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The gameweeks will begin to come in thick and fast now, it’s time to get our writers answers to this weeks most pressing questions!

Is it wise to move on Forster for Fabianski? The lack of save points seems an issue.

Matt – This is one of my free trades this week, Forster’s lack of saves is a major issue. Whether things will change now they face some tougher opposition is hard to tell, but I won’t be hanging around to find out. Swansea have a soft draw and Fabianski seems perfect for the sole keeper role at 5.1. He’s scored under 3 just 3 times all season! Fantastic consistency.

Nick – I’d be happy with this trade. Fabianski has good upcoming fixtures and Southampton don’t. Simple as that. Welcome Fab!

Baysie – Swansea don’t have the greatest defence in the world but you can’t argue with their great set of fixtures. I think most of us feel Southampton are due a lull and have horrid fixtures medium term so off loading their defensive players is on the cards, attacking potential or not.

The crossroad has arrived for Pelle. Hold or fold?

Matt – I don’t really see the value of dumping Pelle. Sure he has tough fixtures, but I don’t think Southampton will suddenly stop scoring. So far he’s managed 6 goals in 12 games, which I can see him maintaining. His assist work and tendancy for bonus make him incredibly valueable. I’m not sure how much better Rooney will be, I’m backing him in. If it’s Costa or Aguero in, fold.

Nick – Fold for me. Their fixtures proved beneficial for Pelle but they are embarking on an extremely tough run now so I’d look to offload.

Baysie – Fold. Look to upgrade to the Rooooooondog!!!

Which teams are you looking to invest in over the Christmas period?

Matt – Strangely, nobody really stands out. Chelsea are always a great source of investment, while Swansea have a few soft fixtures in the short term. Other than that I’d be looking to back in your premiums, and make sure your bench is playing!!!

Nick – Chelsea is definitely a worthwhile investment, so players like Hazard and Azpilicueta should be monitored closely. Swansea are also facing some “lesser” opponents over the next few weeks so the likes of Bony/Fabianski could be also worthwhile.

Baysie – Christmas? Crap, I didn’t realise it’s that close… Man City stand out for me head and shoulders. This can be their opportunity to gain a little ground on Chelsea and pop a few goals away. Much depends on Aguero but having Jovetic back helps a heap (remember him? 7.8m… Just sayin.). Outside of City it’s pretty hard but a surprise package could be Spurs. Bear with me here… They’ve got a couple of easier games that they can gain some momentum from for United home and a tough local game against a potentially tired, and strikerless Chelsea. They have to get it together.

Which teams are you avoiding over the Christmas period?

Matt – I don’t like to write teams off altogether, but Southampton’s run is certainly ugly. We will find out a lot about their squad over the next month, let’s not forget they haven’t faulted yet. I am also avoiding any teams out of form. Liverpool, West Brom, Hull, QPR, Leicester, Stoke name a few. They just aren’t reliable.

Nick – Definitely Southampton to begin with. Games against Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United in the next 3 weeks will prove a very difficult test. It will also show where Southampton are realistically. Spurs also have a relatively tough run facing Everton, Chelsea, Palace and Swansea in the next 4 which will also prove difficult, especially considering their current form. Teams in general with poor fixtures and/or poor form (Spurs, Liverpool, Hull etc etc) should also be avoided.

Baysie – Newcastle. It gets a little ugly for them. At the risk of sounding xenophobic, some foreigners can struggle during the cold English winters. I know that I like City, and Spurs a bit, but Newcastle’s group feel a little/lot more fragile. Obviously Southampton too… Some of their new signings may not make it out the back of their run.

I know cheap forwards are a frustrating topic, but Kane looks like Spurs best hope. Can he be the one to maintain his form, being the focal point in a top half team at a bargain basement price?

Matt – I was so tempted, but at the end of the day I want players in my team I can rely on. With 8 games over the next 5 weeks, I’d hate to be stuck with somebody like Kane and have no alternatives. Resist the temptation.

Nick – I really like the look of Kane, he’s been about the only Spurs player who has done well this season, aside from Chadli. He started off performing in the Europa League and was consequently given chances in the Premier League – transferring that form. Since then he has proved Spurs’ best player and as such should at least be monitored. Games against Everton and Chelsea in the next two gameweeks will prove difficult for the struggling Spurs, then again the form of the team doesn’t effect the form of the player. I’d only suggest getting him if you have an Aguero + Costa combo, but I won’t be tempted. Doesn’t hurt monitoring him though.

Baysie – No.

Is Giroud worth investing in at just 8.1?

Matt – The only thing making me second guess Giroud is Welbeck, I won’t be surprised to see the pair rotated regularly before one makes their mark as Arsenal’s number one striker. Perhaps they will be rotated based on the opposition as they are completely different players. Either way, his game time isn’t guaranteed thus I will be avoiding him.

Nick – Not for me, no. Welbeck has been performing well over the weeks while Giroud was injured. I think it will cause Wenger selection issues come the weekend. He has never had an overly high points ceiling anyway so that’s not overly tempting either. I’m not looking at going there thanks.

Baysie – Yeah why not… It’s obviously a risk because you don’t know how he fits into the first XI with the attacking players current gaffer Mr Wenger has, but he’s got a lot to prove and needs goals to keep his spot. We know what he can do…

There you have it, we hope this has helped! Seags is away for the next few weeks so we will be holding down the fort, apologies for the lack of articles! I’ll be bringing you the captains tomorrow, before Nick’s must read news wrap on Saturday morning.


The Addicts Team

15 comments on “Q&A – Gameweek 13

  1. hardestcastle

    Awesome article as always gents! Great work..

    I’ve got Baines/Chadli/Sahko all doutbful, and Forster who I want to trade out for Fabianski.

    Do I just trade the keeper and hold on the rest? Or do the others take priority to get fit players on the park?


  2. Carlos

    Hey guys, great stuff, your thoughts:

    1. Bony in – Welbeck out or Bony in – Pelle out?
    2. Which Saints full back to keep? Clyne or Bertrand?
    3. If I somehow miraculously manage to add Aguero to Costa up front (already have Sanchez and Fab), which cheap striker would you add as 3rd option? Bearinho/Sakho/Austin/Weiman/Kane/…?

  3. Marty White

    Newbie question here…

    How important is it to have a strong bench for the xmas period?

    I could easily have a bench of Reid, Trippier and Jedinak which would give me plenty of coverage for late outs etc. But given that a premium defender such as Baines, Coleman and Ivanovic can easily wind up with 1 point or less, the risk of having a donut or a 1-pointer from Yun or Wisdom doesn’t seem all that bad anyway.

    Here are my two options, first one has strong bench, second one not so much:



    • mattcraigdt Post Author

      Find the middle ground. The first is over the top, the second has a weak bench that will leave you open to carnage. Maybe Austin to Kane and upgrade Revelleire to Taylor. Get Dummet for Yun if possible. There WILL be late withdrawals and injuries over the christmas period, guaranteed

  4. theultimateandy

    I took a hit and went Valencia & Jedinak to Austin and Siggy.

    I probably should have ran it by you guys first… was that a bad move?

    Valencia was loosing value, 0.1mil since last week I think.

    And went from 75% fitness to 50%. Can’t see him playing much over the next few weeks.

    I wanted rid of him and I really wanted Siggy. Seemed the only option at the time!

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