Midweek Discussion – GW14

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Burnley v Newcastle United - Barclays Premier League

*Should’ve benched Costa*

How did we all fare overnight? Feel free to discuss this weeks games and any possible transfers in the comments below!

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  1. dave

    Ugh. Ugh-ly. Late last night, when I was too tired, I made an 8-point switch. Out went my Southampton trio of Forster, Clyne and Pelle, who probably will haunt me tomorrow. In came Elliott (for money), Wisdom (for money) and Rooney (on form). Then, guess who doesn’t play. First place in private league getting shaky. Still have Kun (c), Fab and Baines to play. Just shoot me now.

  2. viper086

    I thought my 20 points would have me sliding down the rankings but I went up in most my leagues and overall. Still got 6 to play and aguero skipper. Looking at benteke next round for pelle if he fails again

  3. kingcolesy

    17.4points from 4.7 players played is average for top 10k.

    Shame I missed out on Boyd! Played chambers over him.

    I’m 18 from 5 players.

    • rostie

      Same thing for me colesy. 9 points on the bench is not a nice feeling with chambers, Clyde an Bertrand playing!

  4. Rakshit

    Smashing start for me! 30 from 5 players! Special mention goes out to my Villa boys Benteke and Hutton! Aguero (c) Fab Clyne Howard Yaya and Sanchez left to play.

  5. tigermania78

    28 from 6. Boyd a handy replacement for Costa for a week, so lost nothing there. Will probably lose out on my captain choice of baines over kun. But hey, when you follow Everton I guess my bias led me to do it.

  6. templetontherat

    Felt like dancing around the room when I got back from the dentist to see 87 (!!!) Azpilcueta has been worth waiting out his suspension and going back to Aguero as captain worked a treat. Chambers clean sheet helped as well. Only thing is what am I going to do at striker. Sold Sakho for Fraizer Campbell and thinking between Welbeck and Campbell I have to do something to upgrade.

  7. george021

    my current team is:

    Foster (Krul)
    Chambers, Bertrand, Dummett (Duff, Wisdom)
    Fabregas, Sterling, Sanchez, Sigurdsson (Chadli)
    Costa, Aguero, Kane

    I was wondering whether you guys think it is worth downgrading Chadli to Jedinak and then Bertrand to Azpilicueta? Jedinak would only come on if he has easy games/not at the Asian Cup. And Chelsea are beginning to become stable at the back whilst Southampton have a tough run?


  8. Carlos

    Well that was a solid mid week round for me.
    Since Villa have a good schedule ahead, what do you guys think:
    Which Aston Villa full back to bring on board – Cissoko or Hutton? (Hutton is 0.3 cheaper)
    Is it worth dumping Bony for one of Villa strikers? Benteke is back, but Gabby also looks interesting (and cheap) Cheers.

      • templetontherat

        I think with that goal there is. I am a Villa fan so I might be overly optimistic but that game was the sharpest I’ve seen Benteke look since he returned from injury (also forced a sharp save out of Speroni before his goal). Next 3 games: Leicester (home), West Brom (away), United (home) all seem like good opportunities for him to score to me. Up to 2,517th in the overall and ninth in FPL addicts!

  9. Marty White





    0.1 itb

    Any ideas?

    Not sure what to do with Clyne and Moore long term.

  10. Marty White

    Oh and can anyone tell me what’s going on here:

    Bought Downing and Austin for 5.9m. Now both are 6.1m but selling price is still showing as 5.9m? Shouldn’t it be 6.0?

  11. theultimateandy

    Why did I captain Siggy over Kun?? Someone must have hacked my account, no other possible reason!!

  12. Rakshit

    Scored a 79. Jumped 40 k postions. Was extremely thrilled until I saw the other scores on fpladdicts. Haha. Speaks volumes about the quality of the people who are associated with this website. Excellent job guys!

      • Psycho.You.Reds

        Could not agree more mate! I got 79 and was very happy but the standard is super high on this site. Up to 187 in the FPL addicts league thats the tough one! Already made my transfer for next gmeweek, bought in Kane to an Aguero / Costa forward line, he looked great last night.

    • Psycho.You.Reds

      I think he will be a good differential and definately on my watchlist. He is Β£7.9m though. I cant fit him in personally but would maybe choosing Bony at Β£8.3m over him considering Swansea’s form if you can afford Β£0.4m.

      • theultimateandy

        I can trade out Austin for him atm with 0 left over after. I think I’ll do it before Benteke goes up in price.

  13. Bio Eden Hazard

    92 points got me climbing the ranks to 418th! Time to dump Duff..is Hutton the best bet in that price range?

  14. Hero

    Gone Tadic to Eriksen. Spurs have a good run coming and he seems to be at it all. Keeping Lukaku up front hopefully he can string a few goals together

  15. Iain

    Hi All
    Love everyones thoughts on this site!
    Any comment on my team for this round?
    Fabianski (mannone)
    Hutton chambers richards (bertrand dummet)
    chadli siggy downing sanchez hazard
    costa aguero (berahino)
    0.3m in bank

  16. ARC

    I’m all cashed up after turning Krul into Elliot

    Got Fernando (MAC) doing nothing on the bench, think I can can get anyone. Already have Fab, Haz, Yaya and Barkley – who should I get? Oscar, Herrera, Mata …..

    • Bailey

      He’s been quite good for the games he’s played. I reckon keep a look on him over the next couple of weeks and see how he goes, he is a good punt though.

  17. templetontherat

    Thinking of taking a -4 to get Benteke in. Considering going Sterling —> Chadli and Welbeck —-> Benteke. Thoughts?

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