Studs Up – GW13

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How good was that? Costa and ADM owners might feel otherwise, but for footy fans it was a great round of games. Thanks to all that helped fill the hole last week, some great points were made. Don’t forget we have midweek games!!!


 * Well in lad *


6-pointers. 13 games in now and the table has well and truly taken shape. It’s also made a few clubs hit the urgency button, particularly those towards the bottom. If anyone chose the unlikely Burnley Villa game to watch, they would’ve been treated to an absolute corker. Sure the skill level wasn’t ever going to be up to the top teams, but for passion and fiesty-ness it was top shelf. End to end action, chances galore and Joe Cole turning back the clock meant it was a great spectacle. Then there was the QPR Leicester extravaganza which had a record 51 shots on goal for 5 goals. There was a distinct lack of play acting and showboating, just good old fashion men playing a man sport. Perhaps the trend for tight relegation scraps is a thing of the past? Or maybe I’ve been watching too much A League…

Swansea. If they’d have been 5 nil up after 15 minutes, not many would’ve complained… They fact they didn’t win is astonishing. Bony is playing his role to near perfection, Siggy just needs some consistency through the 90 minutes and Montero has more than found his feet in this league and looks dangerous every time he’s near the ball. With their run up to Christmas and goals potential, you could do worse than to have all three in your team. Stay away from their defence though, no composure whatsoever and look scared when they’re pegged back for any period of time… They miss the sureness that the likes of Leon Britton and Joe Allen (the pre-Liverpool version) brought to the centre of the park in years past, Jonjo Shelvey just isn’t in the same universe when it comes to that and their defence suffers because of it.

Man Utd. Look like they’ve started to settle under LVG? They dominated a below average Hull this weekend at home running away with a 3 goal win including a couple of cracking goals, they did similar against an average Palace a few back at Old Trafford. In between that they were seriously lucky with a smash and grab away to Arsenal. It’s obvious that they want to go back to dominating teams at home and run up some cricket scores, but I’m interested to see how they attack the “lower” teams away. Their recent games away have been that Arsenal game and City before that where they were happy to sit back and play on the counter attack, we don’t have a great gauge on how they’ll deal with travelling to Southampton (no disrespect) and Villa who are on the horizon. Their home games are Stoke which feels like a 2 or 3 nil win, then a lovely clash against Liverpool which could be anything. I guess I’m trying to say, just be careful with this form they are showing right now. They haven’t been tested at home in a while, and their away form has been impossible to track… Still, Roondog eh?!?!

Honourable mentions. Bolasie’s black boots. Rodgers’ “feeling bad”. Bojan doing everything but score. Sunderland’s perfect game plan.


* Lucky? *


Dudding. Bit of a dud week for our high priced recruits! Costa, Fabregas, Sanchez, Di Maria, Hazard, Stirling (34% ownership still!?!) all high priced and didn’t help any of us out. Short term. Costa is definitely not playing midweek, and ADM will probably miss too. Testing times…

Slap. Hull… After a credible couple of draws away to Arsenal and Liverpool they’ve really fallen in a hole in recent weeks and don’t look like being able to dig themselves out of it. It seems to have all become a little too much after those two games, and have lost 4 on the bounce. They have had a tough run to be fair, but then again they did get beat by Burnley. The others were Southampton, Spurs and United none of whom you’d expect a win against. But, in the next 4 they have Everton, Chelsea and Swansea. It’s not going to be a merry Christmas for Hull fans if they keep putting out performances like they have been.

Costa. Petulant. Dirty. Cheat… Doesn’t deserve being labelled just yet. But he can’t expect to keep doing that garbage and be free of extreme criticism. Dislike his “acts”, but willing to give a chance. It’s not going to get any easier Diego, winter hasn’t even kicked in yet and you haven’t played Stoke yet…

Southampton. Here we go…

Honourable mentions. Stevie G’s Liverpool career nearing the end? ADM injury… Sissoko ruining Newcastle’s run.

Ryan Bennett Award – Glen Johnson. Remember him?!? Injury has wrecked big chunks of his recent career, and he’s only just got back to fitness and getting regular game time. With Rodgers saying his team need to tighten up and temper their attacking style to grind out results, coupled with Johnson being in his final year of his contract… It does feel like a perfect storm and am at least half considering. I need some sleep…

Jonjo Shelvey Award – Joe Cole. When Cole was at his best, he was absolutely amazing to watch… That was a long time ago however. A very long time ago. Will probably get some short term minutes on the back of this performance but don’t expect him to be relevant medium term, or when he’s having to back up too many times in a row.

Jamie Vardy Award – Roberto Soldado. Ha!

Don’t forget we’ve got more games in a few days so get that trade finger poised. If I can’t get another Stups Up after the midweek games, I’ll have a monster version out next week!

43 comments on “Studs Up – GW13

  1. boges11

    Great article mate.
    Stoke seem to be a bogey team for us (Man U) , even at home. Not sure what to do about ADM and Costa this week. That’s a lot of money to be sitting on the bench.

    • baysietoff Post Author

      Thanks Boges!

      I would have ADM on your hit list anyway? He’s hasn’t been scoring enough recently to warrant his price tag, and this is the second (third?) game he’s been subbed off injured.

          • kingcolesy

            I reckon do it, tho its dullard move to be with the crowd, safe move. Hes also .9m cheaper than Yaya Toure in the same bracket. Do it tonight tho cos Im pretty sure he will be 9.8m(+.1) by 10am wast tomorrow. There no other options around.. except hazard and Sanchez?

          • boges11

            I don’t understand the lack of love for Fab. 2nd Highest total score for mids can’t be argued with.
            Went ADM to Yaya. Like the look of the fixtures and think he’s starting a run. Didn’t quite have enough for Sanchez.

  2. viper086

    I reckon you have to hold costa but i think it might be time to offload ADM.

    Southampton players are the issue for me. Need to try and turn Pelle and Clyne into Azpilicueta and Roondog with only 1mil in the bank.

    • kingcolesy

      Austin, Hutton(and Yun if hes fit) seem to be your money dump players. You might be able to buck the Austin trend with Berinho but I wouldnt count on it, fixtures on his side. or Get downing in MID.

  3. kingcolesy

    Great article Baysie first up.

    But on the note of Swanseas defence, tho you may be right in what your saying, the new trend this year Im seeing is that Crystal Palace are suprisingly the danger team when it comes to defence, they scored i think 12 out of 13 games? West Ham seeming dangerous too.

    I agree with your Hull Slap, they’re horrible, I think theyre the team to get CS’s against, Im just hoping they continue their form!

    And awesome Johnson and Soldado awards, ha!

    Also anyone got any link to what Costa did? I didnt see it.

  4. Bailey

    Should I be trading Costa for either Rooney or Bony for just this week, or play Clyne vs Arsenal? I have nothing else to worry about

      • theultimateandy

        I know how many yellows Costa has. I was more referring to where Baysie says: “Petulant. Dirty. Cheat…”.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          🙂 I was trying to find the footage but no luck.

          From memory… First “foul” was him floating across the front of a header duel and his trailing back arm flung back and connected with Wes Brown’s nose. Second “foul” was an awkward sliding challenge where him and O’Shea ended on the ground, when Costa went to get up he kicked out at O’Shea’s neck.

          • theultimateandy

            Ah right… so he can be a dirty player when he feels like it? Cheers Baysie, will have to keep an eye on how many yellows he accumulates.

            Roondog is waiting for a spot to open up on my team!

          • baysietoff Post Author

            Yeah he feels like the kind that will get frustrated easily, maybe? I dunno just a feel.

            Better be quick on Roondog, he’s half way through his run haha. I’m already looking at the upgrade… 😛

          • theultimateandy

            Have Costa and Kun atm, been rotating through the cheaper strikers for the last few weeks, landed on Austin this wkend, which finally paid off!

            Main concern atm, is prob the same as everyone elses: finding a replacement for ADM.

            Definite possibilities for a good POD over the next few weeks, will be interesting to see how it plays out!

  5. Bio Eden Hazard

    Just swapped Pelle for Bony…I was very tempted to do Costa –> Rooney instead. Are you Costa owners keeping?

  6. theultimateandy

    Pulled the trigger… Costa + ADM to Roondog and Hazard. Now lets wait for it to completely backfire… 😀

    • Bailey

      It could pay dividends for you mate. Should I trade Costa out, I was going to play Clyne instead of him but I have Sakho out also, so thinking on trading Costa for Bony or Rooney. Your thoughts?

  7. Bailey

    Hi Baysie, I asked yesterday should I trade out Costa and you said no, should I trade him to Rooney or Bony now because I also have Sakho out and I don’t really want to play Wanyama or Trippier?

    • baysietoff Post Author


      I dunno, do you expect to get Costa back into your team in future? How much money will you need to make up / lose by trading him now?

      I’d get rid of Sakho every day of the week.

  8. Philip

    Like many here, Costa and ADM have me in a tough spot. I need to trade one out. Which should I do?

    Costa -> Rooney
    ADM -> YYT
    ADM -> Siggy

      • Rakshit

        Benteke came back from injury 1 and a half month ago. He missed the last 3 cuz of suspension. Faces Palace, Leicester and West Brom in the next 3.

        • baysietoff Post Author

          Ah apologies Rakshit. He’s been completely off my radar until he did something worthwhile… Still off the charts risky. Villa have been pretty ugly after after a respectable start, BUT he has the capacity to dominate when fit.

          That said, I do however have huge respect for risk takers when they come off! I traded in Bolasi to start on the field for crying out loud haha.

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