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Welcome back from the last international break this year. Now we get into the real stuff. With 9 gameweeks to be played over the next 6 weeks, there will be no shortage of action on the football front, and plenty of opportunity to make up huge amounts of ground in the rankings! Here are this weeks questions… 

What to do with Leighton Baines?

Nick – Hold hold hold! At worst he’s looking like only missing the one game and even then he hasn’t been ruled out yet. Just pop him on the bench and play one of your bench players. That’s what they’re for!

Baysie – Kick back, grab a beer and watch him dominate the Everton left wing like he has been doing for years! Knock away a few pens, fill his bags full of assists in a team starting to show signs of getting back to their playing style of last season… So he MIGHT miss A game? There’s 26 more to come after it. Martinez doesn’t play games with us like Jose does… Roy Keane might disagree, but he’s a knob.

Matt – I’m very nervous for this week, I don’t think he will get up. However it’s not worth trading him, he should be back against Spurs and hopefully continue his ridiculous form.

Can Ayoze keep his form up? 4.9 frees up a lot of your budget.

Nick – Wouldn’t go near him to be honest. Mid priced forwards have proved they go on a decent run for a month or so then drop off the face of the earth. Anyone remember Ulloa and Naismith?

Baysie – If we’ve learnt anything in FPL, if not just from this season, is that cheap strikers can go on short runs of immense form, but just as quickly revert back to spudding. So yeah, nah. You’ll trade him in, spend the leftover money and then find it too hard to find a replacement for when he goes AWOL in a game or two. Which will then piss off Baysie when he has to weigh up the form of strikers he’d never consider trading in… Go out and get the likes of Aguero, Costa and Sturridge and throw away the key. You don’t need to worry about form with these guys. Just injury…

Matt – Agree with the others. All cheap forwards will have hot patches, and I think the key is their teams form. Sakho has benefited from West ham’s run, Pelle from Southampton’s, Ulloa from Leicester’s early season form. Problem is it never lasts. I sleep better at night with a gun forward line, fact.

Will Newcastle’s defensive injury crisis halt their run of form?

Nick – It has the potential to but I’m still not convinced their form is sustainable. They’re alright for a D4-D5 but I wouldn’t go starting any of their defenders.

Baysie – Not their winning form! QPR (h), West Ham (a) and Burnley (a) aren’t exactly scary propositions… The chances of their defensive form will probably take a hit if Colo and Taylor can’t get up in a hurry. I’m hoping the “whole team defence” notion is at play here and they can keep getting those cleanies!

Matt – I said Taylor would be injured before Christmas!!! Perhaps I didn’t expect it that quickly, but they will be careful with him. I was planning on bringing in Dummett, but without Coloccini for the best part of 3 weeks I can see their defence falling apart. Considering that they’ve only managed 1.5 goals per game during their win streak, I can see it coming to an abrupt end.

Rank Austin, Sakho and Berahino.

Nick – Gee that’s tough. Sakho, Austin, Berahino for me. West Brom’s tough run has Berahino last.

Baysie – Yes, they are rank. Seriously if I get another cheap striker question I’m going to lose my shit… Sorry. Austin, Sakho, Berahino.

Matt – Sakho, Austin, Berahino. This will inevitably change by next week, hence why it’s a nightmare owning them!

If you had to pick between Hazard and Di Maria, who would you choose?

Nick – Hazard for me. It looks like I’m going to bring him in next week. Chelsea have a good run of fixtures and Di Maria isn’t cutting the mustard at the minute. Give him the game against Arsenal to see what he delivers. Then again he’s been non-existent against the big teams this year.

Baysie – Right now I’m happy to keep ADM. I’ve heard all the pro-Hazard arguments and agree with nearly all of them, plus Chelsea’s fixtures up to the New Year are a smidge better than United’s, but on the flipside they still have European commitments. I just think Man Utd needs ADM much more than Chelsea does Hazard. Whether ADM is up to being the star man is what we’re fundamentally betting on really… Hopefully with United’s escalating injury crisis he gets dropped back a little than he has done in recent weeks. He seems more dangerous playing deeper. Happy to re-evaluate though if Hazard strings together more than one game of points scoring form.

Matt – After watching last weeks fixtures, I’m on board the Hazard train. I’ve had a successful season by successfully jumping on the premium differentials early. The theory is that form is temporary, class is permanent. Usually it’s only a matter of time before the points flow in, and you can gain big ground by getting on early. Aguero, Baines and Sanchez worked out well for me, hopefully Hazard can do the same. He was unbelievable last week, yet only scored 2. The big one is coming. Di Maria on the other hand is struggling. He is more of an assist threat than Hazard but his goalscoring record over his career doesn’t match up. Hazard’s penalty duties and goal threat have him ahead for me.

Is it time we take Chadli seriously? Is it worth bringing him in for guys like Sigurdsson and Tadic?

Nick – I’ve taken the punt, but it’s taken a lot of gonads from me. I didn’t really like his prospects when he started the season strongly but he’s proving to be the 1 shining light from Spurs’ season so far. If Spurs can improve one would think he will go bigger… It’s a big ‘if’ though.

Baysie – Nope. Siggy is still your man. Look, he’s been doing great so far but has been doing so in a poorly performing team. When Spurs get their act together, and they will, Chadli will fall away. They potentially only have one more EL game that means anything in regards to qualification, so can then afford to cruise a tad and get their preparations for the EPL back on track.

Matt – Yes, being the leading goalscorer for EPL mids is no small feat. But no, no I will never bring Nacer Chadli into my side. Ever. Sigurdsson is just as good. Tadic on the other hand was always a one hit wonder relying completely on his assist work, that is a trade I’d consider. Downing hint hint.

Unfortunately Seags was tied down with exams, so we had to do without him! Hope you all enjoyed the break, it will be a fun next 6 weeks! Looking forward to it. Good luck in preparation for this weekend, I’ll be back with the captains later. Until then.

Cheers, The Addicts Team

17 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 12

  1. theultimateandy

    Great Q&A as usual guys, the Hazard and Di Maria question is especially interesting! Thought there’d be more talk of Southampton though.

    ‘Abandon ship’ seems to be the best course of action for them now I guess.

  2. toasted1961

    My team is:
    Krul Manone
    Baines, Chambers, Clyne, Moore and Wisdom
    Haz, Sanchez, Downing Chadli and Tadic
    Aguero, Pelle+ Naismith

    Ready for a Wildcard? Or should I wait? Until when?

    • baysietoff

      No need for Wildcards yet, it looks pretty good. This wildcard can be used anytime during the season… You get another Jan 1 that has to be used before Feb 7. You can easily wait until then and get rid of that one, and save the original for much later.

      Dunno how much cash you have, but one idea is to dump Mannone for the cheapest you can find and back Krul in until your next Wildcard, or trade him if Newcastle turn ugly. That cash you can upgrade somewhere, OR make some more cash by doing the same to a mid and upgrading Naismith.

      That’s just one strategy!

  3. James Ford

    i have courtois, howard
    chambers, mangala, cresswell (mcnair, moore)
    walcott, di maria, toure, fabregas (cabella)
    sakho, rooney, costa (yahoo format)
    i rotate the sakho position depending on the game week since welbeck let me down. what’re your thoughts? how can i improve? first year and am 4th w friends that i need to dominate. how does 9 games in 6 weeks affect the game? anything helps; addicts as well!

  4. Bio Eden Hazard

    Great article guys, the hottest topics of the week as usual. I’m debating whether to go ADM –> Hazard this week or wait for another one…by the way why is ADM green flagged?

  5. tigermania78

    great article as usual guys. GW12 looking good, NOT!!! Apparently baines, di maria, downing, and sakho in some doubt. i need two of these to get up, otherwise it is donut time. i would be very surprised if Baines plays, why would we risk a further more serious injury.

  6. templetontherat

    This is my midfield: Sterling, Sigurdsson, Hazard, Downing (listed as doubtful), Tadic (listed as doubtful) — I have 2 transfers but I also have Sakho, Welbeck, Baines listed as doubtful. What would you suggest midfield wise or with any of the other guys listed as doubtful?

  7. Bailey

    Hi guys, I’m in a dilemma with injuries, Baines, ADM, Fabregas, Downing, Sakho. My team looks like this:

    Dummett Clichy Baines Clyne
    Downing ADM Fabregas Alexis
    Sakho Aguero

    Fabianski Siggy Berahino Hutton

    The trades I was thinking of doing were:
    Trading Clichy for Trippier
    Trading ADM for Chadli
    Trading Downing for Wanyama
    Trading Berahino for Costa

    What are your thoughts on this guys?

    • Bailey

      I would say Costa. Because he plays an easier West Brom whereas Sergio, even though he’s playing Swansea, probably won’t score as many points I don’t think. Would u be able to answer my question just above mate

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