The Captains – GW15

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Agueroooooooooooo!!! He did it for us midweek, but can he do it again? Here are this weekends captaincy options, the games are coming thick and fast now!

The Contenders:

Rooney is in line for a return this week, but Southampton are just so strong defensively at home. Without Di Maria I can see this being a tough game for United. I wouldn’t be captaining Wayne this week.

Liverpool are at home to Sunderland, a tempting fixture for sure. That being said, when was the last time Liverpool won convincingly? I don’t care about the Sturridge excuses, fact is they conceded more possession to Stoke, AT HOME. That’s right, last time out at Anfield Stoke had 53% possession. Who knows what’s in the water on Merseyside this season, but it’s a no go zone at the moment.

Everton’s struggles may benefit Man City’s cause to find their best form, and I think they’re starting to re-discover their mojo. If the Toffees aren’t careful this could be an ugly one. Yaya Toure is one for the punters.

Yes, Spurs have an easy home game. Guys, it’s Spurs. White Hart Lane is so impatient they might as well be facing a full crowd of angry away supporters, and they feel that pressure. They don’t do anything easy, so I’d avoid captaincy here. That includes Eriksen and Kane.

Sanchez misses out on the top 3 this week based on his poor form. Even though he ended up scoring last week, it was his worst performance in an Arsenal shirt since gameweek 2. It will be a fascinating test for Alexis this week, he never had to play against a team like Stoke in La Liga. It will be a tough fought contest and it’s hard to pick a clear winner. He certainly goes hard for the ball and I’m sure it won’t bother him, however captaincy is too risky in my books.

Benteke plays Leicester. Please don’t go there! People are scrambling to get him, some even taking -4’s. I don’t get it, he has averaged 2.2 points per game this season, including his goal last week. That goal was just his fourth in 2014. I’ll be waiting to see a solid run of form before I make a fair judgement, just know it’s a big risk. Getting him in that is, captaincy is playing Russian Roulette!

Top 3:

1. Aguero – With the form he’s in, you’re taking a punt in captaining anyone else. 14 goals in 13 games in an incredible return, this is why we’ve all been waiting for Kun to put his injury curse behind him!!! He’s hunting down Suarez’s record already, and if he remains fit you’d be a brave man to deny him. He was substituted early last week to rest him up for the Everton clash, expect big things once again with the Toffees defence struggling.

2. Costa – After resting up midweek with suspension, you can bet Diego will be raring to go this week against Newcastle. Mourinho knows this will be a tough game, so Chelsea will be well prepared for a battle. Costa loves nothing more than a tough contest, so expect him to step up and get back on the scoresheet. Whether he can go big is the real question, I definitely think he’s a fantastic shout. However last weekend has scarred me, a red card could be around the corner! Risky, but should be worth it.

3. Hazard – Yes I know, same top 3 again. I think this is the biggest issue so far this season. We’re all complaining about the similarity of sides, but there’s a good reason for it. The alternatives are not stepping up to the plate! Sturridge, Di Maria and Walcott are all missing. The Yaya Toure of 2013/14 is nowhere to be seen. Rooney shows glimpses, whilst Falcao can’t stay out on the park! Hopefully we get a re-shuffle mid year, until then Hazard remains the third best captaincy option. He’s in top form and gets into dangerous areas every single game. The bonus point system loves him, only 4 players have polled more bonus. Definitely a great shout once again, one for the risk takers.

The Punt:

Austin – Speaking of one for the risk takers, how about this one. Austin was a popular pick last weekend, and fair play to those who went through with it. I still think it’s fpl suicide, as we saw with guys like Bony and Sigurdsson being captained over Aguero. He comes up against his old club Burnley at home, a tempting fixture for sure. Burnley have conceded just 3 goals in their past 4 games, so they are no mugs. Having said that, these relegation scraps can be anything, as we saw with QPR v Leicester just last week. It’s a massive risk, and I’m not sure the reward matches that risk. That being said, if you’re convinced the big names may falter, go for it! He’s a great chance to get back on the scoresheet and makes the perfect punt!

That will be it from me after a massive week of football, it’s great to be kicking off the festive season! Good luck to all this weekend, let’s hope for another high scoring one.

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  1. tigermania78

    Good read again Matt. i captained a defender for the first time ever, and i will never captain a defender again. the result was worse than bony or siggy. Anyway, Aguero is the easy choice here, i follow everton, and our defence is shocking. Shit we even let Hull score away from home. Scary what Man City may do to us this week. I hope i’m wrong

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