Unfortunately, it may have given them ambitions of adequacy as in the 6 games since they’ve only picked up 1 point, and that was against the equally horrible Burnley. Note, the previous point regarding out of form strikers? Ulloa hasn’t scored in 6, Leicester haven’t won in 6… Their other strikers are worse. Nugent has shown he’s not up to this grade at all (take a hint all Championship clubs), Vardy must have made a deal with the devil for that United game.  Or the opposite? Whatever. They don’t have anyone else that even registers a blip on our radars and I don’t think opposition teams need to do much research on them before games… If it’s going to happen at all, it will need to be in the next couple with winnable “6 pointers” against Sunderland and QPR. Lose them and they join Burnley on the scrap heap.

Arsenal. Sorry Gunners. I don’t like you this week and am giving you a slap. The word “naive” has been bandied about but you could easily throw in “arrogant”, maybe “defensively lazy”, “dumb” even? Or maybe, just maybe, they just aren’t good enough… In the space of just a few days they throw away a 3-0 lead in the Champions League to draw against Anderlecht, and then chuck in a 1-0 to Swansea and lose. There has to come a time in games where you need to sit back, soak up some pressure and defend a lead… It’s not a sacrifice of footballing philosophy, it’s reality. That said, they do have big problems down back. It started mid last season when they looked like champions and fell away. It got worse in the offseason when they sold Vermaelen. They can kiss the title goodbye and seriously need to get quality bodies in during the January window to keep up. A central defender and a defensively minded midfielder is what’s needed, but you know what? We’ve all known that for at least a year…

Honourable mentions. Europa League. United’s “defence”, where’s ADM? Hull concerning. I’m giving City one more game…

Ryan Bennett Award – Kieran Trippier. The biggest winner of Burnley’s first win was this fella. He smashed it in the Championship last season but has found the going a tad tougher with the big boys. They’ve been fairly poor defensively the past 6 weeks or so, I wouldn’t base too much on one game. No.

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Emre Can. Scored a massively deflected goal. Can’t get regular minutes. Plays for Liverpool. Need any more reasons to avoid him?

Jamie Vardy Award – Shane Long. I’m an unadulterated fan of Long… It’s just he’s competing for minutes with likes of Pelle, Tadic and Mane and will probably fulfill the role of supersub on more occasions than you’d like. He came on for the final 20 minutes or so and got off the mark with a double to save Southamton’s blushes… No.

Last word. Keep track of player’s prices during the week… Please. There’ll come a time in a few months where you’ll be looking to make that awesome trade, only to be stuck 0.1 short. Then, you’ll think back to that trade you held off on earlier in the season that cost you 0.1, or more, than it should’ve because you didn’t pull the trigger on Saturday night. It’s ALWAYS a risk, but sometimes you just have to take that risk for that future trade…

90 comments on “Studs Up – GW11

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Lahm. 3-4-3 all day every day. The only time I’ve ever deviated from that was the start of last season when defensive points were being handed out like crackers at Christmas.

  1. mattcraigdt

    Awesome as always Baysie. I said there was a 90% chance of Taylor getting injured before Christmas haha. Not surprising in the least! Naive is definitely the word for Arsenal, followed by tactically inept. Wenger on lost time. Hardly worse than Everton though 😉

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Ta mate! I got our game recorded on Foxtel… I might just delete it haha. Shame coz we blew Lille away midweek. Then probably losing McCarthy and Barry for some time is massively worrying.

      • mattcraigdt

        You guys just aren’t controlling games like last season. Barry a massive loss. I’d say you’re missing Mirallas, full backs aside there’s not much going forward

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Yeah. Lukaku’s not being the hold up / distributor that he was last season. Barkley’s not back to his best. Deulofeu was very handy for us too and McGeady can’t quite piece it together. Too many little things are adding up, plus the bloody Europa League haha.

          Gives Besic some minutes though! He’ll be a super duper star… A midfield of him and McCarthy in a couple of seasons could be the best going around. * possibly biased comment there.

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Meh, a little. He’s playing really well without result, but so is ADM… Di Maria has been playing a lot further forward recently. ADM v Chambers and Mert on the right side of CB next GW. You reckon the kid and the german giraffe have it in them to contain the might of ADM?

            Both are due though…

          • mattcraigdt

            True. ADM has been disappointing in my eyes, Van Gaal wasn’t happy with him on the weekend. He certainly has more assist potential, but his long term goalscoring record is nothing to write home about. I’m pretty much convinced purely for the fact of getting a POD. The premium PODs have been working out for me amazingly well this season, everyone is jumping on the form bandwagons!

          • Bio Eden Hazard

            Yes mate it’s gonna be like last season. Hazard is gonna become essential at some point, just not sure when (oh and by the way thanks for reminding everyone that ADM is not a goal scorer!)

  2. theultimateandy

    At the moment I’ve Forster and Bertrand. Southampton’s def up to now has been stellar but like you pointed out Baysie, they have a shit run coming up.

    Was thinking:
    Bertrand to Dummet and the next week
    Forster to Lloris

    Any opinions?

    Both trades free up cash too so I come out the other end with some extra money in the bank!

    • joelharrison82

      I’m sticking with Southampton (I’ve currently got Clyne and Bertrand) until they actually stop achieving clean sheets. I’ve got Lloris who I was wanting to change to Forster! I won my leagues last year partly by backing Crystal Palace late last year with Speroni, Dann and Ward.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Consider Krul instead of Lloris? I honestly don’t think you’ll be losing too much, if anything you may be gaining points out of it.

      And you’ll have even more money in the bank! Or you can afford a slightly better Dummet…

  3. kingcolesy

    Nice article. I’m thinking of bringing in Terry this week, as I can’t afford baines, and Chelsea have a huge run of fixtures.

  4. nosaj100

    I didn’t have the best week unfortunately. I scored 57, which isn’t terrible but I would of liked a few more points.

    My biggest worries once again is Sanchez and Aguero (I plan on getting Aguero in for Pelle either next GW or the GW after).

    RMT –

    Forster (Jakupovic)
    Baines, Clyne, Vlaar (N. Taylor, Wisdom)
    Di Maria, Hazard, Fab, Siggy, Downing
    Costa, Pelle (Berahino)

    2FT, 0.1mil left. Thoughts on what I should do?

      • kingcolesy

        I think I’ll echo matts idea. Yes, You can’t have everyone(adm/hazard/Sanchez) with baines, Costa and aguero mind you. A plan after that might be to downgrade Clyne/Forster and see what $$ that leaves you with.

        Im unfortunately toying with the idea of bringing in Guzan in a GW’s time. Sick of Schmeichel

  5. baysietoff Post Author

    I reckon you’re too heavy in midfield. Drop one of them to a super cheapie you like, and invest that money in the forwards.

    I don’t like cheap strikers though 😀

  6. rakers777

    Long time reader, first time poster

    Really need to get some better defenders than van Aanholt and Dier, but I have no cash

    Need to cash in Bertrand, Chambers or Cresswell to get Terry. Thinking Cresswell…..Thoughts?

  7. baysietoff Post Author

    Question. We’ve got Colesy and new fella Rakers thinking Terry in. Love the idea of Chelsea defensive coverage going forward, Jose might start to tighten up now he’s got the flag in the bag.

    But why Terry over Azpi? Azpi has basically the same points total as JT but from 230 less minutes…

    • kingcolesy

      Terry’s usually keen for a goal, it’s a hunch I think he’s due one or two in the coming 9ish weeks, however now in 0-0 games azpi gets more bonus points(I think). I like to go for the attacker, but azpi for .3m less might be enough incentive to go that way. Could go either way, but Terry seemed to be scoring preseason and every other season beforehand.

      • kingcolesy

        I was also hell bent on keeping Clyne and a Chelsea player seemed to fit the def rotation nicely. Theres a week to think about the trade but I might flick Clyne to Baines once Clynes ticked over in price.

      • baysietoff Post Author

        Fair enough, I’m happy with hunches!

        For reference, in Chelsea’s 3 cleanies this season Azpi has got 2, 2 and 1 BPs. Terry hasn’t got any, at all.

    • Bio Eden Hazard

      I’m also considering bringing in a Chelsea defender as I don’t have the cash for Baines. I would choose Azpi no question, I don’t think JT justifies the extra money

  8. Lahm Murray

    FF Novice, my current team is:
    Baines-Terry- Bertrand

    Suggestions, opinions, and changes needed,
    Pls + thx

  9. Harrison White

    With Chelsea fixtures coming up is ivanovic worth bringing in? ill have cash from downgrading tadic. I can upgrade Kaboul ( yes I know Kaboul I thought spurs could have kept one clean sheet against villa and stoke, obviously not) I think ivanovic is set to get forward more and is likely to pick up some cleanies in the next month??

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Don’t worry mate, I flirted with the Kaboul train a number of times this season!

      If you can justify the extra 1.2m that Ivanovic costs over Azpi, and you can’t use that spare cash to upgrade another part of your team, then yep he is worth bringing in purely for Chelsea defensive coverage.

      • Harrison White

        At this stage I can’t see a great use of the 1.2 mil. Maybe once Chelsea fixtures calm down I can downgrade to azpi for Chelsea coverage. I just think ivanovic poses a great attacking threat in the next 5 weeks.

  10. tigermania78

    Here’s my team with a couple of issues

    Mannone (Hamer)
    Chambers, Baines, Clyne (N.Taylor, Bruce)
    ADM, Fab, Siggy, Downing (Boyd)
    Sakho, Aguero, Costa

    Sanchez is a must have, obviously have to replace Mannone, and as mentioned on this post, getting a Chelsea defender with the friendly fixture coming up. I’d prefer not to take a -4 hit. leaning toward trading Mannone out first, then getting Sanchez in for maybe fab the following week.

  11. bill2k

    So this is my current team.

    Krul (Mannone)
    Cahill, Clyne, Lovren (Chester, Duff)
    Di Maria, Sterling, Siggy,Downing (Boyd)
    Aguero, Pelle, Welbeck

    Few problems to address.
    1. Bloody Lovren, every time I’ve gone to trade him a more pressing issue has forced my to keep him. (was thinking Williams with Swansea’s good run)

    2. Sterling? At the moment his turned into a POD but i have enough money in the bank to go to Sanchez.

    3. Welbeck, I have no idea what to do with him haha. On his day can bag a hatty but with Arsenals poor form he’s been struggling.

    Ant suggestions would be great!
    Top article as always.

    • kingcolesy

      3. I keep welbeck cos he’s in top team, and other lower priced forwards are the ones I’m trying to get defensive returns against. Haha

    • Ryan

      If you’ve got enough money to go Sterling to Sanchez, then you should have enough to do Lovren to Baines, that’s the trade of the week for you (imo)

      • bill2k

        Cheers for the feedback lads, I’ll wait until the international break for injuries ect then get that powder puff Lovern out for Baines.

  12. brandonpietie

    Loving the Article.

    In a pickle for my next transfer.

    With Southampton fixtures coming up, Is it worth getting rid of Clyne / Wanyama / Pelle?
    And if one of the three do I go:
    Clyne > Ivano
    Wanyama > ?
    Pelle > Costa.

  13. baysietoff Post Author

    Anyone speccing on Daniel Sturridge? I recall he smashed it as soon as he came back from a medium term injury last season…

    And he went down in value last night, for some reason.

  14. shomshir

    New to Fantasy Football…
    My Team… Man Chest Hair Utd
    What do you guys think?
    Adrian (Hamer)
    Clyne, Cahill, Terry (Taylor, Wilkinson)
    Tadic, Eriksen, Fabregas, Downing, di Maria
    Pelle, Aguero (Zamora)
    0.0mil. In Bank

    • kingcolesy

      Love the team name. I think you may need Costa. That may be a 3 week plan. Clyne > yun. Fabergas > Boyd. Zamora > Costa.

  15. slipperyjones

    At a bit of a loss here on where to head next. clearly Aguerro is a must have (bleeding points not having him). My current team looks like this:

    Krul (Guzan)
    Clyne, Cissoko, Moreno (Wisdom, Duff)
    Sanchez, Fabregas, Downing, ADM (Zaha)
    Diego Costa, Naismith, Pelle

    0.7M in the back (WC used)

    looking ahead to Clyne’s and ADM’s fixtures, they seem the ones to go over the next few weeks. having both Naismith and Pelle seems a huge risk to me but unsure how to solve.

  16. Rakshit

    My team is in tatters injuries wise! Coloccini, Fabregas, Vlaar, Baines and now Di Maria! Dont think ill be able to put out an 11 at this rate! Absolutely hate these international breaks!

  17. theultimateandy

    Diego Costa, Aguero and if money is no object, who else? I was planning on bringing in Sturridge but I hear he’s injured again…

      • theultimateandy

        Is Rooney worth it though? On a measly 31pts so far… Crouch is on 32pts! 😀 😀 What does that tell you?? haha!

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Stop livin in the past man! It’s not what he has scored, but what he’s going to… Your future points haven’t been scored yet… Gotta risk it to get the biscuit, etc, etc…

          Srsly though. His worst seasons in the past 8 have been around the 140 mark from roughly 2200 minutes… He’s got 31 from 688 so far. So… That means he should average 6 1/2 points per game for the rest of the season just to equal his worst in recent history.

          Haha that’s nearly convincing?

      • Bailey

        And it would be Trippier instead of Chambers, can’t afford him. If I did these trades my team would look like:

        Dummett Trippier Baines Clyne
        Alexis Chadli Fabregas
        Sakho Aguero Costa

        Fabianski Sigurdsson Wanyama Hutton

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