Studs Up – GW12

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It’s not often that I ask you all for help! But this week will be one of those few… And I apologise. There comes a time every now and again where the real world comes calling, and this has unfortunately happened these past few days and I won’t be able to write the usual Studs Up.



* Roondog! *

So, what am I asking? I am asking you all to comment below, with one “Like” and one “Dislike” that you took out of the weekend. As always trade talk will be more than welcome, it’s just I may not be able to reply personally. The Community is growing at a rate, so I’m sure someone will help!

My own… Like; Roondog finally coming to the party and starting to repay my faith! He followed on from his profitable international games and got the winner against Arsenal. Let’s hope this is the start of one of his legendary runs of form. Dislike; Not listening to Matt! Well done on the Hazard shout mate. I said I was more than happy to reconsider my position, and have done so by trading him in Sunday morning!

If I don’t see you during the week, good luck all!!!

29 comments on “Studs Up – GW12

  1. Morgan Schafer

    My like was that Fabregas, even though 75% chance of playing, did play and played well. Got a nice assist.
    My dislike was that Kun Aguero didn’t not find the back of the net.

  2. Tucana111548

    Like – The performance and points from Costa and Hazard
    Dislike – Liverpool’s performance/result/position

  3. kingcolesy

    Like – Clyne scoring a goal
    Dislike – Clyne getting a yellow card and not getting any BPS, oh and definately not happy with Liverpool atm

  4. brandonpietie

    Like – Roondog WELCOME!!!, Degea… Just simply WOW, the only defender in Uniteds squad at the moment. (Unlucky for no clean sheet)
    Dislike – 8 Minutes of stoppage time??? REALLY??? WHAT??? And hats up with the fpl points this week lol

  5. viper086

    like: – bertrand assist, clyne goal
    – newcastle. So much value in Dummett, Krul, Jaanmat, Ameobi, etc…

    dislike: – (drunk) rage trading out Di Maria from my team at 5:30am as Man U were getting pumped. Brought in Hazard which will be better in the long run hopefully but getting rid of ADM was not what i had planned for this week.
    – pelle

    Anyone looking at McNair this week? Man U have some juicy games coming up and with De Gea in the form he is in they could be up for some clean sheets. Looking to generate some coin from Bertrand or Clyne so McNair looks the goods for mine

  6. Ray

    Like – Bertrand/Clyne combining
    Dislike – Sterling and his ‘pool mates sucking so much
    Also Like – Trading in Costa and Drummett!

    Had a good week!

  7. boges11

    Like – Man U winning and Liverpool getting smacked
    Dislike – Aguero

    Is it too early to get Barkley in? Seems he’s getting better each week and is dirt cheap.

  8. amanarora91

    My like was the ability of the saint full backs to come to the party even when it isn’t a cs day..

    They get u attacking returns..

    Dislike : obv Kun aguero blanking

  9. Psycho.You.Reds

    – Southampton, surely the Christmas break will stop them?
    – Barkley getting an assist – the only way is up (baby)

    – Baines injury
    – Issue of trying to fit rooney into an Aguero / Costa front line (its not going to happen but I will try!) +
    – The Hazard / ADM choice…. I am sticking with ADM purely on the fact he plays once a week, but Hazard just seems on amazing form.

  10. joelharrison82

    Bertrand/Clyne. I was out to dinner last night when my friend updated me with the 1-0 scoreline. I thought to myself, well there goes 8 points. Woke up this morning to 14 points from my two favourite defenders!
    Downing and Wilson injuries meant I got Jedinak’s 7 points. Still haven’t seen the goal but heard it was amazing. Anyone got a work-friendly link to it?
    2nd highest overall ranking for the year of 70K

    Aguero captain
    Charlie Austin debut

  11. Scott

    Like: Chelsea 3 all contributing

    Dislike: Me. Made early sub of ADM to Sigi then forgot to update team so had Sigi as capt. rather than Costa

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