The Captains – GW12

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We’ve got some touch captaincy calls to make this week, let’s get straight into it!

The Contenders:

As far as contenders go this week, I highly advise against going after a differential. With City at home to Swansea and Chelsea hosting West Brom, it’s clear to see why. With plenty of football ahead this month there should be no rush to chase points just yet, meaning a safe course of action is probably suitable at this stage. Everton West Ham will be a tough contest with no clear winners to be seen. I feel that Arsenal and United will be an arm wrestle, while Spurs and Liverpool are horribly out of form. This week should be the battle of the big guns, back in your premiums!

Top 3:

1. Costa – It was hard to deny Aguero this place, but a few factors tipped the balance in Costa’s favour. Diego was rested over the international break, meaning he should be fit and firing in preparation for West Brom’s visit. Aguero has stepped up his game in recent weeks and I’m sure Costa will be keen to go with him, I can only see a comfortable Chelsea win in this one and Costa should lead the way. He is about as safe as you can play it.

2. Aguero – Man City’s must win Champions League clash against Bayern Munich came into my thought process when making this decision. If at any stage Pelllegrini can give him a rest, I get the feeling he will. Regardless of that fact, he is still the hottest player in the League right now. City are relying on him completely, feeding him the ball at every opportunity. From there he does the rest. He is just so deadly when in form and should be good for another goal or two against Swansea. City’s form is another factor going against him. If it means anything I’ll be captaining Aguero, I love the man!

3. Hazard – You can’t really go wrong with the two options above, however Hazard could be the differential many are looking for. He is getting into great positiions and one of these weeks it will stick for him. This could be the week. When he goes big he goes huge, so don’t rule him out of your calculations. A great option if you’re not backing in the two big strikers.

The Punt:

Sanchez – The man has scored 54 points in his last 4 games, that’s Suarezesque. Arsenal will be up for this game and with United’s defence depleted, he has a serious chance to continue his scoring streak. If you’re looking for a captaincy differential this week, he seems like the perfect fit.

That’s it from me. Good luck to everyone for the upcoming gameweek, it’s great to have the footy back!

21 comments on “The Captains – GW12

  1. Bailey

    Hi guys, I’m in a dilemma with injuries, Baines, ADM, Fabregas, Downing, Sakho. My team looks like this:

    Dummett Clichy Baines Clyne
    Downing ADM Fabregas Alexis
    Sakho Aguero

    Fabianski Siggy Berahino Hutton

    The trades I was thinking of doing were:
    Trading Clichy for Trippier
    Trading ADM for Chadli
    Trading Downing for Wanyama
    Trading Berahino for Costa

    What are your thoughts on this guys?

    • theultimateandy

      Clichy for Trippier looks good, I’m unloading my Southampton defence soon and am actually torn between Bertand for Trippier / Dummet.

      I’m keeping AMD. Gonna wait a few more weeks be fore dropping him, Utd themselves are ruined by injuries atm but I still think Rooney and ADM can put some goals away.

      Southampton’s fixtures are getting tougher soon, Wanyama’s good run of points might dry up. I’ve had him for a month, I’ll be keeping him though as he’s such a cheap mid.

      You should do Berahino for Costa no matter what, that’s a no brainer.

      You have a few injuries alright but I reckon you’ll be ok this week, your first sub coming on is Siggy, there’s worse situations to be in.

        • theultimateandy

          I think Costa with the armband will score more than Chadli, Trippier, Berahino, ADM and Clichy.

          But that’s just my opinion man. And if you’re taking hits to bring in 3 new players, you gotta take that into consideration too.

          Berahino to Costa for sure.
          Clichy to Trippier too if you have a FT.

          • Bailey

            I have to do the ADM to Chadli trade to be able to afford Costa. Do u still think that’s good?

          • theultimateandy

            I’m ok with taking a hit to bring in a player I want, it’s probably not the wisest move, but Chadli is doing well atm so I’d do it.

            My overall rank is 33,711 atm.

            That should give you a rough idea of how my tactics have been working out so far. You could be higher or lower than me, but that’s where I’m at.

          • Bailey

            Thanks man, I have done them even though I’m taking a hit. I am ranked 3693 overall so not too bad. Thanks for the help. Good luck this week mate , hopefully u can get into the top 10,000 🙂

  2. joelharrison82

    I have a good dilemna in that I have all four of the above. How come you’ve put Costa first but mentioned you’ll captain aguero?

    • Bailey

      What do u mean? And I have to trade ADM or Alexis for Chadli and Downing for Wanyama to be able to afford Costa and I was going to put him captain if I have him and Wanyama is for bench cover along with Siggy. So do u think I should do those trades? It comes down to will Costa, Trippier, Chadli score more than Berahino, Clichy and ADM?

      • Bailey

        So should I do those trades guys? Can someone please answer, need to do them soon, if I do them I have 0 in the bank

    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Always nice to have! I have a bias towards Aguero in that I will always captain him over Costa, I just much prefer him as a player. When giving advice to hundreds of others, I think Costa might be a better bet this week. Both should kill it anyway

  3. theultimateandy

    Who should I bench, Wisdom away at Chelsea or Taylor away at City? I reckon I won’t be seeing any clean sheets either way.

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